Angela Bertz

What Came First?

I've never held much with what Sue Blackwell has had to say about the supposed conflict in this region. As the prime instigator of the April 2005 Association of University Teachers (UK) academic boycott of Israel (later overturned), she said it was "impossible" to treat Israel's academics as "normal citizens from a normal state." , 5/4/2006, 9:20 PM

The Red Carpet

These were not fictional events glorified from behind the lens of a camera. The families that lost their loved ones had not spent the day in makeup, joking and drinking cups of tea between endless shoots. , 1/19/2006, 11:54 PM

Too Much Snow is Blinding

While the Almogs and Zer-Avivs were enjoying their day and the people of Trondheim were reveling in the stunning beauty of the Geiranger fjord, which UNESCO had named as a World Heritage site, sinister events were unfolding that would change Oren Almog's life forever., 12/20/2005, 10:03 PM

The Saddest Subject Line

Ever since the start of the disengagement, my computer, and more specifically, the "Subject line" of my inbox, has become my greatest fear. , 9/19/2005, 10:54 PM

Tea and Sympathy

The attack in Israel on the 12th of July 2005 was <i>terrorism</I>. The people that carried out the attack in Israel were <I>terrorists</I>. The people that died from the attack in Israel were killed by <I>terrorists</i>. , 7/14/2005, 12:13 AM

Good Luck, Ms. Blackwell

Israel is no newcomer to innovation, and many of its ideas in technology, science and medicine are used around the world to save and enhance the lives of millions. , 4/10/2005, 4:37 PM

Rachel's Choice

Five days after the death of Moran, Rachel Corrie, in her role as "peace activist", stood in front of a house destined for demolition. , 3/20/2005, 10:10 PM

The Little Bus That Could

For days, it stood outside the courtroom, believing its burnt-out, hollow interior would speak louder than any Israeli delegation's words ever could. , 1/23/2005, 9:48 PM

The Darkest Hour

Abu Mazen, the stylishly dressed successor to, and for 40 years, lackey of, Yasser Arafat has the world spellbound., 1/13/2005, 10:51 PM

Peace and Goodwill to All?

This year, Christian Aid centers their appeal for Christmas on a 7-year-old little Palestinian girl called Jessica who lives in Bethlehem., 12/23/2004, 6:40 PM

Tarabisho and the Teletubbies

Tarabisho plumped himself up to his full 20 centimeters and in a squeaky little voice, these were the words that came out of his vile little mouth: "I'll fight him and make a big riot; I'll call the whole world and make a riot. I'll bring AK-47s [assault rifles] and the whole world. I'll commit a massacre in front of the house." , 12/12/2004, 4:55 PM

Red and Gold Chrysanthemums

My pride in Great Britain has been replaced with a sad sense of shame and repulsion. For years, I have watched many of its prominent citizens become pathetic apologists for barbaric Palestinian terrorism. , 11/29/2004, 7:09 PM

"Quintessential Arafat"

This is what Kofi Annan, Arab lackey and chief representative of the United Nations, had to say about the man that was responsible for the heinous death of Malka: Yasser Arafat had "symbolized... the national aspirations of the Palestinian people.", 11/14/2004, 5:30 PM

The Farce of the EU

Dr. Javier Solana would, in fact, play no small part in what was to happen to Leah Levine in Tel Aviv on that fateful morning, the 1st of November, 2004., 11/10/2004, 8:19 PM


For years we have had to listen to insufferable euphemisms when it comes to Yasser Arafat. Well, I fear that's going to be nothing compared to some of the eulogies we will hear upon his death. Therefore, let me prepare you for some of them., 11/1/2004, 9:24 PM

Presbyterian Pride and Prejudice

The Presbyterians would have flown safely to Richmond, Virginia, undoubtedly blissfully unaware that US officials now look to Israel for advice on how to handle airborne security threats. , 10/27/2004, 11:16 PM

Talking to a Brick Wall

It seems absolutely incredible that after four years of Palestinian terrorism there are still people foolish enough to consider talking with Yasser Arafat. Lo and behold, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom recently came across two such individuals in the shape of his counterparts from Holland and Germany, Bernard Bot and Joschka Fisher., 9/19/2004, 6:57 PM

Hannan Ashrawi Takes Gold in Athens

Of course, the Palestinians are no strangers to the Olympics. Who will ever forget their proud performance in Munich, 1972? Their cold-blooded attack on 11 Israeli team members, who were taken hostage and brutally murdered, stunned the world. Sadly, the Israeli team refused outright to take part in that event in Athens 2004, and the International Olympic Committee was forced to come up with a few , 8/22/2004, 5:46 PM

Profits Over Principles

The only thing that did not surprise me was that Mary Robinson, herself a well-known apologist for Palestinian terrorism, endorsed The Body Shop's award., 8/16/2004, 7:40 PM

Amnesty is a Travesty

The number of AI reports on Jenin number around a dozen. They are all in condemnation of Israel's actions. Not one of them gives any background or the reasons for the incursions. Not one of them utters a word on the 23 Israelis soldiers that also lost their lives. , 8/8/2004, 9:47 PM

1,000 Red Graves

I had a grave attack of seeing red last month, as the rather faded and delusional star of stage and screen Vanessa Redgrave paraded, in the guise of a UN Goodwill Ambassador, around several Palestinian Authority towns. , 7/11/2004, 7:50 PM

Mutton Dressed Up As Lamb

The first thing that comes to mind for someone like myself, who has never had the pleasure of visiting your country, is two isolated islands far removed from the rest of the world and tucked away in the far-off reaches of the Southern Hemisphere. I can clearly picture hillsides overrun with sheep and the sound of cricket bats heard above the clink of teacups on a perfect summer's day., 7/4/2004, 7:04 PM

56 Fun-Filled Summer Days

This very dubious organization has no serious credibility, other than being a sadly delusional and misguided bunch of do-gooders, losers and people who are simply unable, or flatly refuse, to make any distinction between solid historical facts and fiction. , 6/27/2004, 7:26 PM

Urdd Eisteddfod?

I imagine it must be great fun to be a carefree youth in Wales, therefore let me take this opportunity to share with you some stories about the youth in the country I live in, Israel. , 6/6/2004, 7:28 PM

An Open Letter to Peter Hansen

You remind me very much of that shepherd boy, Mr. Hansen. , 6/1/2004, 11:03 PM

I Would Be Ashamed to Live in Madison

Nine months ago, I participated in an anti-terrorism conference in Israel, where I live. One of the representatives at the conference was the governor of Oklahoma, who came to show his solidarity with Israel and its continuing fight against Palestinian terrorism. His moving speech came as a finale to the conference. By coincidence, his speech also occurred on one of terrorism's biggest days; who w, 5/27/2004, 8:41 PM

Shame On You All

What happened, gentleman - not gruesome enough for you to speak out? , 5/11/2004, 7:03 PM


"Palestinianitis" is the latest neurological disease to hit the world stage. Its main cause is "Palestinian Plight-hood" ? a widely disseminated fairytale concocted to replace historical fact. It usually affects narrow-minded, biased individuals, who are seemingly unable to use both sides of their brain to distinguish truth from fiction, right from wrong, and good from evil. , 7/28/2003, 8:22 PM