Dr. Yehuda Tzoref

Palestinian Fallacy

The verbal Jihad legitimizes all means of demagogical rhetoric, spiced with shameless deception, in order to advance the "holy" cause of denying the Jewish heritage; just as the military Jihad legitimizes all forms of atrocious terrorism to undermine the existence of Israel., 11/6/2003, 5:52 PM

Blessing of the Land

The predominant political stance in Israel maintains that no peace can ever prevail in the Middle East as long as the Arabs refuse to accept the existence of Israel. Though the existential convolutions of Israel exemplify the danger enfolded in the peace diplomacy conception, the Israeli public can hardly perceive the extent of the threat arising from a national lethargy that bases hope for peace , 10/23/2003, 5:54 PM

The Peacetime War

The Israeli and international obsession with persistent efforts to solve the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict" has left a wide tactical space to the strategists of the Arab states. Indeed, the Arab tacticians make an efficient use of Israel's strategic hibernation, as a result of the prevalent Palestinization of the Middle East conflict, for the underhanded promotion of the next tactical stages in th, 9/14/2003, 3:27 PM

The Invisible Troops of Islam

While the religious and civil rights of Islamic minorities are being meticulously secured by all Western nations, Moslem countries persist in systematically violating the rights of their minorities. Western public opinion appears to remain unruffled by Moslem crimes, as long as Western targets stay outside the current terror campaign. , 7/16/2003, 10:03 PM

Apartheid in Israel

At any rate, the spokesmen of the far Left are right about the scale of apartheid in Israel; however, they typically turn reality upside down. Israel is indeed plagued with apartheid that strives to perpetuate the inferior status of Jews as second-rate citizens. While the apartheid at state level discriminates against Jewish citizens, at international level, it endeavors to victimize the Jewish na, 6/25/2003, 11:34 PM