Yashiko Sagamori

A $64,000 Question

Why do they hate us? , 8/2/2004, 6:40 PM

It's All About Jews

Probably no collection of historic evidence makes the exceptional importance of Jews to humankind as obvious as the annals of the United Nations. , 7/6/2004, 7:45 PM

Poll Questions and Answers

In the beginning, there were only truth and lies. Such bucolic simplicity lasted for thousands of years, until the Industrial Revolution gave birth to statistics. , 6/17/2004, 11:21 PM

A Man Without a Face

You've seen me on TV, but you don't know my name, and if you run into me in the street, you won't recognize me. That's because my face was covered while I was posing for the camera along with four of my comrades, assembled for the execution of an American. I am one of those responsible, whom your president promised to bring to justice. Good luck! , 5/19/2004, 9:50 PM

The Arafat Prognosis

Life is funny. Sometimes one wakes up in the morning and has no idea what one is going to have for breakfast. Some other times, however, events of historic importance can be predicted without a problem. , 5/4/2004, 11:39 PM

The Mythical Moderate Muslim

In Israel, a moderate Muslim is a dead Muslim, which is bad news for those who want us to believe that there is a peaceful solution to the continuing Arab war against Israel., 3/17/2004, 6:08 PM

Once Again: Who Are the Palestinians?

Thank you for your letter. This is the first time I received a letter from an Arab that would attempt to reason against my arguments, rather than simply curse me. , 12/2/2003, 5:09 PM

A Tale of Two Leaders

He has ruled for murder and by murder, but the political consequences of his murders were calculated with subtlety so meticulous that even the bloody trail the man left wherever he went could not impede his most important achievement., 9/29/2003, 4:13 PM

Holocaust in Progress

As usual, Israel is not paying the price of the world?s anti-Semitism alone. As the second anniversary of the September 11 attacks approaches, Americans feel no safer than they did in the immediate aftermath of the attack. Al-Qaeda appears to have recovered from the blow it suffered in Afghanistan, and the official position of the US government is that another catastrophic attack on the American s, 8/24/2003, 7:51 PM

Genius and Evil

[Is] ?Palestine?... impossible due to the lack of a ?Palestinian dream?? Most certainly not. If the ?Palestinian dream? didn?t exist, it could be invented. The problem is much worse. The ?Palestinian dream? does exist, and Arabs do not make a secret of it: they dream of Israel?s destruction. , 8/17/2003, 3:47 PM


Saddam Hussein could not have stopped Arab terrorism by raising his stipend to martyrs? families from $25,000 to $250,000. Granting statehood to an Arab terrorist organization won?t stop Arab terrorism either. , 6/23/2003, 6:18 PM

Next Year in <i>Al-Quds</i>

Of course, Ariel Sharon?s consent to the rape is conditional on the Arab terrorist Abbas? fight against Arab terrorism. However, the terms ?fight? and ?terrorism? remain to be defined and, therefore, are open to interpretation. The interpretation, most likely, will come from the US State Department. The US State Department, most likely, will heed to the Arab rhetoric, as it has always done, and ta, 5/28/2003, 7:12 PM