Shalom Freedman

An Amendment to the Elon Plan

<a href=>The Elon Plan</a> is the only realistic and moral plan to solve the Israeli ? Arab dispute that is presently part of any public discussion. And it makes a great deal of sense for both the Jews of Israel and the Palestinians of Palestine-Jordan., 10/20/2003, 6:52 PM

A Reflection of His People

Arafat is in the saddle and the Palestinians can comfortably proceed along the historical path he has been leading them for the past thirty- five years. , 9/23/2003, 12:55 PM

Iran Must Be Stopped Now

President Bush?s war on terror, which begin in Afghanistan and moved to Iraq, stands before its most critical and dangerous phase. For while it is not at all clear that the U.S. military, a good share of whose power is now in Iraq, is truly ready for it, it is very apparent who the central element in the axis of evil is. It is the state that is presently doing more now to promote terror throughout, 9/9/2003, 10:54 PM

Dangerous Delusions of the Zionist Left

The Zionist Left does not deny the Jewish historical claim to the land of Israel. They simply say that it is impossible to realize this claim now that another people is living on this land. In fact, the Zionist Left claims that the demographic reality is such that only a separation of the kind they propose will ensure the survival of the Jewish state. The Zionist Left claims that the separation an, 8/12/2003, 11:12 PM

The Misconception of the Conflict

One of the major failings of those who advocate the two?state solution for all the land of Israel west of the Jordan is that they simply misconceive the nature of the conflict. , 8/6/2003, 10:30 PM

A Palestinian State Inside Israel

The Israeli government?s acceptance of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, in a considerable portion of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, is very likely the acceptance of the destruction of the Jewish state. Prime Minister Sharon believes that the United States, the Europeans and the world are going to accept his version of what this state should be. This is a fatal delusion. , 7/24/2003, 11:56 AM

A Turning Point

[I]t is clear that the decision made by the Israeli government was made on the basis of a most experienced Zionist leader's realistic calculation of the current situation of Israel. It was made much the way the <i>Yishuv</i> made the decision to accept partition was made - as what is believed to be the best possible practical response to the situation the Jewish people finds itself in. , 5/28/2003, 7:42 PM

Scapegoating Israel

If there is one thesis which is shared by the U.S. State Department, the British Foreign Office, most of the European governments and, above all, the Arab nations, it is that the single root problem, the source of all present sorrows, the key to future peace and prosperity in the Middle East is putting an end to the so-called Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the creating of a Palestinian state, 5/21/2003, 7:38 PM