Rabbi Eliezer Melamed

'Yefat Toar' and Morality

Accusing the Torah of supporting rape is like accusing a doctor of supporting illness., 12/5/2016, 7:46 PM

The implication of Ishmael's banishment for today

Israel, like Abraham and Sarah, also believed in the sons of Ishmael, but they abused our trust, 11/26/2016, 7:00 PM

When Rabbi Goren demanded an Honor Guard

Rabbi Shlomo Goren, whose yahrzeit is this week, served as an example of a rabbi who imposed authority and made it clear that in a conflict between an officer's command and halakha, if 'pikuach nefesh' is not involved, the order should be refused. , 11/20/2016, 8:10 PM

Can the IDF Chief Rabbi be a halakhic decisor?

The IDF General Staff continues to erode Jewish tradition and those who abide by it. Since army rabbis are subject to their superiors, they do not have the authority of ‘mara d’atra’ (local rabbinic authority). , 11/8/2016, 12:23 PM

How to be happy on the Sukkot holiday

The Torah commands us to be happy on Sukkot - how do we do that?, 10/15/2016, 11:24 PM

Fasting on Yom Kippur

A “regular” sick person, whose whole body is ill but whose life is not in danger, is obligated to fast but may take pills that have no taste. A gravely ill person is obligated to eat. A religiously observant doctor should be asked when in doubt., 10/9/2016, 8:17 AM

Laws of Shofar, blessings - and glad tidings

Laws and customs on hearing shofar blasts; the prohibition of preparing from the first day of Rosh Hashanah to the second day; candles on the second night; order of blessings over the ‘simanim’; God’s blessing: growth of the communities in Judea and Samaria, 10/1/2016, 9:49 PM

The unwarranted uproar over railway work on Shabbat

In general, Shabbat is officially kept in the State of Israel. The police estimated that closure of the Ayalon Highway on a weekday would endanger lives., 9/6/2016, 9:38 PM

Mixtures of considerations and beliefs

The laws of 'issur v'heter' teach us that even things that are inherently good, may be forbidden if they are mixed together., 8/29/2016, 11:12 AM

Blessing on viewing the Olympics

A person impressed by athletes and their accomplishments should acknowledge the source of their strength., 8/20/2016, 10:19 PM

When Tisha B'Av falls on Shabbat

One difference: The time from sunset on Shabbat until the end of Shabbat is an intermediate period of time when it is forbidden to eat, but on the other hand, noticeable signs of mourning are also prohibited. See the others below., 8/12/2016, 10:07 AM

Tyranny of the minority

The IDF is undergoing a process of value erosion, ​​expressed both in harm to Jewish values, and weakness against the enemy and its cause is the extreme secular culture, whose positions have greatly influenced the IDF top brass. , 8/3/2016, 11:19 PM

When appointing Judges, fear no man

Representatives of the Jewish Home party should stand firm on Torah principles, in opposition to the Haredi veto , 7/27/2016, 9:33 AM

Custody in early chlldhood

When children automatically remain with the mother and the father must pay their child support, it’s no wonder that almost 90% of divorce cases are initiated by women, 7/20/2016, 6:28 AM

No to soldiers' bodies for terrorists

A person’s essence is his soul and not his body, and the souls of fallen IDF soldiers are certainly among the righteous, as is Moses, whose burial place is unknown., 7/12/2016, 8:13 AM

Muslims and "political correctness"

No matter who is at fault, the Jews are punished - in the name of "politically correct" dialogue and talk about human rights., 7/2/2016, 10:00 PM

Political lessons learned from the prohibition of mixing milk and meat

We do not know the ultimate reasons for mitzvot, but we certainly can search for the lessons they teach about our lives. The separation of meat and milk is a profound concept., 6/30/2016, 3:36 PM

The deep significance of the prohibition to mix milk and meat

Different levels should not be mixed. A person who goes to an ordinary rabbi in order to receive guidance in significant matters, is comparable to one who mixes milk and meat, rendering the entire mixture forbidden for eating or for benefit., 6/19/2016, 7:26 AM

The laws of the Shavuot holiday

There is a unique mitzvah of joy, both spiritual and physical, on Shavuot. Most critical: When Shavuot falls on Motzei Shabbat as it does this year, preparations from Shabbat to Chag are prohibited. , 6/10/2016, 12:26 PM

We are all Priests and Levites

The Torah sections dealing with the Tabernacle, the Priests and the Levites should be applied in all areas of life. Each person in his field of work, on his own level, should be a like Priest, avoiding anything that might interfere with his work., 6/6/2016, 10:22 PM

Concerning Former Minister Ya'alon

The harming of Torah values ​​and emuna in the IDF, while Leftist groups are allowed in undisturbed is only one of the problems that must be confronted., 5/29/2016, 12:16 AM

The vision of Yovel for our generation

The Torah integrates both socialism and capitalism , 5/22/2016, 8:00 AM

Mourning during the period of Sefirat Haomer

What does the custom of mourning between Pesach and Shavuot entail?, 5/18/2016, 1:04 PM

The blessing said on the settlement of the land of Israel

In honor of the season of Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim, it is appropriate to once again review the halakha’s of the blessing our Sages fixed over the mitzvah of ‘yishuv ha’aretz‘ – the settling and redemption of the Land of Israel., 5/14/2016, 10:42 PM

Memorial Day, Yom Hazikaron

The children we bear and raise exist in their merit; the settlements we establish flourish because of them; the Torah we learn is theirs; the ethical Jewish society we want to build here, as the prophets foretold, is theirs as well. , 5/10/2016, 12:20 PM

Setting the tone for Holocaust Remembrance

How to memorialize the Holocaust although the date is in the month of NIssan., 5/5/2016, 8:01 AM

Laws of Pesach: Koshering the kitchen

A complete primer that will guide you to a kosher Passover holiday., 4/17/2016, 11:59 AM

Laws of Pesach: Eating "gebrokts," egg matza and dairy products

Ashkenazim and Sephardim on egg matza (matza ashira). Hassidim on "gebrokts", called "shruya" in Hebrew. What milk products are to be eaten., 4/10/2016, 8:50 PM

Gladden the hearts of a chatan and kallah

In Judaism, the wedding day is the most joyous day of one’s life, 3/15/2016, 6:46 AM

The struggle for a Jewish Army

I have written numerous articles warning about the erosion of Judaism in the IDF. Had we previously stood firm against the violation of mitzvot and values, the order against growing a beard in the army would have been unthinkable. What to do., 3/6/2016, 8:18 AM

On the Reform Movement and Israel

The Reform Movement cannot be considered a religious stream in Judaism, but its Jewish members are our brothers., 2/29/2016, 9:04 AM

The Torah obligation to report a reckless bus driver; Dietary Laws

In the wake of the recent fatal bus accident: the obligation to try to prevent others followed by a continuation of the laws of meat and milk follows., 2/23/2016, 7:06 AM

When children demand one's time on Shabbat

How does one balance giving attention to young children and finding time to learn Torah on Shabbat?, 2/14/2016, 11:56 AM

Meat and Milk: a halakhic primer

This week's Torah reading has one of the three times the prohibition of mixing meat and milk is mentioned, once of the basics of a Jewish home. What are its ramifications?, 2/6/2016, 9:26 PM

Holiness endures forever: On Dafna Meir Hy"d

Look at the difference between the Jewish nation and its enemies! Their "martyrs" are despicable murderers, destroyers of the world; our martyrs – a compassionate nurse, engaged in settling Eretz Yisrael and tikun olam.  Tu B'shvat lessons. , 1/25/2016, 11:30 AM

Unauthorized building harms the movement to settle Judea and Samaria

A small group is ruining it for the rest of us., 1/17/2016, 2:26 PM

Defining the difference between good and bad

Hilltop youth at-risk should be given the best possible remedial attention from teachers and social workers, in cooperation with their parents.  , 1/10/2016, 7:13 AM

Women's central role in the Redemption

The Jewish women in Egypt teach us that there isn’t anything purer than love which is not dependent on material factors, and brings life to the world., 1/5/2016, 1:13 PM

Redeeming Jewish captives, protecting wounded terrorists

A halakhic analysis of two dilemmas with which Israel has to contend., 12/28/2015, 7:59 AM

Israel, the West and Islam

Anyone wishing for peaceful and calm relations with Muslims must avoid displaying any desire for peace, or any talk of it, because peace with non-Muslims contradicts their beliefs., 12/24/2015, 8:10 AM

The Tenth of Tevet

There are three aspects to this fast. All should lead to action in addition to fasting., 12/18/2015, 6:30 AM

Hanukkah - the festival that celebrates education

The Hebrew root of the Hanukkah is "hinuch", education - and that is not a coincidence. On educational authority, Hellenism, post-modernity and values., 12/14/2015, 5:36 AM

A Hanukkah lighting primer

All you need to know., 12/7/2015, 6:50 PM

A Minimum of Six Hours

Studying Torah on Shabbat., 11/15/2015, 11:08 PM

Sanctifying God in life and death

In memory of my great grandfather, murdered by the Nazis., 11/8/2015, 8:17 PM

Israel's Sovereignty on the Temple Mount

Islam and Arabs respect the ruling power and accept its sovereignty, provided it demonstrates strength and authority. Take away the rights of ungrateful East Jerusalem Arabs., 11/1/2015, 8:20 AM

Should Israel go for a decisive or partial victory?

The government is too weak to pursue a decisive victory, but the fortitude of the public may lead to a partial one. And demographics are on our side., 10/25/2015, 9:00 PM

Coping with terrorism through faith

Terrorism tries to sow panic and cause the public to give up. Israelis are finished with delusions of peace, so terrorism will not achieve its goal, but a rational, gradual, and realistic means of teaching the Torah view must be proposed., 10/20/2015, 6:40 PM

The Death of the Righteous

The leaders in building the country in our times are those who cling more firmly to the Torah. They also cling to the frontlines of settlement in the Land of Israel., 10/11/2015, 1:19 AM

The Meaning of Shmini Atzeret

Why is there an extra holiday added on to the Sukkot holiday., 10/5/2015, 10:05 PM

Together in the Sukkah

The mitzvah of joy on Sukkot includes not only family members, but also the poor and lonely. A primer for the holiday., 9/27/2015, 7:20 AM

Yom Kippur - A Day of Liberty

Afflicting the body and soul on Yom Kippur releases one from the shackles of the body and the material, and allows one to connect to the root of his soul., 9/20/2015, 11:22 PM

Rosh Hashana - Expressing the Acceptance of G-d's Kingdom

The central theme of Rosh Hashana should be part of our appearance and actions., 9/13/2015, 7:35 AM

Understanding Selichot

All about the custom of reciting Selichot for the Salvation of the Clal , 9/8/2015, 3:30 PM

Monetary Torah Laws at the Close of the Shmitta Year

What is shimittat ksafim, when does it apply and what is the pruzbul?, 8/31/2015, 2:29 PM

'Rabbi Kook: Halakha and the Rabbinate

The iconic first Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi of Israel had a unique way of approaching the Rabbinate and halakhic determinations. , 8/22/2015, 10:41 PM

Far More than 13 Million

How you count the Jews makes all the difference., 8/10/2015, 12:53 AM