From Jethro to Jonah to President Donald Trump

Sometimes a Jewish prophet, a Jewish national leader, needs to accept some advice, some admonition, from a non-Jewish outsider to learn how to lead the Jewish nation and how to serve G-d. Daniel Pinner, 2/20/2017, 6:58 AM

Weekly Tanya lecture: Chap.33, class I

Tanya is a road to a healthy spiritual life.HaRav Shneur Zalman Miliadi, 2/20/2017, 6:52 AM


There are many, many perspectives on how best to prepare but most of the various perspectives can be boiled down to a few universal steps. Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran, 2/19/2017, 1:17 AM

Seeing the voices

Life Lessons from the Torah Portion. Moshe Kempinski, 2/19/2017, 1:14 AM

Breaking bread with scholars

Torah from Israel's first Chief Rabbi, the iconic founder of Religious Zionism.HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook zts"l, 2/17/2017, 2:11 PM

The era of lackluster leadership?

Could our prime minister say these words?Rabbi Nachman Kahana, 2/17/2017, 2:07 PM

The Temple Institute on the Parsha: Revelation

Torah from the Old City.Rabbi Chaim Richman, 2/16/2017, 6:33 PM

Commitment to Torah comes before intellectual acceptance

Keep the mitzvot so that you can understand them.Rabbi Jesse Horn, 2/16/2017, 6:21 PM

The real test of new Jewish movements

Open Orthodoxy wants to make Judaism palatable to modern trends. But that is all they are - trends. Rabbi Berel Wein, 2/15/2017, 12:41 PM

Insights into Judaism

Saints, intermarriage and haskamot on books.Rabbi Dr. Raymond Apple, 2/15/2017, 11:45 AM

Galut and Geula, Part 1: The exile isn't forever

A series on living in the Promised Land. Geula, redemption, as opposed to Galut, exile in the Diaspora. Tzvi Fishman, 2/15/2017, 11:33 AM

'Paskening' like the blogs

The opponents of the ruling represent a very narrow and small but quite vocal group that does not speak for the balance and magnitude of the Modern Orthodox community, the latter of which has no major problems with the OU ruling.Rabbi Avraham Gordimer, 2/14/2017, 11:36 AM

Checking food for bugs

The Torah did not prohibit insects one cannot see; the question is, what is the halakha when an insect can be seen under certain conditions?Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, 2/14/2017, 11:30 AM

Weekly Tanya lecture: Chap. 32, Class 2

Tanya is the way to achieve a healthy spiritual life.HaRav Shneur Zalman Miliadi, 2/13/2017, 7:14 AM

The Rambam’s revolutionary conception of miracles

The Rambam greatly discounts the importance of miracles for the belief in G-d. So what role do they serve in his opinion?Rabbi Dr. Chaim E. Schertz, 2/12/2017, 10:57 PM

In the midst of night

Life Lessons from the Torah Portion. Moshe Kempinski, 2/11/2017, 10:21 PM

As stands the tree, so stands the man: Singular and strong

The singularity of each tree is to be celebrated. Also that of man.Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran, 2/11/2017, 10:16 PM

Parshat Beshalach and Tu Bishvat: The tree of life

Tu Bishvat reminds us that the Torah is both timeless and timely.Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, 2/10/2017, 12:43 PM

The Temple Institute on the parsha

Torah from the Old City of Jerusalem.Rabbi Chaim Richman, 2/10/2017, 8:31 AM

Beshalach: Stumbling on the way to redemption

Daniel Pinner, 2/9/2017, 6:02 PM

Beshalach: Rich and humble

Is it possible to be rich and humble or is that an oxymoron?Rabbi Lazer Gurkow, 2/9/2017, 11:47 AM

Planting trees and preparing for war

I would not like to even imagine what the prophetess Devorah would say about the religious leaders in today’s galut (Diaspora).Rabbi Nachman Kahana, 2/8/2017, 11:59 PM

Weekly Tanya lecture: Chap. 32, class 1

Tanya is a way to achieve spiritual health.HaRav Shneur Zalman Miliadi, 2/8/2017, 3:15 PM

The OU joins RCA, Young Israel and Aguda on women clergy

It is unanimous among Orthodox American Jews: Orthodox Judaism is eternal and does not change to accommodate passing trends.Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer, 2/8/2017, 12:30 AM

Building the Land of Israel: A solution for the world

The Arab demand for Israel’s withdrawal from Judea, Samaria and the Golan brought on their economic collapse and deadly revolutions. The Western obsession with Arab refugees in Israel brought on the plague of refugees in the US and EuropeRabbi Eliezer Melamed, 2/6/2017, 1:33 PM

OU rules against women rabbis; Open Orthodox rebel

The Orthodox Union, which serves as the largest umbrella organization of Orthodox synagogues in North America, has stated unequivocally that women may not serve in clergy roles. The RCA did so in 2010.Rabbi Avraham Gordimer, 2/5/2017, 12:46 AM

The true goal of the Exodus from Egypt

This week's dvar Torah is by Yedidya Bejell, a structural engineer who was formerly Torah Mitzion shaliach in Chicago.Torah Mitzion Torani Tzioni Movement, 2/5/2017, 12:11 AM

Bo: The special Passover offering

Torah from Israel's first Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi, the iconic founder of Religious Zionism.HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook zts"l, 2/3/2017, 2:43 PM

Jewish lives matter!

The future of the world depends on the Jewish people.Rabbi Nachman Kahana, 2/3/2017, 8:25 AM

The fall of the Egyptian Empire

Torah from the city of Modiin, the area lived in by the Maccabees.Rabbi Dr. Darrell Ginsberg, 2/3/2017, 8:22 AM

The Temple Institute on Bo

Torah from the Old City of Jerusalem.Rabbi Chaim Richman, 2/2/2017, 10:55 AM

Weekly Tanya lecture: Chap. 31, class 6

Tanya is a path to a healthy spiritual life.HaRav Shneur Zalman Miliadi, 2/1/2017, 10:40 PM

Settling the land would lower housing prices

Israel’s political leaders must remove the obstacles preventing construction in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria for Zionistic reasons, but a construction boom is also the best solution for reducing housing prices.Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, 2/1/2017, 12:22 AM

The paradigm for Jewish survival

The entire story of the Jewish people descending into Egyptian slavery and then being extricated is essentially supernatural in detail. Rabbi Berel Wein, 2/1/2017, 12:19 AM

Denial is not a river in Egypt

Denial doesn’t mean there are no consequences.Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran, 1/30/2017, 9:16 AM

The new month of Shvat: Not just dried fruits on Tu B'Shvat

By Shulie Mishkin, M.A. a licensed tour guide and a graduate of Matan's Beit Midrash Program. Shuli coordinates the Matan Summer Experience as well as the tours for the Matan "Learning and Touring" courses in English and Hebrew during the year. Matan Women's Institute for Torah Studies, 1/30/2017, 9:03 AM

Recognizing loving-kindness

Life Lessons from the Torah Portion. Moshe Kempinski, 1/28/2017, 8:51 PM

Overzealous patriotism

The Torah reading and current events.Rabbi Nachman Kahana, 1/28/2017, 7:19 PM

Three prayers, three goals

Torah from Israel's first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi.HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook zts"l, 1/27/2017, 2:05 PM

Importance is a figment of our imagination.

‘The Hebrew word for important is Chashuv, coming from Chashav, which means ‘to think’, teaching us that the entire notion of importance is a figment of our imagination’Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, 1/27/2017, 1:59 PM

The right man for the job

Pharaoh and his advisers assuredly looked upon Moshe with great suspicion and had a hunch that he might again assert himself against the country.Rabbi Avraham Gordimer, 1/26/2017, 10:25 PM

The Temple Institute on Vaera

Torah from the Old City of Jerusalem.Rabbi Chaim Richman, 1/26/2017, 10:22 PM

The price of betraying God

The Jews were duped by Pharaoh who played them for useful idiots.Rabbi Dr. Chaim E. Schertz, 1/25/2017, 5:42 PM

May a synagogue hire a rabbi who is ineligible for a minyan?

There are clear criteria for minyan eligibility and a congregation should choose its rabbi after carefully checking that he passes muster.Rabbi Yair Hoffman, 1/25/2017, 5:20 PM

Weekly Tanya lecture: Chap. 31, class 5

Tanya is the road to spiritual health.HaRav Shneur Zalman Miliadi, 1/24/2017, 1:30 PM

Stay healthy: One way is to walk to a distant synagogue

A person is rewarded for every step taken while walking to synagogue, even if there is a closer synagogue – provided there is a good reason to prefer the more distant synagogue. Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, 1/23/2017, 12:09 PM

To grow, to become great

A new child is loved for what he may become...Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran, 1/23/2017, 11:13 AM

Rabbi Kook and the state of The State

International malice mirrors national dysfunctions.There is an internal and external dynamic relationship Menachem Ben-Mordechai, 1/22/2017, 10:28 AM

The beloved teacher

The teachers who taught me most, were those I was most willing to learn from. And those were the teachers who showed me kindness.Rabbi Lazer Gurkow, 1/22/2017, 10:01 AM

Shemot: The Inner Trait of Goodness

Torah from Israel's first Chief Rabbi.HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook zts"l, 1/20/2017, 7:56 AM

Take your shoes off your feet ”

Life Lessons from the Torah Portion, Shemot Exodus 1:1 - 6:1 Moshe Kempinski, 1/20/2017, 7:47 AM

Crises in Jewish history

Some crises are gradual and some sudden.Rabbi Berel Wein, 1/19/2017, 7:56 AM

The descent of the nations

Rebelling against G-d's Will is never successful.Rabbi Nachman Kahana, 1/19/2017, 7:52 AM

Why so many Jews don't come on aliyah

It's not because they don't care. Tzvi Fishman, 1/17/2017, 11:59 PM

Weekly Tanya lecture: Chap. 21, class 4

Tanya is the way to achieve spiritual health. Try it!HaRav Shneur Zalman Miliadi, 1/17/2017, 8:28 PM

The non-rabbinic rabbinic training program for women

Judaism accepts changes, but only when the eminent rabbinic decisors of the generation back those changes halakhically. That is not the situation here.Rabbi Avraham Gordimer, 1/16/2017, 10:14 AM

Benjamin Franklin, Spiritual Accounting and the Mussar Movement

Benjamin Franklin's January 17 birthday is an appropriate time to remember the American founding father and learn about his effect on the Mussar movement. Shai Afsai, 1/16/2017, 10:00 AM