Larry Domnitch

<I>Sh'mot</I>: Moshe's Decision

As the Israelites were enduring the burdens of Egyptian oppression, Moshe <I>Rabbeinu</I> faced a life-altering decision; one which would demand decisiveness in thought and action. , 1/20/2006, 1:48 AM

Chanukah and International Pressure

As nations line up to pressure and demand more Israeli concessions, what if the people of Israel held their ground?, 12/29/2005, 11:40 PM

"The Shofar of Courage and Hope"

Wrapped in the <I>talit</I>, the "contraband" <I>shofar</I> was safely concealed., 10/11/2005, 4:23 PM

A Special <I>Shabbat Nachamu</I> in Jerusalem

In the Old City of Jerusalem in 1920, a recital of the <I>Haftarah</I> resounded throughout the city and infused the people with a renewed sense of hope., 8/19/2005, 1:45 AM

The Tenth of Av: While the Temple Was in Flames

The Talmudic sage Rabbi Yochanan stated, "Had I been alive in that generation, I would have fixed [the day of mourning] for the tenth [of Av], because the greater part of the Temple was burnt on that day."(1) As Tisha B'Av has been a day of Jewish misfortune and unfortunate occurrences throughout Jewish history, so too has been the Tenth of Av., 8/12/2005, 1:30 AM

Remembering Maalot

The young victims of Maalot must be remembered. Their deaths should serve notice that Arab terror must be defeated. , 5/13/2005, 2:37 PM

A Post-Seder Thought

How did the Israelites who lived in a climate of relative tolerance within Egypt suddenly become slaves to their Egyptian hosts?, 4/27/2005, 6:56 PM

Mordechai the Jew

The pressure of maintaining one's individualism in the face of a growing trend can be enormous. Politically correct views and ideas are repeated so often that they become the accepted norms. And then there are those who defy the convention., 3/20/2005, 2:47 PM

<I>Ki Tisa</I>: A Stiff-Necked People

It is a quality that could have doomed the Jews, and yet, it is also a source of their strength and endurance., 2/22/2005, 3:44 PM

<I>B'shalach</I>: The Winds of Change

Egyptian public policy toward <I>Bnei Yisrael</I> took several shifts. , 1/20/2005, 12:30 PM

In Their Days and Ours: The Chanukah Legacy

In the days of antiquity, following the conquest of the world by Alexander the Great in 332 BCE, each nation had accepted each others' deities and morals as prescribed by the universal creed of the day, Hellenism. However, the Jews tenaciously clung to their Torah and were the exception to the universal global trend. , 12/7/2004, 7:15 PM

Preventing Terror

Guilty as charged! The kangaroo court - the United Nations Security Council - has again spoken! , 5/24/2004, 11:46 PM

The Ramban Synagogue: Hope Amidst Despair

Seven hundred years before Israeli paratroopers made their way through gates surrounding the Old City of Jerusalem during the Six Day War, a great sage was building a cornerstone in Jerusalem. His contributions towards rejuvenating Jewish life in the holy city are everlasting. His impact upon history is monumental., 5/18/2004, 6:47 PM

A Passover Thought

Passover is a most appropriate time to ask how we Jews can alter the course of history. , 4/9/2004, 1:15 AM

Holding on to the Golan

Four years ago, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered to give Syria the Golan Heights. However, the negotiations that followed failed to reach an agreement, and four years later, the Golan Heights remains in Israel?s hands., 10/28/2003, 5:22 PM

The Contributors

The Road Map! How did we get here? A proposed Road Map towards a state for the sworn enemies of Israel bordering on Israel?s main population centers, and approved by the Israeli Cabinet! Bad policy is seldom the product of the actions of one lone group of individuals. The recent decision by the Israeli Cabinet to accept the Road Map is not an exception. The following people have had a direct contr, 6/9/2003, 6:33 PM

The Magic of <i>Shavuot</i>, 1967

On the morning of <i>Shavuot</i>, June 15, 1967, just six days after the liberation of the old city of Jerusalem following the Six-Day War, the Old City was officially opened to the Israeli public. For the first time in almost two thousand years, masses of Jews could visit the Western Wall and walk through the cherished streets of Judaism?s capital city as members of the sovereign Jewish nation. E, 6/4/2003, 7:04 PM