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Prof. Phyllis Chesler

The "Settlements" Obsession

Why Are “Settlements” Such An American Ivy League Obsession? Why is the dismal lack of human rights in Moslem countries less important? , 11/28/2010, 7:33 PM

Muslim Human Rights Revolution

Muslim and Non-Muslim thinkers called for a human rights revolution, but no one heard. None of them demanded the right to wear the burqa, have child marriage, stone women to death or polygamy., 11/12/2010, 2:27 PM

Greta Duisenberg, an Anti-Semite

How can Gretta Duisenberg, widow of the former European Bank president, sue my friend the eminent Iranian-Dutch professor of philosophy and jurisprudence, Afshin Ellian, for calling her an "anti-Semite," when she calls herself an "anti-Semite.", 11/6/2010, 4:31 PM

Sakineh Was to Die on November 3

The American government under President Obama is doing nothing to save this Iranian woman. Iran had set her execution date for election day, macabre evidence of their self confidence., 11/4/2010, 1:13 PM

Arab Honor Killings in Israel

What is really going on in Lod, where many 'honor kilings' occurred recently, is that Bedouin were exposed to modernity., 10/31/2010, 10:16 PM

Arab Women: Harassed and Hurt

Arab women are being subjugated by the hijab. Obediently wearing the Islamic Veil does not protect Muslim women from being raped and beaten within their own families, harassed on the streets, sold into sexual slavery., 9/21/2010, 3:18 AM