Stan Goodenough

Where Raging Fires End

<i>Lest We Forget</i> traces a clear and unexaggerated line from the anti-Semitism of 1930s Europe that nurtured the environment for the Holocaust, straight to the Jew-hatred raging through, and threatening to consume, large parts of the world we live in today. , 11/27/2003, 6:14 PM

Strategic Slyness of the Geneva Accord

So what's the big deal with the so-called Geneva Accord - the "agreement" concocted by a cabal of Israeli non-officials in cahoots with second-tier Palestinian leaders, and sprung upon the unsuspecting Jewish public just a few days ago? , 10/27/2003, 5:41 PM

Reflections on a Decade of Death

Ten years ago, on September 13, 1993, the sun rose on a day the world would hail as heralding an era of peace for the Middle East., 9/17/2003, 10:59 PM

Protesting, Israel Rolls Along

Apparently, then, this is what ?diplomacy? is all about: Saying one thing, but consistently doing another., 9/12/2003, 10:20 AM

Bring Arafat to Jerusalem

In 1961, Israel?s renowned Mossad painstakingly planned, practiced and perpetrated the violation of another country?s sovereignty in an operation that would have momentous and far-reaching implications for the Jewish people worldwide., 9/4/2003, 7:36 PM

Bush?s Snaking Wall

Somehow, no Gentile leaders, not even Bible-believing, conservative Christian leaders, have ever thought of asking the Arab side to take the risks and pay the price. , 7/30/2003, 11:36 PM