Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

MIDEAST NOTES: A Qatar-Turkey Bloc Supporting Hamas?

A new constellation in the shifting skies of the Middle East is helping Hamas and the SNC in Syria. Where does Saudi Arabia fit in? , 12/9/2011, 8:59 AM

MIDEAST NOTES: Overviewing Shi'a-Sunni Conflicts

A country-by-country survey and predictive analysis of areas where there are significant Shi’a-Sunni divides in the population. A must read to understand the turmoil in the Arab world., 12/2/2011, 8:59 AM

MIDEAST NOTES: Syria, Turkey and the Kurds

The Kurds, deprived of a homeland in spite of being promised self-determination in the aftermath of World War One, are beginning to play the role of kingmakers in key countries. , 11/18/2011, 8:49 AM

MIDEAST NOTES: Will Assad Go the Way of Qaddafi?

Arutz Sheva posts a new weekly column by this writer on the Mideast: The argument goes that because protestors have been emboldened by the death of Qaddafi, the regimes in Syria and Yemen will collapse sooner. Is such reasoning sound?, 11/10/2011, 8:31 AM

Have We Forgotten Bahrain? Saudi Arabia Hasn't

Is Iran behind the rebels, as the current regime claims, or is it clamping down on hopes for freedom? Why is the West silent.?, 11/1/2011, 9:00 AM

A Guide to the Galaxy of Islamic Anti-Semitism

The writings by Jews from the period of the Cairo Geniza use a specific term- sin’uth- to refer to hostility from local Muslims towards Jews. They had ample reason to give it a special word with the passage of time., 8/15/2011, 9:43 AM