Francisco J. Gil-White

With the World Upside Down...

The president of the Jewish state considers "extremists" those Jews who oppose cleansing Jews out of Gaza so that an anti-Semitic terrorist organization pledged to kill all the Israeli Jews can have total control over this territory., 7/14/2005, 7:04 PM

Impunity for Anti-Semitism at Penn

Penn's Muslim Students Association recently invited Bill Baker, head of Christians and Muslims for Peace, to speak at Penn's recent Islam Awareness Week., 11/11/2003, 4:53 PM

Whitewashing the Palestinian Leadership-Pt. IV

Critics of Israel from the moderate (my former position) to the most extreme portray it as an example of <i>colonialism</i>: European settlers push out the native population turning them into homeless refugees. And sure, they say, those Europeans were themselves victims of genocide, but do two wrongs make a right?, 8/31/2003, 5:33 PM

Whitewashing the Palestinian Leadership-Part III

In <a href=>Part II of this article</a>, I documented that the Palestinian movement has its roots in the Nazi movement and the Final Solution. Here, I examine whether there is any reason to think that Palestinian leaders no longer want to exterminate the Jews. , 7/22/2003, 11:37 PM

Whitewashing the Palestinian Leadership-Part II

It is of course true that nobody is responsible for the politics of their relatives. So, in principle, Arafat could be a tolerant man dedicated to peace with the Jews, even though his clan relative, the Mufti, was a genocidal terrorist and a top Nazi, who played a leading role in Hitler's Final Solution., 6/17/2003, 10:24 PM

Whitewashing the Palestinian Leadership - Part I

Like many intellectuals, I had adopted Arafat's cause, taking what I believed was a principled stand that blamed Israel for the conflict in the Middle East, and especially for the suffering of Palestinians. , 5/26/2003, 7:23 PM