Shalom Freedman

Iran Q&A

We are in sight of Iranian nuclear weapons., 2/25/2009, 11:28 PM

An Open Letter to Ahmadinejad

Remember Gaza., 1/20/2009, 1:24 AM

To Assassinate Ahmadinejad

He constitutes a unique danger., 7/21/2008, 11:04 PM

What Ahmadinejad Does Not Say

He is curiously silent about two things., 6/30/2008, 7:44 PM

The Moral Imperative

Our own survival is the first moral principle., 4/21/2008, 11:36 PM

Why the PA Arabs Always Win the Propaganda War

Oppressed victims of a tyrannical, brutish bully., 1/30/2008, 12:28 AM

US Intelligence Report on Iran Isolates Israel

Its real consequences will be seen only in time., 12/12/2007, 5:08 PM

Ahmadinejad's Strategy for Destroying Israel

The military options are being built., 10/10/2007, 8:02 PM

Jewish Survival

The Jewish people is not in ideal condition., 8/20/2007, 11:06 PM

Our Worsening Security Situation

Waiting means providing Hamas more time., 6/18/2007, 6:47 PM

No One is Stopping Iran

A nuclear Iran threatens many US interests now., 5/24/2007, 7:00 PM

Why I Have Grown Silent

I don't write articles on Israel as before., 5/2/2007, 7:50 PM

The Increasingly Seditious Arab Minority

It did not start yesterday. , 2/28/2007, 11:53 PM

The Effort to Delegitimize Israel

The Holocaust Conference in Teheran this week is one step in an effort to prepare for an attack on Israel that would bring about its destruction., 12/13/2006, 12:39 AM

The Islamic World Owes an Apology

One remark from the Pope brought forth an orgy of verbal violence and threat from the Islamic world. But the Pope's scholarly discourse, however insulting it may have been interpreted to be by Muslims, pales in comparison with the kind, scope and frequency of the verbal violence that are heaped each day upon Jews and Israel in the Islamic world., 9/27/2006, 2:03 PM

The Successes of Secular Zionism

One of the most frequently repeated mantras of a number of important religious teachers in Israel is that secular Zionism has failed. The implication, of course, though no one states it so bluntly, is that the people of Israel need to do <I>tshuvah</I> (repent) in order to survive., 8/30/2006, 11:36 PM

A Great Loser of the War in Lebanon

One of the relatively unnoticed consequences of the thirty- five day war in Lebanon is that the Palestinian Arabs are among its biggest losers. , 8/20/2006, 11:00 PM

This Time the World is Not Against Us

It is somewhat surprising to see what the reactions have been to the Iranian president's genocidal, anti-Semitic outbursts., 12/19/2005, 6:49 PM

Not By Words Alone

Despite thousands of articles and studies, more of which appear every day, no one seems to know for certain the status of the Iranian nuclear program. , 10/27/2005, 10:52 PM

Why You Might Want to Be Jewish

Many Jewish leaders tell us that we are in a new age, one in which one can no longer suppose that religious identity is supplied to us primarily by ancestry and tradition. , 10/16/2005, 2:12 PM

Iran Off the Hook; Israel On

We have an Israeli prime minister who seems convinced that everything is alright so long as the US does not declare out loud that it is no longer the friend of Israel., 6/17/2005, 12:08 AM

The Biggest Deception of All? Does Iran Already Have Nuclear Weapons?

That Iran has most likely deceived the world again is no surprise. They after all had a hidden nuclear program for twenty years before an Iranian opposition group revealed this to the IAEA...They too reportedly now have a parallel secret uranium enrichment program. The IAEA has never been allowed access at a number of Iranian installations... , 6/1/2005, 9:36 AM

Money Time?

There is an American sports concept called 'money time'. It relates to the last few minutes of the game when the outcome will be truly determined, when the playing becomes most serious. There are those who think that we are now entering 'money time' in relation to the Iranian nuclear threat issue. , 5/2/2005, 11:45 PM

Deterring Iran

Israeli deterrence of Iran depends upon an ironclad promise that the attempted destruction of Israel will lead to the assured destruction of Iran., 4/13/2005, 4:26 PM

Consequences of 'Instant Democracy'

The recent unprecedented Iraqi democratic elections were not only a reason for cheer in Washington and Baghdad; there was another capital that hailed the results., 3/10/2005, 11:46 PM

Russian Infamy and US Verbal Support for Israel

Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom has said that Iran will have a nuclear capability sometime late in 2005. This estimate, however, was given without any accompanying evidence. It can be added to a long list of estimates of when Iran would go nuclear. , 2/24/2005, 2:12 PM

Self-Hating Israelis

There has been much written and said about the 'self-hating Jew'. But little has been written and said about one particular kind of self-hating Jew, one unfortunately increasingly important and disturbing: the self-hating Israeli. , 2/9/2005, 12:42 AM

American Action and Its Implications

The US might be able to take Iranian boasting and threats in stride, but for Israel, which Iran has totally demonized, the matter is more problematic. Israel would probably be the first target of any Iranian retaliation. , 1/24/2005, 9:18 PM

Iran Persists In Its Hostility

Iranian persistence in hostility toward Israel has been evident on a number of fronts in the past few weeks., 1/9/2005, 9:36 PM

The Sense of Impending Disaster

To anyone who cares for the Jews and has seen the pattern of destruction so repeated in our history, there cannot but be a constant sense of impending danger, a constant alertness to the question of where the next great danger may be coming from., 12/20/2004, 10:10 PM

Iran Deceives the World Again

Today, November 22, there has been a report that Iran has suspended its enrichment of nuclear fuel. This is clearly a propaganda step aimed at thwarting any US-initiated action against Iran in the Security Council., 11/22/2004, 10:10 PM

Soothing Words From Experts

In the first presidential debate, both President George Bush and Senator John Kerry spoke of a nuclear Iran as a danger, but neither indicated very clearly how that danger would be addressed., 10/13/2004, 7:19 PM

Israel on the Sidelines, for Now

Iran, for its part, has insisted that it will not comply with anyone's <I>diktat</I>. It declares openly that it will defy the UN if the matter is brought to the Security Council and go ahead with its nuclear development. It already claims it has achieved the full nuclear fuel cycle. And many experts thus believe Iran is very close to having nuclear weapons. , 9/26/2004, 9:38 PM

More Alone, More Endangered?

The Iranians continue their bold policy of openly pursuing nuclear weapons, partially disclosing what they are doing while denying they are doing it for purposes of attaining nuclear weapons., 9/12/2004, 11:45 PM

Buying Time

If Steinitz is correct, then it would appear that the Iranians have been bluffing and exaggerating. When, in early August, Shamkhani, the Iranian defense minister, claimed that their Shihab-3 missile had reached a new level of performance, an accuracy that would enable it in effect to destroy Israel's missile bases, he apparently was 'stretching it' quite a bit., 9/2/2004, 11:50 PM

An Update on the Iranian Nuclear Question

The Iranians now boast that they can hit every place in Israel, including all places that Israel has missiles and also the nuclear reactor at Dimona. Their continuing development of nuclear capabilities combined with their ideological fervor, their hatred of Israel, makes them the most dangerous existential threat now facing Israel., 8/22/2004, 6:39 PM

The World and Israel: Asymmetry

The Jewish people and the state of Israel never respond in kind. Though Israel ostensibly has the power to make rubble of revolutionary Iran, Israel and the Jewish people do not make such threats., 8/12/2004, 11:23 PM

Time is Not on the World's Side: The Iranian Threat

On August 4, 2004, the <I>New York Times</I> published a lead editorial on the Iran question in which it rightly understood that a nuclear Iran presents a danger to the world. It also understood that European negotiations with Iran will probably not move Iran at all. And so it recommended that the US move to have the question taken up by the Security Council. , 8/5/2004, 10:34 PM

Reflections After Tisha B'Av 5764

Only a small minority devote the day to both a study of Jewish history, and a consideration of the situation of the Jewish people now. And this, with the aim in mind of preventing our people?s suffering yet another great disaster., 7/28/2004, 4:19 PM

The Defeat of the Suicide Bombers

As usual, Israel has done less than it might to explain and make the world take notice of this 'victory'. In contrast, the Palestinians, at the height of their success in these murders, were proclaiming over and over again how they had weak, tired Israel on the point of total collapse and defeat. , 7/21/2004, 11:43 PM

Nobel Prize Winners Condemn Pigs and Apes

But there is another more minor point that Jews, perhaps out of consideration and desire not to insult, have been reticent about. And that is that the vast Islamic world of one billion souls contributes close to zero to the scientific and technical progress of mankind, while in contrast, the less than three-tenths of one percent of mankind that is Jewish contributes very, very considerably to that, 7/4/2004, 7:11 PM

Iran's Nukes: For Peaceful Purposes

In response to these clear violations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and in response to the broken promises of Iran, the best IAEA director Mohammed El-Baradei could muster was that he was not certain whether Iran was in fact developing a nuclear weapons program. Iranian President Mohammed Khatemi had assured him that their nuclear program was for "peaceful purposes". , 6/10/2004, 10:04 PM

US Failure in Iraq is a Danger to Israel

In any case, the option of a great American victory is gone. And with it is gone Israel's hope that the whole region would be transformed into democracies that would then make peace with it. , 6/2/2004, 10:25 PM

Israel Is Winning The War

The recent rejection by the Likud party members of Ariel Sharon's Gaza withdrawal plan showed that in this area, too, the Palestinians are far from having forwarded, much less realized, their goals. Not only are the Palestinians now not being offered eastern Jerusalem and all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza (as Barak offered them), they are being told that they are not 'partners' for negotiation., 5/25/2004, 12:05 AM

Does the Number Really Matter?

In a democracy, voting is done at the ballot box. The demonstration, however large and impressive, does not really determine, nor should it determine, what this government will or will not do. This does not mean the demonstration is not significant, however, and the champions of Oslo are already hailing at is the revival of the movement toward total withdrawal from Judea, Samaria and Gaza. , 5/18/2004, 6:26 PM

A Particularly Cruel and Evil People

The Palestinians, in their unending terror campaign, do not simply regularly target civilians, women and children, but they do so in ways that will cause the maximum damage and pain. In their suicide-bomb packages, they add poisons designed to add to the torment and pain of the victims. , 5/12/2004, 10:33 PM

Israel's Accomplishments

The word accomplishment is too small to really pay tribute to those many, often publicly unknown heroes who dedicated and sacrificed so much to keep Israel alive. , 4/26/2004, 6:07 PM

Thoughts Toward <I>Yom HaShoah</I>

If I do have something to say, it is not so much because of my personal close connection to family and individuals I knew who were there, but rather because as a Jew , any Jew, the <I>Shoah</I> is part of my history, legacy and identity. I, too, like all living Jews, am one of those who 'remain' - one of those who somehow bear some great burden we cannot really fathom or bear. , 4/18/2004, 5:56 PM

I Will Never Leave Here

I have lived in Israel for close to thirty years now. My children were born and raised here. I was in the army here and served for twelve years in the reserves. I learned Hebrew here, in a good way. I became religious in Israel. I believed in the idea of a Jewish state when I came here, and all through the years, I continued to believe. I believe now. But I, too, am worried., 3/5/2004, 1:08 PM

The <i>Haaretz</i> Fifth Columnists At It Again

Any one of the terror victims murdered this past month in Jerusalem is, in my opinion, worth more than the whole Palestinian army of immortal terrorists taken together (including Israeli Knesset members, Tibi, Barakeh and Bishara; ah, the hypocrisy of it all). I would remind Marcus that more than eighty percent of the Palestinian Arabs support suicide-bombings. The wonderful, humane Palestinians w, 3/2/2004, 5:13 PM

Terms of the Conflict

It would seem that the Palestinians have by their actions in the past three years truly won the right to be called "the suicide-bomber people". This defines them in terms of their most distinctive contribution to civilization, and thus would seem to have a special kind of fairness and justice in it. , 2/24/2004, 9:19 PM

Sucker State: Why Tibi Prefers Israel

When Israeli Prime Minister Sharon suggested that in any future peace negotiations certain areas of Israel heavily populated by Arabs may be transmitted to a an Arab sovereignty, there were no great cries of joy at their liberation by Arabs in Israel. , 2/19/2004, 7:33 PM

The Cowardly Exception

The Jews are the cowardly exception. Israel is the cowardly exception. , 2/11/2004, 10:59 PM

Without Victory There is No Survival

"Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival." , 2/9/2004, 10:20 PM

Where Is the Moral Outrage?

Women of the Islamic world must be thrilled to know that they can now, in just a matter of weeks, leave husband and children behind, and make not only an express journey to Paradise, but a statement about equal opportunity employment in fundamentalist Islam. , 1/28/2004, 5:23 PM

The Debt Owed the ?Settlers?

If the settlers were an obstacle to the realization of the dubious Oslo agreement, then Israeli society as a whole has reason to be grateful for them. For they, in this sense, prevented withdrawals that would have furthered the Palestinian effort to do away completely with the Zionist entity., 1/15/2004, 8:03 PM

Military Victory and Political Defeat

Once again, Israel seems to be falling into the familiar pattern of military victory and political defeat. , 1/12/2004, 5:58 PM