Ze´ev Orenstein

"If a Tree Falls in the Forest..." on Lag Ba'Omer

Based on the Israeli media's coverage of the Meron festival, one gets the impression that a gathering of 200,000 Jews of all backgrounds - the single largest annual Jewish gathering of the entire year - uniting in a celebration of their Jewish heritage, is simply not a story worth writing (or getting excited) about., 5/16/2006, 11:57 PM

Perverting the Message of the Holocaust

Why should we let facts, history and six million murdered Jews stand in the way of "peace"?, 4/26/2006, 11:21 PM

Treat Us Like Jews

I decided to give Amir Peretz the benefit of the doubt, and I took a closer look at what he had to say. , 3/6/2006, 2:34 PM

"Save the Diaspora" - Why?

It is clear to anyone who is intellectually honest that the Jewish community of the United States is in a rapid decline, that the State of Israel is primed to become the largest Jewish community in the world (the only one with a positive growth rate), and that the future of the Jewish People is going to be taking place in the Land of Israel., 2/17/2006, 2:59 PM

You Were Once a Slave in the Land Of Israel

What law is being broken? Is it illegal for Jews in Israel to live on land that is legally recognized as being owned by other Jews for hundreds of years? , 1/22/2006, 10:56 PM

The Visions of the Prophets Come to Life

Have you ever seen the Hand of G-d (figuratively speaking) manifest itself in the world? , 1/8/2006, 11:50 PM

Who Needs Jerusalem, Anyway?

Not only has Sharon crushed the dream of Greater Israel, but the dream of a United Jerusalem is about to be shattered, as well., 12/22/2005, 11:00 PM

A Question to the Israeli Left - Part II

While I still am awaiting an answer to my original question, I will pose another question to my friends on the Israeli Left and their supporters., 12/16/2005, 12:04 AM

The Real "Cycle of Violence"

The government of Israel's lack of response to this continued violence only serves to encourage more violence against the Jewish State, the end result of which is more dead Jews., 12/6/2005, 5:11 PM

The Temple Mount is...?

On June 7th, 1967, Motta Gur, commander of the battle for Jerusalem during the Six-Day War, uttered words that shook the very foundations of the world, and served as the culmination of 2,000 years of Jewish hopes, dreams and prayers: "The Temple Mount is in our hands!" Sadly, just under 40 years later, that is no longer the case., 11/30/2005, 11:58 PM

A Question to the Israeli Left

All of the sudden, the leftists are concerned for the safety and well-being of their Jewish brothers and sisters living over the Green Line (post-Six-Day-War borders), whom they refer to as "settlers"., 11/23/2005, 12:45 PM

A Bus Ride and Jewish Destiny

The other day, I had an experience that, had it happened to me anywhere else but in Israel, I believe would have pretty much ruined my day. But, happening in Israel, it gave me one more reason to appreciate how fortunate I am to be living here., 11/13/2005, 11:37 PM

Run Away! Run Away!

Israel and the IDF used to be synonymous with the motto <I>Acharai!</I> - "Follow Me!" - which served as the embodiment of Israel's pioneering spirit., 11/3/2005, 11:27 PM

The Proper Response to Terror

Let us understand, once and for all, how it is that we should and should not be responding to terror., 10/27/2005, 10:51 PM

What's There Really to Be Happy About?

Both Israel and the <I>succah</I>, at first glance, don't inspire a feeling of confidence and security, but when one gets a closer look, one realizes that there is much to be seen that lies just beneath the surface., 10/23/2005, 11:19 PM

Jewish State Becoming Less Jewish

Israel is facing an alarming demographic threat even within the "Green Line," a threat which forces Israel to ask itself serious questions about its existence as a Jewish country. If Israel is to remain a Jewish State, it must be willing to face up to some difficult questions , 9/29/2005, 1:14 PM

Jewish Fundamentalism or Fundamentally Jewish?

For 2,000 years, the Jewish people hoped, yearned and prayed to return to the Land of Israel and to reestablish Jewish sovereignty. Why? Not so that we could be the only democracy in the Middle East, but to create an authentically Jewish State, true to Jewish teachings and heritage., 9/22/2005, 9:39 PM

Together, We Will Rebuild

If the State of Israel is to have a future as a Jewish State, then we must be prepared to forgive and move forward - together, as "one nation in the land.", 8/31/2005, 6:54 PM

Is There Anybody Out There?

Today is a very sad day in the history of the Jewish People. What makes it even sadder for me is that so few Jews outside of Israel truly grasp the gravity and implication of the events taking place here in Israel. , 8/18/2005, 1:58 PM

The Anatomy of a Resignation

Let's take a closer look at Binyamin Netanyahu's resignation letter to see if we can discover why he finally decided to leave the Sharon government, less than 10 days before Sharon intends to implement his expulsion ("Disnegagement") plan., 8/8/2005, 2:00 PM

We Shall Overcome

Over the course of my journey to Kfar Maimon and Gush Katif, I witnessed events that clearly express the unbelievable character and strength of the Jewish People, and should serve as a source of inspiration and hope., 7/24/2005, 5:00 PM

From Munich to S'derot: The Spitz Factor

Is there no place in the world where Jewish blood is no longer cheap? Is there no place in the world where Jews are prepared to stand up in the face of their enemies and fight back? Is there no place in the world where Jews can gather in the spirit of Jewish brotherhood and pride without having to fear the specter of Islamic terrorism?, 7/17/2005, 11:02 PM

A Once Proud Nation

The following words are written with a heavy heart and a great sense of anger and frustration. It is my hope that the famous Jewish saying, "Words that come from the heart will enter into the heart," will hold true in this instance, as well., 9/23/2004, 11:24 PM

Aliyah, the Fence & the ICJ

There is no clearer sign of the strength and vitality of the Jewish People today than <I>Aliyah</I> from the West. It is an <I>Aliyah</I> that does not come out of panic, but out of pride - Jewish Pride. It is an <I>Aliyah</I> that says, "America, we appreciate all of the good and prosperity that you have bestowed upon us, but it is time for us, the Jews, to go home." , 7/23/2004, 2:19 AM

Yom Haatzmaut Reflections

This year, this time of year holds a special significance for me, as just under a week ago, my wife Annie and I moved into our very own home in Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel. Over the last few days, while sitting on my balcony overlooking Jerusalem's hills, I have had some time to look back at how it came to pass. , 4/28/2004, 8:57 PM

The Diaspora Syndrome

Up until the advent of Zionism, the Jew could be defined either through the differences between himself and greater society, and the consequences of these differences, or through the extent he was willing to go to in order to eliminate those differences in order to gain acceptance to society. When Theodor Herzl arrived on the scene, all of that began to change., 1/28/2004, 6:28 PM

Where Have You Gone, King David?

Ironic. There is no better word to describe the events unfolding today in the Land of Israel. , 1/22/2004, 6:35 PM

A People Without a Government

The most noteworthy statement to come out of the "The People of Israel Will Not Surrender" rally, held at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv on January 12th, 2004, did not come from any of the many Knesset members who graced the podium to speak out against the prime minister's and other Likud leaders' latest obsession over unilateral withdrawal. Rather, it emanated from the man who was single handedly respo, 1/13/2004, 6:54 PM

The Sound of Silence

The Talmud says that one who mourns over Jerusalem during her sadness will merit rejoicing with Jerusalem when she is returned to her former glory. Today, I mourn, along with the entire Jewish People, over our lost (and wounded) Jewish brothers and sisters, as well as over Jerusalem., 9/10/2003, 9:55 PM

A Chance for True Peace

?Give peace a chance? - certainly a nice slogan, and something that here in Israel we are looking forward to experiencing for ourselves. We are just a week or two into the three-month ?hudna? (cease-fire, or in Arabic, reload-then-fire) between Israel and those who seek to destroy her, and I am personally looking forward to riding as many buses, eating in as many restaurants, and enjoying myself i, 7/13/2003, 11:16 PM