Nagi N. Najjar

Help Liberate Lebanon - Part II

In times of war, American Homeland Defense must start by giving immediate attention to our allies: helping Israel, enforcing a free Lebanon, along with a free Syria. Keeping Israel as an undervalued player, under constant US pressure to carry out forced withdrawals, in a dangerous neighborhood of terrorists, will undermine the US strategy and defeat America in the Middle East., 10/3/2004, 10:42 PM

Help Liberate Lebanon - Part I

The Government of Free Lebanon congratulates Israel for its latest operation against Hamas in Damascus. It is a right step in the right direction of decapitating terrorism in the region. We believe Prime Minister Ariel Sharon should expand this strategy to Lebanon and against specific targets and groups continuously practicing terrorism, as instructed by Iran and Syria. , 10/1/2004, 2:09 PM

Syria: The Strategy of Losing Time

Is Prime Minister Ariel Sharon going to repeat the same mistakes of Ehud Barak? We hope not, as the Free Lebanese still have faith in Ariel Sharon. , 1/4/2004, 6:38 PM

Don't Miscalculate This War

Either Foggy Bottom is blind, illiterate or doesn't understand the Middle East. Enough, with a capital E, is Enough, Mr. President., 11/5/2003, 5:37 PM

An Open Letter to Kofi Annan

The overall Syrian strategy in terrorism is parallel to the Iranian approach in terrorism, which is to do everything in its power to destabilize the ground in Israel and in Iraq. , 10/19/2003, 5:42 PM

Support Serbia

The Christian Orthodox Serbs should be backed by the Bush Administration to contain an ever-expanding Islamic terrorism that is emerging in Europe, using the Balkans as a transit route to strike out at the United States. Former President Clinton made three strategic mistakes that led to 9/11, and all three mistakes of the Clinton Administration were influenced by Saudi Arabia., 10/1/2003, 11:03 PM

Israel Must Be Free to React

By restraining Israel, the U.S. is losing the momentum in its war against terrorism. This week's double suicide attack in Israel came about because of the U.S. policy of restraint against Hizbollah. Iran and Syria feel that they have a free hand in striking Israel at this time, knowing in advance that Washington will restrain Jerusalem from responding to these attacks. , 8/13/2003, 10:58 PM

Sanctions May Not Bring Change

Peace, in our modern day, is a complex word. It is difficult to achieve. Sometimes, it is necessary to do so by military means, when up against a balance of terror expanding by its own deadly means against the free world. , 7/7/2003, 8:09 PM

Belgium's Dangerous Interference

By taking sides in a case like Sabra and Shatilla, by allowing this affair to take place on its soil and blaming Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Belgium is playing with fire. It is important for all to understand that if Belgium is opening this up for political purposes, it is making a dangerous move at a wrong time in history, at the wrong place, with the wrong victim. , 2/20/2003, 11:57 PM