Rabbi Chanan Morrison

The Third of Elul: Usishkin's Eulogy for Rabbi Kook

Ussishkin remembered Rabbi Kook saying: There are no - and there must not be any - barriers between the young generation and us, between the religious and the secular. We are all busy with one project; we are all working toward one goal. , 8/25/2017, 10:10 AM

Jerusalem Day: Returning to the Kotel

The story of that miraculous day in June 1967., 6/4/2016, 10:27 PM

Rav Neriah:The City of One Gate

Rav Neriah zts"l answers a question about Jerusalem., 5/28/2014, 6:45 AM

Love in the Song of Songs

The Song of Songs is read on the Intermediate Sabbath of Passover. Rabbi Avraham HaCohen, Kook zts"l, first Chief Rabbi of Israel and founder of Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav, wrote a brilliant work on the nature of this poem. , 4/1/2010, 8:19 PM

B'shalach: TwoTypes of Holiness

Crossing the Red Sea was the harbinger of the vision of crossing the Jordan River, which happened twice. The two crossings relate to two forms of holiness, innate and acquired., 1/27/2010, 11:06 PM

Sukkot Water-Drawing Celebration

The nature of these evening celebrations., 10/7/2009, 1:56 AM

Ha'azinu: Diversity of Israel

A greater potential for internal strife., 9/24/2009, 1:16 AM

Knowing the Teruah-Blast

"Fortunate is the nation that knows the teruah.", 9/17/2009, 10:05 AM

Ki Tavo: Splendor of Tefillin

Why is wearing tefillin sometimes inappropriate?, 9/3/2009, 2:14 AM

Ki Tetze: Miriam's Punishment

We are reminded of Moses' unique prophecy., 8/27/2009, 2:19 AM

Rabbi Akiva's Prayer

There are two levels of kavanah., 8/17/2009, 12:25 AM

Eikev: Loves for Eretz Yisrael

There are two types of love for the Land., 8/6/2009, 1:20 PM

Va'Etchanan: What is Prayer?

Prayer effects a change in us., 7/31/2009, 3:21 AM

The Call for Sacred Splendor

Why does HaShem not rebuild the Temple?, 7/27/2009, 12:14 PM

Matot-Masei: Soldiers' Atonement

Why did the soldiers feel a need for atonement?, 7/17/2009, 12:20 AM

Pinchas: Atonement for New Moons

The very act of creation is problematic., 7/10/2009, 11:08 AM

Chukat: The Book of God's Wars

The conflict between Torah and foreign cultures., 6/26/2009, 8:00 AM

Korach: Holiness in Numbers

The minyan requirement, learned from Korach., 6/19/2009, 1:28 AM

Shelach: Rejecting the Land

May you see the goodness of Jerusalem., 6/10/2009, 10:28 PM

Beha'alotkha: Pray 'Against' God

It is unrealistic to speak about praying "to God.", 6/5/2009, 2:06 AM

Jerusalem Day: Windows to Peace

We turn towards the city of Jerusalem in prayer., 5/21/2009, 10:31 AM

Emor: The Illusion of Death

Kohanim must rise above the falsehood of death., 5/7/2009, 9:12 PM

The Sanctity of Yom Ha'Atzmaut

A courageous decision and a true miracle., 4/28/2009, 4:47 PM

Strong Hand, Outstretched Arm

How we steadily advance towards our final goal., 4/12/2009, 10:47 AM

Tzav: The Olah Offering

The highest level of communication with God., 4/3/2009, 1:19 AM

Vayikra: Maimonides and Korbanot

Invited to sit at the King's table., 3/27/2009, 1:16 AM

Ki Tisa: The Copper Washstand

What is its significance?, 3/13/2009, 2:04 AM

Trust in God vs. Self-Reliance

Which is the correct attitude?, 2/20/2009, 2:48 AM

Yitro: Coercion at Sinai

The Torah expresses our inner essence., 2/13/2009, 12:58 AM

Psalms 12: Circles and Lines

Kabbalists distinguished between the two realms., 2/1/2009, 10:19 AM

Va'era: Jewels on Tattered Cloth

What is the 'jewelry' of Israel?, 1/23/2009, 2:39 AM

Psalm 27: Unanswered Prayers

Understanding the very essence of prayer., 1/11/2009, 9:48 AM

Chanukah: Richness of Spirit

An important part of the message of Chanukah., 12/28/2008, 10:29 AM

Vayetzei: Prayers of the Avot

Each of the three prayers has its own nature. , 12/4/2008, 1:05 AM

Toldot: Jacob's Hand-Esau's Heel

The world may be mended in different ways., 11/28/2008, 12:11 PM

Chayei Sarah: In the Double Cave

Two paths of spiritual growth and enlightenment., 11/20/2008, 1:24 AM

Noach: Gathering Within the Ark

The year spent inside the ark was necessary., 10/31/2008, 2:55 AM

Bereishit: Titans, Men of Renown

They brought about the world's moral collapse., 10/24/2008, 10:14 AM

The Holy King

Why change the text of the prayers for ten days?, 10/3/2008, 1:24 AM

The Music of Teshuvah

The shofar is a wake-up call., 9/28/2008, 11:22 AM

Ki Tavo: Two Paths of Bikkurim

The path of Torah and the path of prophecy., 9/19/2008, 12:55 AM

Guard My Tongue and Lips

The two aspects of speech., 9/8/2008, 1:39 PM

Psalm 122: Peace and Scholars

True peace comes through divergent views., 8/19/2008, 12:48 AM

The Beauty of the Universe

The Temple promotes the world's spiritual advance., 8/7/2008, 4:58 AM

Psalm 97: Light for the Tzaddik

We find that light comes before joy., 7/14/2008, 12:13 PM

Korach: Corruption of a Judge

The moral descent of a leader, step by step., 6/26/2008, 12:20 PM

Beha'alotkha: Great Dreams

Dreams exist on many levels., 6/13/2008, 1:52 AM

From Zion to Jerusalem

The internal - external meaning of the Holy City, 6/1/2008, 4:38 PM

Lag Ba'Omer: Rashbi Returns

When Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yochai left the cave., 5/22/2008, 2:15 PM

Kedoshim: Holy Physical Pleasure

Holiness from physical pleasure., 5/2/2008, 1:20 AM

Rabbi Kook on the 'Hillel Sandwich'

Examine the significance of matzah and maror., 4/16/2008, 1:16 AM

Rabbi Kook on <I>Tazria</I>: Rav Arrives in Babylonia

Rabbi Abba was the preeminent scholar of his time., 4/3/2008, 12:48 AM

Rabbi Kook on <I>Shemini</I>: Immersion in Water

Recognizing our existential estrangement., 3/27/2008, 2:18 PM

Rabbi Kook on Purim: Accepting the Torah

Assimilation was not the answer., 3/19/2008, 4:36 PM

Rabbi Kook on <i>Zachor</I>: The Assault of Amalek

The people of Israel have two national missions., 3/13/2008, 7:47 PM

Rabbi Kook on <i>Ki Tisa</I>: The Knot of God's Tefilin

God wears tefillin?, 2/21/2008, 1:36 AM

Three Prayers, Three Goals

One should always be careful regarding prayer., 2/11/2008, 1:14 AM