Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Public opinion facing democratic despotism

Does public opinion influence Israel's decisions? Shouldn't it make a difference in a democracy", 12/11/2018, 7:41 AM

The tragic story of human history

During the past 2,500 years there have been more than 1,000 wars in the western world alone. What does that tell you about the chances for peace?, 11/25/2018, 10:11 PM

The end of the heroic:  Senator John McCain (RIP)

John McCain was living proof of something intangible that American culture has lost., 8/26/2018, 11:41 PM

Moral anarchy sweeps across America

Maxine Waters is the tip of the iceberg, most of whose destructive powers are under the surface., 6/29/2018, 9:34 AM

Middle East paradoxes

Have you noticed how many ways liberals can avoid calling a spade a spade in when it comes to talking about Islam? , 5/10/2018, 11:17 AM

Arab-Islamic Culture versus Democracy

There are deep-rooted basic cultural blocks that prevent achieving democracy in the Arab-Muslim states., 4/29/2018, 11:52 PM

Myths about science - Hawking et al

Actually, scientists can be, and have been, no less rigid than religionists. , 3/18/2018, 7:26 AM

Martial versus Democratic diplomacy

The basic difference: Martial diplomacy regards negotiation between adversary states as a form of warfare by other means, democratic diplomacy regards negotiation between adversaries as a means of conciliation leading to lasting agreement and peace., 3/13/2018, 8:22 AM

Why does tiny Israel nettle the nations?

Haman couldn't stand the Jews and neither can his modern-day counterparts., 2/27/2018, 11:13 PM

Why Arab-Islamic culture and democracy are incompatible

The contradictions between Islamic culture and democracy are fundamental and unchangeable., 2/20/2018, 7:06 PM

There will be no Palestinian Arab State

Israel is not the problem, the Arabs themselves do not want a state., 2/18/2018, 12:50 AM

Abraham Lincoln and our 'ancient faith'

The rights in the Declaration of Independence are called "inalienable" because they have been given to each of us by God, and not by the State., 2/11/2018, 7:00 AM

Is statesmanship possible in contemporary democracy?

Television has a way of thwarting statesmanship and its attendant rationality.. “Live” television compels national leaders to react immediately to international crises with little time to reflect, to consult and consider alternatives., 2/7/2018, 1:59 PM

On Islamic monotheism

Islamic monotheism differs profoundly from Jewish monotheism and that is the real conflict., 2/5/2018, 6:35 AM

Does Trump understand what the US is up against?

To understand the bizarre behavior of Mahmoud Abbas, one must realize that Islamic terrorism, is not a means to an end, but an end in itself.  The Qu’ran praises the Muslim who “slays and is slain” for Allah (Sura 9:111), 1/28/2018, 7:44 AM

The Abbas-Netanyahu irony

Abbas said what Israel should have said long ago - Oslo is dead. Op-ed., 1/17/2018, 5:07 AM

Have the Crusades finally started again?

A short but inclusive report on the following countries which are the first to ban Islam.  See how the rest of the world is acting fast on the threat posed by Islam and its barbaric Sharia Law., 7/17/2016, 1:33 AM

The Jewish claim to “Palestine” versus the two-state solution

The Judeo-Christian West and Islam represent what Harvard professor of political science Samuel Huntington famously called a “clash of civilizations.”, 6/14/2016, 6:04 AM

Modern Liberalism and the death of civilization

How the same nihilistic liberalism that flooded US universities and later Israeli academia, resulting in moral and cultural relativism taken to extremes, is now living in a dangerous paradox of its own making., 4/26/2016, 6:06 AM

Why a brilliant scholar became ashamed of being an American

A normative Republic has metamorphosed into a normless democracy., 11/1/2015, 9:05 AM

Three Cheers for Bibi

Giving credit where credit is due., 3/5/2015, 11:42 PM

Beyond "Correct" Political Analysis

The truth is staring them in the face, but despite it, they continue blindly towards insane policies of "territory for peace." Golda Meir saw it long ago., 12/28/2014, 6:00 AM

Pluralism and the Clash of Civilizations

The West lives in a state of denial., 5/2/2014, 9:59 AM

A Generation of the Unteachable

Orwell said it first., 4/1/2014, 9:07 PM

Nietszche: Great Learning and Great Idiocy Go Together

Was Nietszche correct on this point? Israeli experts sometimes seem to prove him right., 2/4/2014, 8:03 AM

Religion Trumps Economics in the Middle East

Even if they knew Dr. Darawshe (see oped article above), it would make no difference to them. Medical aid and economics do not trump religion., 12/27/2013, 12:39 PM

Understanding anti-Semitism on American Campuses

17th and 18th century anti-clerical European philosophers started the downward slope from Old Testament values to post-modernity's relative morality., 12/18/2013, 6:00 AM

Obama's America, Going the Way of Rome

Barack Obama is a creature of relativism, even though, without logical consistency, this “post-American” president exalts Islam., 12/9/2013, 8:00 AM

Genocide: Dealing with Evil

Iran’s genocidal threat to “wipe Israel off the map” or “death to the United States” is not mere bluster. , 10/25/2013, 12:15 PM

Beyond Political Dermatology

Moral egalitarianism, moral relativism, the education of israel's higher echelons., 10/18/2013, 8:34 AM

Israeli Democracy

It is no wonder that so many citizens feel powerless to affect government actions, such as preventing the freeing terrorists or capitulation to Obama-Abbas., 8/15/2013, 2:08 PM

Governance and Accountability

The ills of Israel's electoral system and the maladies of its government. Timely, as negotiations begin, and timely because of the contrast with this week's Torah reading, Shoftim., 8/8/2013, 10:04 PM

Martyn Indyk and Moral Equivalency

How much hard work and stamina, how much self-sacrifice and heroism, are required in each generation to defend civilization against its enemies. , 7/28/2013, 10:36 PM

On Palestinian Statehood and Its Advocates

Why should any rational person expect it to work?, 7/12/2013, 10:04 AM

A Mystery Solved

Basic laws and basic pride., 6/27/2013, 7:33 AM

We Free Spirits

The conventional wisdom of Israeli politicians and their academic advisers is off the mark, says this writer., 5/12/2013, 6:24 AM

Israel's Strategic, Spiritual Dilemma

The basic problem: Whereas Jews prefer to be loved than feared, Muslims prefer to be feared than loved. , 1/8/2013, 7:40 AM

Voting in Israel, Part 3: Candidates, Stand Up!

To the candidates on all sides - tell us what you stand for, defend and posit meaningful positions, the kind Jews have always been able to represent. , 12/24/2012, 8:35 AM

Voting in Israel Part 2: Needed: A Judaic National Goal

Israel must take her future into her own hands with a distinctive Judaic national goal., 12/22/2012, 8:31 PM

A Guide to Voting in Israel, Part I

James Wilson's political thought and its 'applicability' to Israel is mind-boggling., 12/18/2012, 10:50 AM

For Hanukkah: The True Purpose of the National Camp

How the National Camp can fulfill what he defines as its true mission., 12/11/2012, 10:39 PM

Against the Ceasefire: 10 Reasons Why It Won't Work

Demonstrable and empirically verifiable truths about Israel’s enemies., 11/26/2012, 7:56 AM

US Elections: Balance? Who Needs Balance?

In the Obama/ Romney race, there are clear and diametrically opposed issues at stake. Balance is not the motto., 10/12/2012, 9:42 AM

Needed: A "Voice of America" Aimed at Islam

With internet available worldwide, the U.S. could overcome Islamists through the media, but for that, it needs confident leadership that believes in Western human rights and values., 10/9/2012, 2:59 PM

Barak and Netanyahu - Politically Bonded Siamese Twins

Barak and Netanyahu behave as if they have learned nothing from the consequences of Israel’s unilateral disengagement from Gaza., 10/3/2012, 5:53 PM

Obamagnosis: A Sickness that May be Fatal

Obama’s victory in the 2008 presidential election should be understood as an "electoral" victory of the cynical doctrine of moral relativism over its opponent, the universalism of the Declaration of Independence., 8/13/2012, 7:21 PM

The Perils of Semantic Subversion

An example of sematic subversion: By making peace and territory interchangeable, the language of "peace" can be used as an instrument of war. , 8/8/2012, 5:27 PM

A Call for Courage and Wisdom

Can the Prime Minister do anything significant?, 7/16/2012, 12:42 AM

Using Conflict Resolution Tools in Arab-Israel Conflict

The writer has sharp words for the suggestions and methods being applied to the Arab-Israel conflict by some current rightist activists. , 7/11/2012, 6:27 PM

Ishmael and the Temple Mount

From occupying the Temple Mount to taking over America step by step. What Islam is all about., 6/24/2012, 3:36 PM

Reflections on Israeli Democracy - and Mushrooms

Is the feeling of powerlessness the inevitable accompaniment or price of democracy?, 5/10/2012, 10:40 AM

Conspiracy? Cowardice? What Is Going On in Israel?

The writer suggests what may be up Netanyahu's sleeve in his choice of a coalition partner - and the process by which the courts might aid his plans, through an analysis of an interview with Knesset Speaker MK Reuven Rivlin., 5/8/2012, 8:19 PM

Sisyphus in Israel

It seems that Jews, like Sisyphus, are condemned to roll up the immense boulder of Islam’s fourteen-century hatred of Jews. , 3/13/2012, 2:21 PM

Obama, the Honest Broker

American statesmen who pose as 'honest brokers' in the Israel-Palestinian conflict are perpetrating this myth to advance their own interests—under the façade of another myth, the “peace process"., 2/12/2012, 12:52 PM

The PIE Syndrome of Israel's Leaders

The PIE Syndrome is rooted in the simplistic idea that Israel’s problems can be overcome by politics in general and by "Correct Political Analysis" in particular. , 2/6/2012, 10:42 AM

Public Opinion

What, exactly, is that "public opinion" that every poll claims to know? Prof. Eidelberg explains., 1/13/2012, 8:24 AM