Rabbi Eliezer Melamed

Laws of the Fast of Esther

The Fast of Esther falls on Thursday this week. , 2/20/2013, 1:47 PM

Basic Laws in the Jewish State

The time has come to deal with the issue of the Jewish character of the State of Israel, and to regulate the fundamental principles underlying the status-quo in legislation, now that close to 40 MK's are religiously observant., 2/10/2013, 6:57 AM

The Problem With National Service

National Service is not the solution for hareidi enlistment. But this is a golden opportunity to correct problems in the IDF., 2/3/2013, 4:28 PM

Election Lessons

Rabbi Melamed explains that the key to the election results is the issue of "equal sharing of the national burden", i.e. IDF or national service for all., 1/27/2013, 7:35 AM

Israel's Political Left: Between Judaism and Democracy

When push comes to shove, Judaism takes a back seat in the Israeli courts., 1/21/2013, 7:34 AM

"Honorable Men" - The IDF Top Brass Harpaz Scandal

The State Comptroller Report on the Harpaz Affair in the highest echelons of the Defense establishment showed how law and [following] 'orders' took the place of morals and values. Thank G-d for the IDF's idealistic soldiers and junior officers., 1/14/2013, 10:53 AM

The Respect Owed Adoptive Parents

How does the Torah obligate adopted chidren to relate to their parents? An important issue that affects adoptive parents as they grow old., 1/13/2013, 2:12 PM

"Be Fruitful and Multiply"

"And Jacob's Family Grew"- and so should everyone's, if possible, because one who brings an additional Jewish soul into existence is viewed by the Talmud as having created an entire world., 1/6/2013, 2:13 PM

The Tenth of Tevet and the Building of Jerusalem

A thorough explanantion of the fast, its meaning, its laws and how we can begin to reverse it., 12/23/2012, 12:02 AM

The Torah View on Workers' Strikes

Strikes can cripple crucial services, but are often resorted to after everything else fails. Are they allowed according to halakha?, 12/20/2012, 11:55 AM

The Light of Hanukkah and Torah

By virtue of the unique light of the Oral Law, which, similar to the Hanukkah candles illuminates the darkness, we have succeeded in overcoming all the tribulations of the exile., 12/8/2012, 6:18 PM

Nip Evil in the Bud: Lessons of WWII

Look at previous generations, remember days gone by, says the Torah., 12/2/2012, 11:34 PM

We Told You So

How Israel can deal with the situation brought upon us by witless 'experts'., 11/22/2012, 8:29 AM

The Laws of Modesty: Analysis of a Basic Jewish Value

Modesty is not confined to clothing, but they play an important role., 11/12/2012, 8:45 AM

The American Presidential Elections

The intrepid Religious Zionist Torah leader comes out clearly on the presidential candidates. , 10/26/2012, 6:58 AM

How Does the Torah Relate to Animals?

An ethical topic which is important to clarify is how the Torah relates to animals. , 10/20/2012, 10:37 PM

The Key to Educating our Youth

The high level one can reach by spending a minimum of six hours of Torah study on Shabbat is beyond description. The wonderful effect hours of Torah study on Shabbat has on all the weekdays is unimaginable!, 10/13/2012, 7:29 PM

The Sukkah: Ins and Outs

, 10/3/2012, 10:11 AM

Yom Kippur Q&A; Revealing G-d's Kingdom in Israel

Settling the land is the way to reveal G-d's kingdom. But there are also halakhic questions that need answers before the fast., 9/23/2012, 11:48 PM

Revealing the Kingdom of G-d

There are many ways an individual can proclaim the kingdom of G-d, especially during the High Holyday period., 9/15/2012, 10:34 PM

The Real Struggle - A Look at Migron as Slichot Begin

The decision to leave Migron peacefully has halakhic backing, because of the greater picture, as explained here. And there are 14% more Jews in the Shomron this year than last, something to recall as Ashkenazi Jews start Slichot on Saturday night. , 9/8/2012, 8:34 PM

The Religious Soldier and the Army Camp

How to keep the Torah's commandment: “Your Camp Must Therefore Be Holy”, 9/5/2012, 2:39 PM

Rabbi Kook's Greatness: for his Yahrzeit on 3 Elul

Only rarely is the world privileged to see a man of such greatness as the icon of religious Zionism, HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook. In memoriam., 8/17/2012, 5:44 PM

Besheva's Calling: A Decade of Journalistic Leadership

The group who probingly examines to what extent the national mitzvoth can be fulfilled, to what extent is it possible to cooperate with the secular public in the sciences and workplace, and to what extent seclusion is called are ‘Besheva’s’ readers., 8/13/2012, 7:35 PM

The Ancient Tu B'Av Custom

Tu B'Av was the day many marriages were arranged in the days of the Talmud, with wisdom and social caring. Make sure to read the section "Sound Advice for Singles"., 8/2/2012, 10:50 PM

Halakhot for Shabbat Hazon and the 9th of Av:

A must for readers who wish to do things right on this Shabbat (called Hazon) and before, during and after the fast of the Ninth of Av. This year is different from the usual, as the fast is postponed from Shabbat, necessitating detailed instructions., 7/27/2012, 1:30 PM

Laws for "The Nine Days"

From the 1st to the 9th of Av (the Fast Day for the destruction of the two Temples in Jerusalem), Ashkenazim keep special stringencies as a sign of mourning. Sephardim keep them starting from the week of the fast., 7/22/2012, 1:20 AM

How to Effect "Equal Sharing of the National Burden"

A just and equitable suggested plan that can solve the problem of who serves and how., 7/16/2012, 2:05 PM

My Opinion has not Changed

Clearing up misunderstanding on the Ulpana houses issue., 7/9/2012, 11:02 PM

A Constructive Summer Vacation for Your Chldren

Good, sensible advice for parents anxious about the looming months of summer vacation., 7/1/2012, 4:39 PM

The Halakhic View on Home Demolitions in Israel

The halakhic responsa is based on elucidating the parameters of Torah principles when juxtaposed with acceptance of the decisions of a governmental authority, a precept called Dina deMalchuta Dina., 6/26/2012, 2:46 PM

The Failure of Secular Zionism

Rabbi Kook feared that a lack of religious committment would adversely affect the state of Israel - and it has., 6/16/2012, 10:50 PM

The Jewish Way to Save

Giving charity and making do with what one has., 6/10/2012, 9:37 AM

Does Torah Study Override Army Service?

A clear exposition of the controversial issue being debated as a new law is being drafted. Torah revitalizes our nation and is crucial for survival. But there are ways to serve if the army needs soldiers, and the army has to make this possible., 6/3/2012, 10:04 AM

Judaism's Attitude to Converts: Love Them!

The story of Ruth, perhaps the most famous convert of all time, is read on Shavuot. The Jews themselves became converts on Shavuot when they accepted the Torah. , 5/25/2012, 9:20 AM

The Economy is Doing Well - Thank G-d!

Advice on how to manage to give charity the way our forefathers did - and they had a much more spartan existence., 5/23/2012, 10:19 AM

Freedom from Materialism

Some serious thinking should occur when a couple decides where and how to live. The right decision can affect finances and much more. Torah from Har Bracha in the Shomron., 5/12/2012, 9:30 PM

All About Lag Ba"Omer

Customs and explanations for them for Lag Ba'Omer, the Thirty-Third Day of the Omer Counting. , 5/3/2012, 11:54 AM

Lessening the Pangs of Redemption

Even without complete repentance the Redemption will come, because this is the purpose God designated for the world., 4/27/2012, 12:59 AM

Thank G-d For Our Redemption: For Yom Haatzmaut

We have a sacred obligation to thank and praise God for bestowing upon us His great favor, by allowing us to establish the State of Israel, gather in the exiles and settle the land., 4/19/2012, 12:11 PM

Easy Guide to a Kosher for Passover Kitchen

An easy to understand and implement primer for having a kosher for Pesach kitchen. Before you sit down to the seder, make sure you are really ready for this wonderful holiday., 4/1/2012, 8:36 AM

It's Hard to Trust Netanyahu and Barak on Iran

Serious reservations about the factors that may affect Netanyahu and Barak's positions on attacking Iran are explained by the writer., 3/25/2012, 11:18 PM

Man is Like a Tree

In what way does man resemble a tree? and what was the manna like?, 2/11/2012, 11:56 PM

Military Orders that Contradict Jewish Law

An explanation of the different sides of the halakhah about women singing and how to deal with the issue in the IDF., 1/14/2012, 10:13 PM

Gender Segregation on Buses is Not Jewish Law

Rabbi Melamed gives the religious Zionist rabbinic view on the issue of the day. , 12/30/2011, 12:30 AM

Names With Roots

A new baby is a link in the family chain. Naming a baby for a grandparent strengthens it., 12/10/2011, 8:25 PM

Sodom – Kingdom of Materialism

The destruction that befell Sodom expressed the true reality of people whose entire lives center around materialism., 11/12/2011, 7:21 PM

The Relation of Jews to non-Jews

Our task is to make G-d's deeds known among the nations, but how should we relate to other religions today?, 11/5/2011, 6:07 PM

The Story of the Unetane Tokef Prayer

Unetane Tokef, part of the Ashkenazi High Holyday prayer service, is a moving, awe-inspiring liturgical poem. The tragic story behind it is the same., 10/8/2011, 8:46 PM

Christians Who Love Israel

While many countries support the Arabs out of economic interests, or out of fear, or due to false beliefs, the Evangelicals are clearly on our side., 9/9/2011, 1:38 AM

Street Protests and Sensible Economics

Protestors do not analyze the situation in a broader context, they want instant gratification. Judaism, however, has something to say about how a country's economics should be run., 8/6/2011, 10:48 PM

Be a Jew in the Workplace!

The workplace can seem a total negation of everything a religious person has hitherto experienced. Here is a wise analysis and practical guide., 7/10/2011, 11:22 PM

Rav Yisraeli - An Israeli Rabbi

Rav Yisraeli zts"l was a halakhic expert on commandments that are kept in the land of israel, but he was also a wise spiritual leader., 6/25/2011, 10:22 PM

In the Merit of 6 Houses

This inspiring article is by Rabbi Melammed and Rabbi Shlomi Badash., 6/17/2011, 3:04 PM

Pirkei Avot: Learn or Work?

Ethics of our Fathers, read on summer Sabbaths, is the starting point for a discussion of this dilemma, and the novel approach of the Har Bracha yeshiva is the conclusion., 6/10/2011, 5:56 AM

Like the Sands of the Sea

May the words of the prophet from this week's 'Haftorah' be fulfilled (Hoshea 2:1): "... the number of the children of Israel shall be like the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured or counted.", 5/29/2011, 12:08 AM

Forgot What Being a Jew Means

Instead of announcing that he doesn't want to be classified a Jew anymore, Israeli writer Kanyuk should have learned more about what he is willing to give up., 5/20/2011, 3:17 PM