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      Tishrei 8, 5769, 10/7/2008

      Comeuppance for Ami Ayalon

      by Steven Plaut

      Talk about comeuppance!


      Ayalon on left. not to be confused with Mussolini, on right

      Ami Ayalon, the ultra-leftist cabinet minister without portfolio (meaning without a job) and composer of his own program for Israeli annihilation to rival the “Geneva Misunderstandings” program of Yossi Beilin, was almost arrested this week in Holland for “war crimes.” See this. Seems the Dutch believed a local Palestinian terrorist who filed a court claim in which he alleges that he had been “tortured” by Ayalon when the latter ran the SHABAK. Never mind that Ayalon is far better known for appeasing Palestinians than torturing them and has never heard of a terrorist demand to which he does not wish to capitulate.

      Now the Israeli far Left has long been lobbying European anti-Semites to arrest and try Israeli public figures as “war criminals.” In some cases Israeli officers were prevented from entering European countries lest they be arrested, thanks to the campaigns of vilification by Israeli far leftists against them. Consider the malicious campaign of Israel-hating and Norman Finkelstein shilling leftist lecturer Neve Gordon from Ben Gurion University against his own army officer Aviv Kochavi (see this). General Kochavi had to cancel plans to study in Britain thanks to Gordon’s false slanders against him (see also this)

      Now the idea that far leftists themselves are now being targeted by the Eurotrash Israel bashers is truly delicious. Indeed, if this new trend continues, it could save Israel from destruction. Let’s send the entire leadership of Meretz, Gush Shalom, Betselem, and Ben Gurion University to Holland and let the local jihadocracy indict them all as war criminals! It just might produce peace!

      Go to fullsize image

      In photo, Israeli hero Aviv Kochavi, vilified by anti-Israel extremist Neve Gordon from Ben Gurion University.

      Completely unrelated  - Haaretz reports that a new movie has opened in Italy about Jews who run around scalping anti-Semites.  I do not know why I was reminded of that.

      Tishrei 7, 5769, 10/6/2008

      Update on Land Owner Fighting To Remove Arab Squatters

      We present to our readers an update by Yitzchak Herskovitz about his battle to remove the Arab squatters and regain control of the Jerusalem property he purchased 15 years ago:

      Yitzchak Herskovitz speaks:

      This question has been asked of me many times: What's happening with that property of yours in the Arab-populated Jerusalem neighborhood of Bet Safafa?
      (Those who don't know the full story can read it here:)

      Photo: Yitzchak Herskovitz at his winery

      The honest answer is that two months ago, in August 2008, the Jerusalem District Cout issued an eviction order against the Salach squatters, because of their non-payments of rents due to me. After the Salach clan paid the 17 months' worth of back rents, the judge allowed a stay on the eviction order, pending the outcome of the second trial.
      You might ask: What second trial?  Why are there two trials on the very same issue of ownership?
      In 1993, I purchased this property - in southwest Jerusalem, near Gilo - from an absentee owner living in Los Angeles. That same year, I also initiated my lawsuit against the existing trespasser. I sued the Salach clan for the possession of my property. This was a simple case of eviction based on my ownership of this property. After I bought this property, the ownership became a matter of fact. The Property Registration Office (tabu) had recorded the sale to me, and also recorded the ownership in my name. This made it quite official.
      In 2004, after many years in court, I received a judgment in my favor, ordering the Salach clan off of my property. Soon afterwards, the Salach clan filed an appeal on that judgment - and lost the appeal in 2005. 
      Yet the Salach clan was able to come up with a very clever and intricate legal trick, and sued me for ownership on this same property!  Even though the court had just ruled that the property was mine and that the Arab clan must get out, the Salachs were able to claim, "No, we're filing a new court suit! We claim the land is ours!"
      This lawsuit, filed in the District Court of Jerusalem, was based on the same bogus loan document that had been proven to be a fraud and a fabrication in the Magistrates Court.
      To further the legal morass I found myself in, the judge ruled that since this was a separate lawsuit, he has to hear this case from the very beginning!   He insisted on personally hearing and weighing all the evidence once again.
      My lawyers attempted to fight this.  Why should the same issue of ownership be judged twice in two different courts? We said that the evidence that was submitted and approved in the Magistrates Court is good enough to prove the same case in the District Court.  My attorney wanted to fight this out in the Supreme Court, but I refused to do so as there were many good reasons not to do so.
      Our last day in court on this new case was September 15, 2008.  On that date, four persons came to testify on my behalf and presented their evidence.  A fifth person who was unable to show up (because he was testifying in another case at the time) was the handwriting expert. He was to show, as he did in the previous case, that their document was a fraud and a fabrication.

      When will the next court date be set so that the handwriting expert can testify? That's what we are waiting to hear - but the court is taking its time in giving us a date for our next day in court.
      Meanwhile, it's been 15 years since I bought the property, yet have not been able to take possession - because the Arab squatters, and their attorney, have learned how to abuse our legal system to their advantage.
      I leave it now for the Arutz-7 listeners and readers to respond and post their comments.

      Tishrei 7, 5769, 10/6/2008

      Yuli Tamir Goes a-SLAPPing

      by Steven Plaut

      SLAPP suits are anti-democratic harassment suits in which people are sued for “libel” to prevent them from expressing criticism. They are a favorite tactic of the radical Left, which uses them to make sure that non-Leftists are silenced. SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation. SLAPP suits are illegal in much of the United States but are a growing pastime for Israeli leftists.

      YNET has now reported that Yuli Tamir, Israel’s education czarina, has filed such a SLAPP suit against Channel 10 TV. She was upset because Channel 10 broadcast a news story that Tamir had ordered Ze’ev Jabotinsky removed from the Israeli school curriculum. Jabotinsky was the founder of the “Revisionist Zionist Party” in the 1920s and MAPAI bolsheviks have never gotten over that. Ben Gurion had refused even to allow Jabotinsky’s remains to be moved to Israel.

      According to YNET News, “Tamir filed a NIS 500,000 (approx. $145,000) suit against Reudor Benziman, CEO of Channel 10 Tali Ben Ovadia, the editor of the channel's 8 o'clock news broadcast, and Ran Lior, one of the channel's reporters, citing slander and defamation of character.... A Channel 10 News statement said that the network stands by the report and its content, and respects Tamir's fundamental right to have the matter cleared in court. “  Now in libel suits, one is supposed to be prohibited from filing unless one can demonstrate that one was caused provable material damages. Just what were the material damages Tamir suffered due to this report. which was evidently factually correct?

      Tamir has already shown her passion for loopiness. She not only demanded that the Israeli school curriculum teach that Israel’s creation was a “Nakba” or catastrophe. She also has a track record of defending the practice of what is euphemistically called “female circumcision”

      Now SLAPP suits are more common than you might have thought. It turns out both Professor Zeev Sternhell and myself have been victimized by anti-democratic neo-fascists filing them against us. In Sternhell case, he was successfully sued in France for “libel” by a French anti-Semite named Bertrand de Jouvenel. I myself was sued by the Israeli anti-democratic anti-Semite Neve Gordon for “libel” because I criticized his political writings and activities. That case, in which I was largely victorious on appeal in the Nazareth regional court, is now on the docket at the Israeli Supreme Court to finish off SLAPP suits in Israel altogether.

      I wonder if Sternhell will be pleased to discover how much he has in common with me.

      Elul 26, 5768, 9/26/2008

      Quotes & Notes Corner: Did Sternhell Inspire an Attack?

      On Wednesday night there was a pipe bomb attack on Prof. Zeev Sternhell in the heart of "Israeli-occupied Jerusalem." The far-left extremist Hebrew University professor was lightly hurt and there were condemnations left and right.

      There's only one problem. No one actually knows what happened. But I think I do.

      The attackers, you see, were readers of Haaretz and they decided to follow Sternhell's own advice. As I think he must have written somewhere in one of his articles, "There is no doubt regarding the legitimacy of the armed resistance in the territories themselves. If the settlers had a bit of sense, they would concentrate their struggle against the leftists...."

      Oops. Wait a second. Sorry. I looked at a Sternhell article from Haaretz (May 11, 2001). It seems he actually wrote: "There is no doubt regarding the legitimacy of the armed resistance in the territories themselves. If the Palestinians had a bit of sense, they would concentrate their struggle against the settlements...."

      Now that, of course, is a completely different thing. What was I thinking?

      Much, much more seriously, I believe that the Left to which Sternhell belongs did, in fact, legitimize Arab terrorism in the service of certain goals they approve of. So, some on the Right may have been convinced by that constant far-left incitement - justifying all violence in the service of high ideals - and taken it to heart. What can we do if the goals and ideals of the far-right are different than those of the far-left?

      So, Prof. Sternhell, when those who attacked you are captured, can they call upon you as an expert witness in their defense?

      Elul 23, 5768, 9/23/2008

      Murderer of 'Ghandi' Jailed, but Protectors still Free

      by Steven Plaut

      A few days ago the murderer of Israeli cabinet minister Rehavam ‘Ghandi’ Zeevi was at last sentenced by a Jerusalem court to a prison term of life plus 80 years. The bizarre sentence was because terrorhoids sentenced to mere life in prison sometimes get released, like when they get ill in prison, thanks to inane misplaced ‘compassion.’ (Nuclear traitor Mordecai Vanunu is about to be awarded early release from prison because he claims to have a health problem.)

      According to the news story as reported on INN: ‘Majdi Rahima Rimawi was convicted on July 29, 2008 of five separate charges for his role in masterminding the assassination of the nationalist minister outside his Jerusalem hotel room at the Hyatt Hotel near Mount Scopus on October 17, 2001. The 43-year-old terrorist planned, ordered and organized the gang that attacked “Ghandi,” as Ze’evi was affectionately known…. Ze’evi was shot to death by terrorists Bassal Asmar and Hamdi Kur’an, both of whom have already been convicted and are serving life terms in prison.’

      Now it is all fine and good that the murderer is behind bars, although I would consider it a lot finer and gooder if he were dancing at the end of a noose. THAT would eliminate any risk that he might get released as part of some new KADIMA bargain sale of terrorhoids.

      But it is important to bear in mind that this atrocity has not yet undergone closure and will not have done so until the OTHER people involved are also brought to justice, and in particular not until those who protected the murderers and prevented their arrest are punished.

      Below  - Gordon as human shield for murderers:    Neve Gordon (Ben Gurion University)defends terrorists with Arafat at the peak of the second intifada 03.02.02. Taken by channel 2 news

      The murderers of Zeevi were kept hidden in the “Mukata’a” headquarters of Yassir Arafat in Ramallah, in defiance of all the obligations of the Palestinian Authority under the Oslo accords. While hidden there, the Israel Defense Forces attempted to apprehend the murderers and had the headquarters surrounded. But then a group of “human shields” and “Solidarity with Terrorism” protesters from the anti-Israel radical Left entered Ramallah illegally and interfered with the attempts to arrest the murderers. Years went by before they were finally caught by Israel. 

      Among those leading the “Solidarity with Terrorism” human shields that illegally interfered with the attempt to arrest the murderers in Ramallah was Neve Gordon, an anti-Israel extremist at Ben Gurion University. Gordon considers Israel to be a fascist, apartheid terrorist entity and recently has been calling for Israel’s elimination altogether as part of the so-called “One-State Solution,” in which Israel will be enfolded inside a larger Arab-dominated Islamofascist-controlled state. The “One-State Solution” of the anti-Semitic Left should better be called the Rwanda solution to the Jewish problem. Gordon was also a cheerleader for Vanunu and proclaimed him a heroic role model. Above is the photo of Gordon and Arafat from the Israeli press, in solidarity embrace as they defied the Israeli soldiers surrounding Arafat's headquarters and prevented the murderers in the building behind them from being caught.

      Gordon and his terrorism-cheerleader colleagues have not been called upon to answer for their role in keeping the murderers of Zeevi free for so long. 

      Menawhile, Gordon was promoted and granted tenure at Ben Gurion University on the basis of his large volumes of anti-Israel propaganda being churned out by him and misrepresented as research scholarship.  This illustrates that in some departments at Ben Gurion University serious academic standards are dead.

      Gordon also spent considerable time on the Ben Gurion University payroll promoting and defending Neo-Nazi Norman Finkelstein. DePaul University had the academic integrity that Ben Gurion University lacks and last year fired Finkelstein for lack of serious scholarly work and for trying to build an academic career on crude anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hate propaganda.

      Last year in the Jerusalem Post Prof. Alan Dershowitz described Gordon thus: "It is my opinion that Neve Gordon has gotten into bed with neo-Nazis, Holocaust justice deniers, and anti-Semites. He is a despicable example of a self-hating Jew and a self-hating Israeli." 

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