Prof. Hillel Frisch

Free-riding allies are painful, free-riding enemies are sheer folly

The victors in Syria and Iraq – Russia, Iran, Syria, and Turkey – met in Sochi for a conference last week to discuss a peaceful conclusion to the Syrian civil war. The loser in Syria and Iraq – the US – was conspicuously absent., 12/5/2017, 1:11 PM

Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount is crucial for peace

Regardless of its security merits, Israel’s decision to place metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount has been transformed by adversaries and Israel into an issue of sovereignty and so it is. Power-sharing never works., 7/24/2017, 10:30 AM

Gaza's inhabitants share the blame with Hamas

Gazans can expect Israeli empathy only if they take a stand against the barbarism of trading in corpses or incarcerating the mentally unbalanced in order to release terrorists., 7/10/2017, 6:02 AM