Dr. Rafael Medoff

A Syrian Haven for War Criminals

The June 21 report in the<i> New York Times</i> that Saddam Hussein and his sons were sheltered in Syria after the recent war is not entirely surprising ? because Damascus likewise sheltered many Nazi war criminals after the Holocaust. , 6/24/2003, 7:19 PM

A New Form of Holocaust Denial

In a similar vein, Arab spokesmen routinely claim that the Palestinian Arabs played no role in the Holocaust. This assertion surfaced among the Israeli Arabs who recently visited Auschwitz. Author-journalist Yossi Klein Halevi, who took part in the visit, reported in the <i>New Republic</i> that as they entered the Auschwitz grounds, one of the Arab participants remarked, ?Arabs had nothing to do , 6/19/2003, 1:33 AM