Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld

DENK: A new Muslim anti-Israel Party in the Netherlands

This is the direction Europe is taking., 12/9/2016, 1:08 PM

Jeremiah Wright: Revisiting Obama’s anti-Semitic pastor

Obama did not find it difficult to whitewash his attendance at Wright's church, just the way he whitewashed other uncomfortable issues., 12/8/2016, 12:48 AM

Jews can be anti-Semites too!

Gilad Atzmon, the paradigm of a Jewish anti-Semite, is not alone., 11/28/2016, 9:26 AM

The Second Letter Netanyahu did NOT write to Jean-Claude Juncker

The EU reminds one of Byzantine where, while Islam was conquering the Christian territories, the Byzantine leaders were obsessed with worries about the Jews., 11/24/2016, 5:01 AM

Obama's distorted rhetoric

Systematic and purposeful omissions characterized Obama's speeches throughout his presidency., 11/16/2016, 9:21 PM

Dutch Muslims curse Peres and what they really mean

The problems caused by and the hatred emanating out of parts of Western Muslim communities go far beyond the fanatics. , 10/9/2016, 7:55 AM

Remembering Shimon Peres

He was a man of vision and blindness, who once said, egregiously: “There are two things that cannot be made without closing your eyes — love and peace.", 10/1/2016, 9:58 PM

A definition of anti-Israeli anti-Semitism

We are in a new world and a special definition for anti-Israeli anti-Semitism is required, as contrasted with anti-Jew anti-Semitism., 9/20/2016, 8:47 AM

George Galloway's anti-Semitic slurs

Using clear methodology, anti-Semitism can be shown without ambiguity., 9/8/2016, 10:23 AM

More explosions surround the Chakrabarti Labour anti-Semitism report

Anti-Semitism is defined by the perpetrator, not the victim.The Labour party has yet to treat its problem seriously., 8/10/2016, 3:24 PM

Meet Lady Jenny Tonge, a leading UK anti-Semitic inciter

She is a marginal figure in Parliament, but her utterances about Jews and Israel put her outside the pale., 8/5/2016, 5:49 AM

The highly unprofessional inquiry into UK Labour anti-Semitism

Corbyn knew what he was doing when he appointed Shami Chakrabarti to investigate charges of Labour Party anti-Semitism. , 7/15/2016, 2:28 PM

Can we request Muslims – and Jews -- to publicly condemn crimes?

Muslims the world over cannot be held accountable, but what about French imams?, 11/21/2015, 5:57 PM

Alberto Nisman’s Mysterious Death in Argentina

The Anti-Semitic Statements of Argentina’s President included the usual diatribes., 7/6/2015, 11:43 PM

Paris Killings Aftermath: Symptoms of French Disease

That the Paris murderers were very much Muslims is a fact and a number of aspects of the events can already be pointed out. France betrayed its Jews by allowing millions of immigrants from a culture hostile to them. Inviting Abbas was duplicity., 1/15/2015, 5:54 AM

Dore Gold:Israel Cannot Count on Europe's Support

Interview with Ambassador Gold: "The European anti-Israel position at the UN is not only an important indicator of European political unfairness toward Israel, but also of its moral bankruptcy" and it was the same during the Oslo-euphoria period., 4/18/2013, 8:34 AM