Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

How Many Times Can Someone Be Surprised?

Every time the media finished describing the evacuation of one place, they began talking about the next target in apocalyptic terms. Along the lines of, 'Sure, we were surprised that there was no violence here, but the <I>next</I> place is expected to put up violent resistance.', 8/28/2005, 3:29 PM

The Palestinian Jihad Authority

Is the current Palestinian Authority, under the stewardship of Mahmoud ("Abu Mazen") Abbas, a terrorist entity, a terrorist-supporting regime, or a soft dictatorship struggling to control terrorists? , 7/28/2005, 11:30 PM

Identifying a Leftist Opinion

By use of a simple series of questions, any position or opinion can be correctly categorized by the newly-conservative. , 11/25/2004, 11:35 PM

The Efforts to Bring War to the Middle East

The international community wants an all-out war between Israel and the Arab states and terrorist organizations. They are pushing for it. And, I fear, they want the Arab side to win. This is the only possible conclusion based on examining recent international decisions affecting Israel. , 8/9/2004, 2:53 PM

What, No Whale Meat?

Judicial interference with the status quo regarding the ban on pig products was couched in terms reflecting the court's view that it was performing a balancing act. The offense assumedly felt by religious Jews when they see pig meat sold in their hometowns was juxtaposed with a citizen's presumed right to buy a pork chop., 6/16/2004, 11:02 PM

This is the Enemy

[WARNING: The following contains graphic descriptions of violence.] , 5/30/2004, 5:01 PM

Preemptive Revenge

Uh-oh. Hamas leader Ahmad Yassin ? along with four other terrorists ? was blown to smithereens by a missile fired from an Israeli helicopter gunship on Monday. Now they're mad over at Hamas HQ. Who knows, they may even be angry enough to - oh, I don't know - send a suicide bomber into an Israeli city or something. Imagine that. , 3/24/2004, 9:49 PM

A Sales Pitch for Israel?s Demise

The so-called Geneva Initiative, or Geneva Accords, is not a negotiated agreement at all. It is a public relations campaign. It is a sales pitch to the world, and to the Jews themselves, for the Arab position on the Jewish state; i.e., that the Jews have no right to independence in the Land of Israel., 12/4/2003, 5:30 PM

Pursue Them as Far as Damascus

They forced the enemy to flee. They ransacked and pillaged the enemy?s equipment and booty. Then, they took hostages. , 11/12/2003, 4:39 PM

No FARCe in Colombia

Praying that the FARC captives are released before the start of the Jewish year of 5764 next week, we also hope to see the dismantling of the PLO?s <i>despeje</i> in Judea, Samaria and Gaza in the near future. , 9/17/2003, 9:46 PM

Egypt, Arabia, et. al. v. the Jews

Surprisingly, Dr. Hilmi and his legal eagles will actually be able to depend on existing boilerplate for most of their affidavits., 8/27/2003, 7:00 PM

Lessons From Arab Lands

How do those states that vociferously condemn Israel behave when facing situations similar to our own? Perhaps, were Israel to emulate the behavior of those regimes, we would finally be accepted as an integral part of the region. , 7/23/2003, 11:19 PM


We are being degraded again, Rebbe. But this time it is in the Land of Israel. We have no other streets to go to; these are our streets. Our national honor must be recaptured here, and it must be done now. , 7/6/2003, 6:29 PM

Not All ?Change? is for the Best

Racism? Hatred? Prejudice? What motivates the Minister of the Interior to ignore, alter and emasculate laws duly ratified by the Israeli parliament, laws that he is sworn to uphold? , 6/1/2003, 7:15 PM


[T]he obsessive focus on Israeli control of Judea, Samaria and Gaza - misnamed "the occupation" - obscures the much more insidious, and unchallenged, authentic occupation of a formerly sovereign state just to Israel?s north. , 5/26/2003, 7:26 PM

The Sword and the Swastika

?I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. By struggling against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord,? Hitler wrote. Similarly, the Hamas Covenant says that Arab Islamic groups ?are best equipped for their future role in the fight against the warmongering Jews.? Less circumspect jihad enthusiasts write of eventually ?knocking on the doors of the ch, 3/21/2003, 5:52 AM

Israel-India Ties - From ?Copters to Green Houses

Israel, one of the smallest democracies, and India, one of the largest, have been developing ties of all kinds for some time now. Two recent items that appeared in the press exemplify the wide-ranging nature of these ties and the potential for deepening cooperation between the two states in a variety of fields. , 2/23/2003, 11:54 PM

Chirac in the Land of Araby

Newspapers of the Arab world are sitting up and taking notice of the anti-American activism being displayed by French president Jacques Chirac and other European leaders. In some cases, the Arab press is downright amazed that European leaders are greater defenders of Iraq than Arab ones. , 2/23/2003, 7:52 PM

Jordanian Independence Day

According to the <I>Jordan Times</I>, a brief history of Jordan goes like this: ?The late King Abdullah I established Jordan in 1921. His efforts to achieve internal security and a national unity won the newly established Transjordan recognition from Great Britain in 1923. The country won its full independence in 1946 following the end of the British mandate.? Conspicuously, and predictably, omitt, 5/27/2002, 11:35 PM