Shavuot: What did we celebrate?

Insights into the holiday we have just celebrated that we can take with us.Rabbi Dr. Raymond Apple, 6/1/2017, 6:08 PM

Statement on the Kushners and the Sabbath

Jewish law, like all Western law systems, is complex and nuanced. TORA , 6/1/2017, 1:23 AM

Kingship vs. Fatherhood

The purpose of the written mitzvot is not that they should remain articles in the “law book” but that we study them until they become an intrinsic part of our basic personality.Rabbi Nachman Kahana, 6/1/2017, 1:11 AM

A story of returning

I went a long way and then made my way back.Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 5/30/2017, 4:36 PM

Does being one of the Chosen People make you uncomfortable?

On Shavuot, we were chosen to keep G-d's Torah. What does being chosen mean?Rabbi Lazer Gurkow, 5/29/2017, 10:21 PM

The necessity of counting the Omer for giving the Torah

Time is of the essence.Rabbi Dr. Chaim E. Schertz, 5/29/2017, 10:21 PM

No menial task

Why is all of the information here important, especially in light of the fact that the various assignments in the parsha were particular to the sojourn of the Jews in the wilderness?Rabbi Dr. Darrell Ginsberg, 5/28/2017, 11:20 PM

Connecting Nationalism to Torah

While in Israel, foreign students studying in Israel and those living here temporarily or have relatives here, are exempt from second day of Yom Tov Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, 5/28/2017, 11:02 PM

Chodesh Tov -Parsha and Current Events: Balance and Equality

Nature does not relish or encourage imbalance or inequality.Rabbi Nachman Kahana, 5/26/2017, 9:54 AM

Bamidbar: Counting means love

Things of value require counting and cataloging. That is human nature. Rabbi Berel Wein, 5/26/2017, 9:51 AM

The Temple Institute on Bamidbar

Torah from the Old City of Jerusalem.Rabbi Chaim Richman, 5/25/2017, 2:33 PM

 Psalm 115: Why Do We Love Life? 

Torah from Israel's first Chief Rabbi.HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook zts"l, 5/25/2017, 8:18 AM

Rabbi Neriya on Jerusalem Day

The words of the late founder of the Bnai Akiva yeshiva and ulpana network about Jerusalem Day.Dr. Aryeh Hirsch, 5/25/2017, 2:01 AM

Jerusalem Day: Recognizing the miracle

What was the single greatest miracle of the entire Six Day War? Daniel Pinner, 5/23/2017, 11:38 PM

What Jerusalem means to me

Rabbi Sacks taks about his Jerusalem.Former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, 5/23/2017, 11:33 PM

Once is not enough

Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran, 5/23/2017, 4:37 PM

For Jerusalem Day: And G-d heard their cries

Our prayers were answered. Moshe Kempinski, 5/22/2017, 11:52 PM

Equality, no; family unity, yes

Although equality between men and women is a basic principle in halakha, in family-related laws, differences exist between the two * Each difference has a purpose – the unity of the family.Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, 5/22/2017, 10:43 PM

Bechukotai: Prophetic Letters 

Torah from Israel's first Chief Rabbi.HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook zts"l, 5/21/2017, 12:33 AM

B’har Bechukota: Grassroots

The last two portions of Leviticus are read today.Rabbi Lazer Gurkow, 5/21/2017, 12:30 AM

The Temple Institute on the Parsha: Default mode

Torah from the Old City of Jerusalem.Rabbi Chaim Richman, 5/19/2017, 2:42 PM

Behar-Bechukotai: Usury and the Land of Israel

This week's article is by Rabbi Jake Vidomlanski, former Shaliach in Cleveland (1998-1999), currently Director of Shana Bet program at Yeshivat Lev HaTorahand Sgan Rosh Moshava IO.Torah Mitzion Torani Tzioni Movement, 5/19/2017, 2:20 PM

The parsha and current events: The answers to our questions

The answers to so many questions lie in Hashem’s promiseRabbi Nachman Kahana, 5/18/2017, 1:33 PM

A Study of Ethics:  Aristotle and the Rambam

The definitive comparison of Rambam and Aristotle.Rabbi Dr. Chaim E. Schertz, 5/18/2017, 12:21 AM

Weekly Tanya lecture: Chap. 34, class 3

Studying Tanya is the way to achieve a healthy spiritual life.HaRav Shneur Zalman Miliadi, 5/16/2017, 1:01 PM

Why postpone Lag Ba"Omer; Filing complaints about the IDF

Filing a complaint will lead to IDF improvement; refraining from Lag Ba'omer bonfires on Saturday night prevents Sabbath desecration.Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, 5/14/2017, 11:46 PM

Shabbat and holidays: In the parts is the way to the whole

Sabbath and the holidays each have a unique role.Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran, 5/14/2017, 11:24 PM

The Parsha and Current Events: A cure for the greatest Jewish illness

We are witnessing a slow but progressive spread of spiritual gangrene overtaking the galut organism.Rabbi Nachman Kahana, 5/12/2017, 7:45 AM

Emor: Social Media

Make sure you plug into your own space, your own headspace, and preserve your sense of self, before you embark on sharing. Rabbi Lazer Gurkow, 5/12/2017, 7:38 AM

Topics: The attorney general, candy, and women's study of Torah

1. The institution of Attorney General assumes supreme authority in an anti-democratic manner. 2.The basic obligation of Torah study for women, which in the past centered around affairs concerning the home and its surroundings, has widenedRabbi Eliezer Melamed, 5/9/2017, 6:39 AM

Korbanot:  The Polarity between the Rambam and the Ramban

What is the place of Temple offerings?Rabbi Dr. Chaim E. Schertz, 5/8/2017, 4:48 AM

Love your neighbor

Torah from Israel's first Chief Rabbi, the founder of Religious Zionism.HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook zts"l, 5/5/2017, 11:52 AM

Achrei Mot-Kedoshim: We need the mitsvot

Judaism is in the details of observance.Rabbi Berel Wein, 5/5/2017, 11:17 AM

The Shmuz for Achrei Mot-Kedoshim

Rebuke - The malpractice of a mitzv.ahRabbi BenZion Shafier, 5/4/2017, 11:25 AM

Weekly Tanya lecture: Chap. 34, class 2

Tanya puts you on the road to a healthy spiritual life.HaRav Shneur Zalman Miliadi, 5/3/2017, 11:32 AM

The punishment of Aaron's sons

Insights into the parsha and Judaism.Rabbi Dr. Raymond Apple, 5/3/2017, 11:21 AM

Hastening the Redemption

The Redemption can come in two fundamental ways: either from the Heavens and swiftly, or in a natural, and painful manner Today as well, we have two options.Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, 4/30/2017, 8:04 AM

Insights into Remembrance and Independence

Jewish hearts and minds always turn to Israel.Rabbi Dr. Raymond Apple, 4/30/2017, 7:07 AM

 Tazria/Metzora: Purifying Time and Soul

Torah from Israel's first Chief Rabbi.HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook zts"l, 4/28/2017, 10:10 AM

The Temple Institute on the Parsha

Torah from the Old City of Jerusalem.Rabbi Chaim Richman, 4/28/2017, 1:07 AM

Warning: Lashon Hara kills!

The Shmuz on the Parsha: Slander is lethal.Rabbi BenZion Shafier, 4/27/2017, 8:41 AM

Tazria-Metsora: In Jewish life, less is more

Why and how tsoraat affects three categories of human life and society – the human body, clothing and houses. Rabbi Berel Wein, 4/27/2017, 8:32 AM

Ritual impurity, Jewish doctors and having a baby

Inisghts into Judaism connected to the parsha.Rabbi Dr. Raymond Apple, 4/25/2017, 11:13 AM

Weekly Tanya lecture: Chapter 34, Class #1

Studying Tanya will put you on the road to spiritual health.HaRav Shneur Zalman Miliadi, 4/25/2017, 5:43 AM

Warsaw Ghetto uprising or Auschwitz liberation, which day to choose?

There are two days to memorialize the Holocaust, representing two fundamentally different world-views. Daniel Pinner, 4/24/2017, 7:08 AM

The Shmuz on change

A leopard can’t change its spots, but a man can… Rabbi BenZion Shafier, 4/23/2017, 10:04 PM

Navigating a circuitous road

Life Lessons from the Torah Portion, Parshat Shemini Leviticus 9:1–11:47. Moshe Kempinski, 4/22/2017, 10:15 PM

The proper dose of deference

Torah from Israel's first Chief Rabbi.HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook zts"l, 4/21/2017, 2:47 PM

Are the Jewish people a success story or a failure?

Current events connected to the parsha.Rabbi Nachman Kahana, 4/21/2017, 2:45 PM

Deviating from Torah law leads to consequences

The Talmud states that consuming non-kosher food stops up the hearts of otherwise good Jews.Rabbi Berel Wein, 4/20/2017, 9:53 PM

The Temple Institute on the Parsha: Kosher meat

Torah from the Old City of Jerusalem.Rabbi Chaim Richman, 4/20/2017, 9:05 AM

When is the next Jewish holiday?

What did you answer to this question? Read on. Shmuel Sackett, 4/19/2017, 6:21 PM

Jewish values restored

Is there a renaissance, a reawakening of identification with authentic Jewish values? Rabbi Avraham Gordimer, 4/19/2017, 12:15 PM

Weekly Tanya lecture: Chapter 33, Class #5

Tanya is a way to achieve spiritual health.HaRav Shneur Zalman Miliadi, 4/18/2017, 8:30 AM

Are there miracles in the midst of tragedy?

Can we celebrate miracles no matter the circumstances?Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, 4/18/2017, 8:19 AM

A whole year of Passover?

Reflections on the end of the holiday.Rabbi Dr. Raymond Apple, 4/15/2017, 10:50 PM

From slavery to freedom

A ritual of freedom only succeeds when it invokes a state of mental freedom, but the slavery of the present is a subtle thing, with far too many synagogues that worship the Democratic party instead of G-d. Daniel Greenfield, 4/13/2017, 11:44 AM