Rabbi S. Weiss

A Man for All Reasons

Yakov, to borrow a term, was a true "Renaissance Man." He seemed to embody all the features of the ideal Jew: Scholar, fighter, lover, businessman, father of a very diverse family. He had a "feminine side" - sensitive and empathetic - as well as a masculine one. , 11/28/2003, 10:32 AM

<i>Chayei Sarah</I>: The Son Also Rises

This week's <i>parsha</i> pays tribute to Sarah - the role model extraordinaire for Jewish womanhood. Beautiful, kind, forceful, sensitive; she blazed the Jewish path no less than her illustrious husband, Avraham., 11/20/2003, 11:59 PM

<I>Vayera</I>: Our Soul Heroes

This week's <i>parsha</i> - containing both the destruction of S?dom and the episode of the <i>Akeida</i> - defies our understanding., 11/13/2003, 6:35 PM

On a Wing and a Prayer

I have often said that there is very little in this world - and certainly the next - that we understand with full clarity or certainty. It is just beyond our scope., 11/6/2003, 12:31 PM

<i>Noach</I>: Men of Steal

The creation of the world brings with it such grandeur, such promise of eternal blessing. But alas, in record time, the situation deteriorates into crisis and catastrophe., 10/29/2003, 9:38 PM

Be Happy - That's an Order!

That popular little ditty, "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" might be reversed on Jewish Festivals, when we're commanded, "Be happy - don't worry!", 10/10/2003, 12:28 AM

Let's Make a Deal

How should we approach G-d on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur? What should be our posture on these most awesome of days? Should we be pushy or penitent? Tough or tentative? Bashful or bold?, 10/1/2003, 4:36 PM

<i>Ki Tavo</I>: First Things First

Priorities. Obligations. An order of business. First things, first. What we must do to be free and secure., 9/12/2003, 4:47 AM

<I>Ekev</I>: A"Well-Heeled" People

<i>Ekev</i> is known as <i>"parshat Eretz Yisrael"</i> due to its strong emphasis on Israel as the focal point of Jewish history. G-d, Torah and Israel are a matching set. Only when they coalesce as one unit can Judaism find its complete expression and our destiny be fulfilled. , 8/15/2003, 1:18 PM

<i>Va?etchanan</I>: The <i>Yiddisher Kinder</I>

This week?s <i>parsha</i> is a real ?double-header;? as it contains the two most significant and best-known sections of the Torah: The Ten Commandments and the <i>Shema</I>. , 8/8/2003, 1:10 PM

We Want <i>Moshiach</I> (Soon)

Yes, we mouth all the right words and sing all the appropriate slogans. But deep down, does it really make a difference in our lives? Do we turn our attention to creating the environment that will sustain a <i>Bet HaMikdash</i>, do we nourish the spiritual soil in which a <i>Moshiach</i> will sprout, or do we rather work overtime to improve the material world in which each of us dwell? , 8/3/2003, 11:52 AM

<i>Tazria</I>: It?s in the Blood

Who among us understands the mystery of life and death, or <i>tuma</i> and <i>tahara</i> (impurity and purity), the main subjects of this week's <i>sedra</i>? Not many, I dare say. , 4/4/2003, 1:39 PM

<i>Vayakhel</i>: ?Reflections? on the <i>Sedra</I>

Rashi explains the provenance of these mirrors: when their husbands would return exhausted from slave labor in Egypt, the women would fix them a meal and then bring them in front of the mirror. Teasingly, seductively, they would say, "I'm prettier than you!" This would entice the men to have relations with their wives, and produce a new generation of Jews. Thus, the rather strange term <i>"mar'ot , 2/28/2003, 3:50 AM