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Rabbi Dr. Raymond Apple

Justice and the Judges

"Justice, justice shall you pursue, that you may live and inherit the land which the Lord your God gives you." But what does Justice really mean?, 8/12/2010, 8:27 PM

The Fifth Commandment

, 7/22/2010, 12:06 PM

Matot-Mase: Thoughts

Two issues: The tribes that prefer staying in the Diaspora and the five daughters who love the land of Israel are contrasted here., 7/8/2010, 1:27 PM

Topics in Emor

Great and small things, behavior in private and in public, respecting other people's holy things--are derived in this Torah reading., 4/29/2010, 2:21 PM

Parsha: Not Like the Others

We must not copy other nations' ways. Our way is to elevate everything to a higher plane, whether it is morals, saving lives, or opportunity., 4/22/2010, 11:21 AM