Matthew M. Hausman, J.D.

A Diaspora mentality or a Jewish disease?

Know before Whom you stand - and conduct your politics accordingly., 12/14/2016, 11:25 AM

Filling the spiritual void with politics - doesn't work

Embracing JStreet, the NIF and the Palestinian Arab narrative seem the right thing to do when you reject authentic Judaism. It has happened before., 11/13/2016, 7:22 AM

Politicizing Anti-Semitism on the campaign trail

Campaigns raise fear of bigotry and anti-Semitism. Where does the truth lie with regard to Clinton and Trump's attitudes towards Jews and Israel?, 9/5/2016, 1:20 PM

Terrorism is about Ideology, not guns

In denying the role of Islamic radicalism, Mr. Obama seems more concerned about shielding extremists from critical scrutiny than protecting U.S. citizens from terrorism., 7/18/2016, 1:33 PM

The UN fails History 101

The name “Palestine” comes from the artificial appellation associated with the Philistines, not from a chimerical Palestinian-Arab people that did not exist. Arab conquests that expanded the borders of Islam would not begin until the seventh century., 6/6/2016, 12:30 PM

Gross hypocrisy or willful complicity: The US campus

Free speech is hardly being respected on campus, anti-Semitism is., 4/3/2016, 10:01 AM

Moral relativism, moral equivalence, and historical revisionism

The trinity moral relativism, moral equivalence, and historical revisionism aimed at Israel is poorly camouflaged anti-Semitism., 2/28/2016, 10:48 PM

Radical Islam's fifth column

Political correctness gives Islamists the field., 1/12/2016, 10:47 PM

The continuing failure to confront radical Islam

There seems to be growing tolerance for agendas that conflict with Jewish sovereignty and national claims.  At the same time, Islamic operatives enlist liberal support for their anti-liberal goals., 12/12/2015, 11:01 PM

U.S. Liberal Jews Continue to Support Obama, Abandon Israel

No matter how often Obama excuses Islamists, insults Israel, or spits in the face of Jewish history, progressive Jews continue to support him with Pavlovian devotion., 10/24/2015, 7:56 PM

Obama Defends Iran Deal by Attacking Opponents

Instead of the issues, there is a shrill war of words against good faith opponents., 8/24/2015, 8:05 AM

Is the West Threatened More by Islamist Fact or by Right-Wing Fiction?

The left characterizes non-liberals as extremists whether they are right-wingers or centrist conservatives, libertarians, independents, people of faith, or simply neutral critics of liberal social policy. This provides cover for Islamists., 7/27/2015, 7:48 AM

The Ideological Gutting of American Foreign Policy

Government policy under Obama was to empower the Muslim Brotherhood and support its ascendancy in the Mideast. The outcome is chaos., 6/30/2015, 10:50 PM

Anti-Semitism and Jewish Dissonance on the 2016 Campaign Trail

The left has to do some soul-searching and reflect why it describes anti-Semitism as political expression, but criticism of Muslims as hate speech. Liberal Jews have to do the same about Obama., 5/15/2015, 12:31 PM

Religious Illiteracy Hampers West’s Response to Radical Islam

We are faced with a multicultural elite that freely slanders and disparages Israel, Jews, Christians and western values, but which tends to excuse Islamist extremism or contextualize it disingenuously., 3/30/2015, 11:36 AM

Islamism: If You Can’t Say it, You Can’t Fight it

The left seems to have no problem accusing Republicans of fascism, racism or any other malignant “isms” that come to mind, but they simply cannot speak the truth regarding radical Islam., 2/16/2015, 6:22 AM

Looking for Truth in the Verbal War against Israel

How is it possible to trust a negotiating partner whose religious tradition mandates lying to those it considers infidels? , 12/23/2014, 12:10 AM

Obama Empowers Enemies and Imperils Friends

First Delta Force Commander, Former US Air Force Vice Chief of Staff, CIA officer and former Congressman discuss current US foreign policy. The American Jewish community needs to wake up and acknowledge Obama's view of Israel., 12/2/2014, 10:08 PM

Why Are Those Jews So Assertive?

The selectivity of the outrage against Israel would be nonsensical if it were really about human rights. But it’s not., 9/14/2014, 8:25 AM

Anti-Semitism Rages, Jewish Values Attacked from Within

The misapplication of tikkun olam. , 8/6/2014, 7:27 AM

Universities Listen When Alumni Protest

The withdrawal of a single donation is unlikely to change institutional policy, but it provides an opportunity to educate those who are supposed to be in the business of education, and occasionally stimulates constructive dialogue. , 6/12/2014, 7:10 AM

Rejectionism Makes Peace Unlikely, not Merely Elusive

Islamic tradition that recounts the subjugation of the Jews and their land constitutes an admission that it was neither Muslim nor Arab in origin. , 5/4/2014, 6:25 AM

Anti-Israel Boycotts Are Not Against 'Apartheid'

The liberal left is not truly angered by alleged human rights deprivations, but by the existence of a sovereign Jewish nation., 3/11/2014, 12:44 PM

Will Obama’s Fiddling Cause the Middle East to Burn?

The United States has had no coherent policy during Obama's presidency, and the Mideast has become more dangerous as a result. , 1/28/2014, 12:12 AM

All Hatreds are Evil, But One is More Evil than Others

Verses from Muslim scripture suggest that Jew-hatred is religiously mandated and as old as Islam itself.Thousands of Jews were slaughtered in Muslim North Africa from the eighth through twelfth centuries. , 11/24/2013, 10:20 PM

20 Years of Fiction, Fantasy and Fanfare

The tragic tale of peace negotiations held in secret that became public with Nobel Prizes and a handshake on the White House lawn., 10/3/2013, 12:12 PM

Progressive Ideals are no Substitute for Jewish Values

There is an enormous gap between traditional Jewish values and many of the partisan sacred cows that have become articles of faith for progressive Jews and the nontraditional movements who castigate Israel and embrace her enemies., 8/1/2013, 4:09 PM

Is Christian Evangelical Support for Israel Kosher?

Some Christians embrace Jews and Israel for the right reasons while others do not., 5/31/2013, 12:16 AM

The Shame of Israel Apartheid Week

Israel is not an apartheid state under any definition of the term, and to argue otherwise requires the repetition of odious lies and the denial of historical facts., 3/13/2013, 6:18 AM

Mideast: Historical Reality or Political Correctness?

Israel may be forced to choose between historical entitlement and political expedience - vindication of her existence by some form of annexation or giving land away and risking its survival., 2/12/2013, 2:02 PM

Media Bias and the Erosion of First Amendment Ideals

There is no licensing and enforceable standards for news reporters, as there are for doctors, for example. The media’s coverage of Benghazi was colored by the typically unbalanced approach it takes in reporting on the Mideast in general. , 12/27/2012, 9:15 AM

Presidential Politics, Jewish Voters and Self-Deception

The capacity for partisan self-deception has roots other than a search for the truth., 10/30/2012, 12:15 PM

The Illusion of Egyptian Democracy

If the American system provides the measuring stick for evaluating Morsi’s election and its aftermath, it becomes clear that the Egyptian government falls well below any acceptable standard. , 9/20/2012, 12:23 AM

Obama: Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me

An examination of Mr. Obama’s statements and policies suggests that, contrary to the claims of his apologists, he has been the most hostile president towards Israel since Jimmy Carter. Are Jews going to continue to be fooled? Or don't they care?, 6/18/2012, 11:15 PM

Let's Make This Clear: Jordan is Palestine

Listen, Palestinian Arabs, If you want to march, march on Jordan., 3/30/2012, 4:36 PM

Secular Idolatry in American Jewish Leadership

What allows the Daily Forward to write that Obama's Jewish financial supporters stayed faithful? The secular Jewish preoccupation with progressive politics has simply become a modern form of idolatry inconsistent with real Jewish principles., 12/22/2011, 11:25 AM

Judenrein State, Part I: Western Hypocrisy

Nothing illustrates the hypocrisy better than a comparison of their demand that Israel accept an Arab “right of return” with their ambition for a state that would be ethnically cleansed of all Jews., 9/15/2011, 5:51 PM

Judenrein State, Part II: Alternatives

The political unrest now rocking the Arab world emphasizes the risk that an independent Palestinian state would be subject to the same destabilizing influences and form a terror haven on what are now Israel's security buffers. The other choices., 9/15/2011, 5:12 PM

Wake Up, Jewish Left!

Jews on the left as well as the right side of the political spectrum must recognize and speak out against anti-Semitism wherever it rears its ugly head. Silence is equvalent to complicity., 2/21/2010, 10:02 PM

Institutionalized Assimilation

'At least their grandchildren will be Jewish.', 9/16/2009, 11:05 PM

A Farcical Peace Process

It does not constitute justice., 7/7/2009, 1:41 AM

Repairing the World

Using a Jewish concept to deny Jewish values., 5/4/2009, 12:07 PM

The Search for Ritual Connection

There's more to Judaism than ethical platitudes., 3/30/2009, 11:33 PM

Whither Conservative Judaism?

It was never articulated with any precision., 3/11/2009, 10:48 PM