Giulio Meotti

In Brussels as in Gaza: 'Oh Allah, burn the Zionists'

There are parts of Brussels that could be mistaken for Gaza - and the words coming out of the local imam's mouth with impunity are proof that Belgium does not care or dare to do anything., 1/20/2019, 1:24 PM

Europe welcomes African males, ignores the plight of Islam's women

For four women in life-threatening danger, the Europe of anti-racism and equal opportunities is not willing to do anything., 1/17/2019, 9:29 PM

No, they were not all Charlie

The threat to freedom of speech now emanates not only from the jihadists, but from within the democracies themselves. , 1/8/2019, 11:05 PM

The Dolomites of the Middle East

Israel has to be as strong as a mountain, the Dolomites, for example., 1/6/2019, 12:39 AM

Europe's future? A new Austrian decline

The percentages tell the story. Islam is already the most practiced religion in Viennese schools. The thrid Islamic attempt to conquer Europe is on its way., 1/1/2019, 6:32 AM

If I were an Islamist this is what I would say about Westerners

We are living in a nightmare, but we have yet to wake up. , 12/28/2018, 12:29 PM

Palestinian Arab Bethlehem is at war with Christians and Jews

When Bethlehem was turned over to the Palestinian Authority, the number of Christians soon plummeted from being 80 percent of the population in 1995. Now it is just 20 percent. What happened?, 12/26/2018, 2:55 PM

Those European refugees in Israel

The number of European languages ​​heard in Tel Aviv, Netanya or Jerusalem does not go unnoticed to any visitor in Israel. , 12/23/2018, 2:07 PM

What we, Western idiots, will never get about Israel

We Western idiots, who believe in the Palestinian Arab stories of “occupation” and “siege.” are paying for the Hamas festival., 12/20/2018, 5:15 PM

It's the 30s again

It will not end well. It may have started with Jews, but it doesn't stop there. Ever., 12/14/2018, 7:52 AM

The barbaric murders of Israeli infants - a tragedy of our time

I no longer have words for this Islamist Nazism that besieges Israel every day, for the connivance of those who in Italy and in Europe finance and support the Palestinian cause built only on hatred and lies and terror., 12/12/2018, 8:30 PM

The goal: No Jews in Europe and no Jewish State in the Middle East

They really want a jüdenrein world, without Jews. Without Jews in Europe, fleeing from anti-Semitism, and without Jews in the Middle East, with the destruction of Israel. , 12/11/2018, 10:37 AM

Europe's future: A combination of Eurabia and a geriatric ward

Europe is dying. It has cast off the possibility of recovery and awaits the inevitable., 12/8/2018, 8:11 PM

Jews from Islamic countries are migrants of the clash of civilizations

Jewish migrants from Islamic lands are ignored by the Western conscience, the UN, the EU - no one wants to hear about them., 12/3/2018, 6:25 PM

Germany: Economic giant, moral dwarf

Anti-Semitism is the chloroform of Western conscience. It anesthetizes our morality., 11/30/2018, 6:15 AM

180 million Europeans hate the Jews

The old European dormant anti-Jewish mood has been rejuvenated by the diabolical poison known as anti-Zionism., 11/27/2018, 11:15 PM

Israel's loneliness is a tragedy

Israel is constantly presented as the greatest monster on earth. It has become the eternal culprit. , 11/22/2018, 12:03 PM

Israeli civilian resilience is truly enviable

How do the Israelis get up in the morning and go about their business with what has been happening recently?, 11/18/2018, 6:06 AM

A missile a minute. What would the West do?

What would the British have done and said, for example, if the French had launched the same number of missiles on the cities of the British coast from Calais?, 11/13/2018, 10:54 PM

The British Left feels no shame when it comes to supporting Islam

It is easier for a non-leftist thinker to give a speech at the University of Lublin, Poland, than in Cambridge, UK., 11/12/2018, 11:49 PM

Stray dogs get more of the West's attention than persecuted Christians

If they were endangered whales, stranded stray dogs, caravans trying to storm the USA, they would get front page headlines. But they are only Copts and a woman in death row for 'blasphemy.', 11/7/2018, 7:00 AM

Have French law-enforcement agencies been infiltrated by Islamists?

Some French policemen have refused to protect synagogues. Is there a pattern emerging here?, 11/1/2018, 3:13 PM

Western suicide via anti-Semitism

Pittsburgh victims are another example of a chilling Judenhass. Innocent Jews were murdered, but will the West survive it? , 10/29/2018, 8:19 PM

A conspiracy of silence on Palestinian Arab torture

If there ever is a Palestinian Arab state, here is a taste of what hapless Palestinian Arabs can expect., 10/28/2018, 11:43 AM

Oui, Macron: l’islamization en marche'!

The left can rest now - the fight is over before it ever began., 10/24/2018, 8:47 PM

Europe is the world turned upside down

What would Europe not do for oil and business? , 10/18/2018, 8:08 AM

Who is fighting Iran's expansion? Who is stoppng ISIS?

If Israel falls it is as if Vienna had fallen in 1683, when the Muslims were rejected at its doors and Europe was saved., 10/15/2018, 2:56 PM

Of 280 churches, only 10 will be spared - the end of Christian Europe

Christianity is dying in Holland. Islam is alive and well., 10/13/2018, 7:10 PM

A pro-Israel Nobel Peace Prize laureate

The Nobel Peace Prize has gone, in the past, to people like Desmond Tutu and Yassir Arafat. This year's choice is a breath of fresh air., 10/9/2018, 7:52 AM

In France, they are crying “Death to the Whites”

A significant part of France has actually stood up to shout “Death to Whites”- and Jews are considered double whites., 10/2/2018, 6:10 PM

It is game over for Europe

Is Africa the future of Europe?, 9/29/2018, 9:06 PM

Multiculturalism killed the Swedish utopia

The horrific statistics here show that Sweden, once a country where one could walk the streets at night safely, has become a crime-ridden country with no-go zones. But connect that with Muslim migrants at your own peril., 9/22/2018, 8:24 PM

The West has no Ari Fulds

He is the symbol of Israeli society, a free society whose soldiers fight not for hatred, but for the defense of their homes., 9/19/2018, 10:37 PM

 Orban's Hungary fights an existential war

Orban is fighting internal and external disintegration., 9/15/2018, 10:58 PM

Happy New Year, my dear Jewish People

The Jewish People's existence reminds every human being of the inhumanity of the culture of death. The Jews, killed and persecuted, chose life., 9/9/2018, 11:51 AM

France's 'Great Replacement' - in numbers

Why France? For two reasons, essentially. It is the country with the oldest, most important and stratified immigration experience. And because it is the country that grows most demographically in Europe., 9/5/2018, 12:54 AM

Europe's demographic suicide: See Greece

Greece is becoming a country of old people., 8/30/2018, 9:12 PM

Prague 1968-2018: Europe betrays its allies

The West's allies still wait in vain for help in time of need. Including Israel., 8/28/2018, 6:32 AM

EXCLUSIVE: Iran to be the guest of honor at Italy's main book fair

In the 2020 main Italian Book Fair, the guest of honor is to be the country that is still trying to kill Salman Rushdie - and is a grave and prison for other writers., 8/26/2018, 6:58 AM

From 10000 to 900 Christians: The Arab Spring

The "Arab Spring" was an apocalypse for Christians in the Middle East., 8/23/2018, 11:44 PM

Mr. Corbyn, pay homage to Israel's Munich victims

The British Labour party is probably lost in the avalanche of Judeophobia, but a little decency might help matters., 8/17/2018, 3:00 PM

I do not want to live in a Europe where Jews flee

Where are the professional antiracists? Where are the Europeanists? Or maybe anti-racism in Europe applies to everyone except for the Jews, the oldest and most important minority of our poor, adrift continent?, 8/11/2018, 10:00 PM

Will Europe end like the Roman republic?

Invaded by barbarian tribes, culturally impotent and with a collapsed family structure, Europe was ready for defeat when Rome fell - as it is now., 8/9/2018, 2:26 PM

A homicidal Jew-hatred is going viral, again

Whoever has eyes, and some heart, while reading the news can understand how much energy so many in the world are expending to destroy the Jews. , 8/6/2018, 7:22 PM

His name was Yotam Ovadia

Every dead terror victim means the devastation of two families., 7/31/2018, 10:35 PM

Ask Israeli chess champion Liel Levi-tan about Middle East apartheid

A seven year old champion is prevented from attending the chess world championship in Tunisia because she is Israeli, but nothing happens. Only Israel's Nationality Law is panned as apartheid., 7/27/2018, 5:11 PM

The hypocrisy in opposing Israel's Nationality Law

Israel is the “freest Arab nation” in the world, the only country where an Arab spring really succeded, and without bloodshed, but it is the Jewish State., 7/23/2018, 4:30 PM

The French multicultural football nightmare

The town of Bondy, where soccer star Mbappe was born and raised, has a sad story to tell., 7/18/2018, 7:57 PM

1938-2018: No Jew in Germany

Germans are addicted to anti-Semitism and now Merkel has imported a new strain of anti-Semites.. They even repeat the same anti-Jewish imprecations., 7/16/2018, 9:04 PM

Anti-Semitism is the West's self-destruction

Hating Israel is really Western hate for its own self. An insidious campaign of political correctness and moral relativism has conquered our intellectuals, our media, our academia, our politics and our society. , 7/12/2018, 10:19 AM

Attacking Israel's Nationality Law is pure hypocrisy

Israel is the only country where there is an Arab Spring that succeeded, and this despite its definition as a Jewish state., 7/9/2018, 4:03 PM

France is a ticking time bomb

The "lost territories of the Republic" proclaim the failure of integration. , 7/9/2018, 1:46 PM

Spain 1498- 2018: "Jews - get out!"

Eighty Spanish towns and councils have already joined the Israeli boycott campaign. History repeats itself., 7/4/2018, 10:00 AM

Western man is becoming obsolete

The demographic group that drives suicide rates is made up of whites without a university education, 7/2/2018, 10:37 PM

The West hates Israel because it guards its borders

The Western trend is to do away with borders - witness the EU - but Israel cannot be part of that, so the easiest thing to do is blame the Jews for that state of affairs. , 6/28/2018, 5:55 PM

Look at those photos from southern Israel

In Israel, war is not on Netflix. It enters every home, every kindergarten playground, every sports playing field. And it can even come via balloons., 6/25/2018, 7:38 AM

Europe's earthquake is underway

Europe has more sharia courts and veiled women, less unaccompanied women it its cities at night and less cartoons of Muhammad., 6/21/2018, 11:05 PM