Sammy Benoit

Obama's Anti-Israel Islamic Pals

Khalidi is just one of many., 10/31/2008, 3:11 AM

'No Show' Rally Was a Victory

We will not be bullied., 9/24/2008, 7:26 PM

Olmert's Legacy

His leadership style was, "Hey, deal with it.", 8/1/2008, 12:17 AM

Synagogue and State

We are a nation and a religion., 12/28/2007, 1:38 AM

A Perfect Solution to the Jerusalem Issue

I got the idea from an Iranian, Pres. Ahmadinejad., 10/30/2007, 6:34 PM

Proof That the Temple Mount is Jewish

I am not here to argue history or tradition., 10/17/2007, 8:15 PM