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Daniel Pinner

The Dreamer Leads - Follow in his Footsteps

Man is captain of his own soul; and wherever there is a will to Judaism, there is a way to lead the Jewish life. Joseph was viceroy of Egypt, yet he remained a loyal son of Israel. The stars bowed to him, not he to them. , 12/15/2011, 10:04 AM

Vayetze: Unified Around the Tzaddik

Israel as a nation is to be united around its Tzaddikim. This unity around and with Tzaddikim – and the implicit rejection of evil – is what brings G-d’s blessings pouring down on us like the precious anointing oil. , 11/30/2011, 10:56 AM

Toldot: Free Will

The two twin brothers actually had the same chances, the same opportunities, to achieve holiness and their connection with G-d., 11/24/2011, 6:05 PM

The Banality of Good

Parashat Chayyei Sarah is the story of the genesis of the Hebrew Nation, but is the first parashah in the entire Torah, and one of only five outside of the Book of Deuteronomy, in which G-d never addresses anyone directly. , 11/17/2011, 10:11 AM

Abraham Passes the Tests

There are several versions of the 10 tests of Abraham, but no matter which you read, he passes them all - including the hardest one, Akeidat Yitschak. Why isn't stopping Sodom's destruction on any list?, 11/10/2011, 11:16 AM

Entering the Era of Torah

The story of Noach leads into the story of Abraham. The inverted letter "nun" in the word "Haran" is a key to the connection., 11/1/2011, 3:37 PM

Sukkot:Building the Eternal Sukkah of Peace

The Jew should see the stars – he must constantly aspire to Heaven. And rain – the water which symbolises Torah – must always be able to penetrate into the Jew’s dwelling., 10/11/2011, 1:40 PM

Remember Pollard on the New Year

Send a new year card to Jonathan Pollard, so he knows that he is not alone. Information below., 9/27/2011, 11:01 AM

Of Covenants and Consolation

The final and greatest covenant which G-d will ever establish with us –is the covenant of the days of Mashiach, may it be soon., 9/22/2011, 11:00 AM

When You Go Out to War...

13 mitzvot in the parsha relate to warfare and enemy nations., 9/8/2011, 1:51 PM

An Apology to Turkey

Turkey has downgraded its ties to Israel after Israel refused to apologize for the Mavi Marmara incident., 9/3/2011, 11:45 PM

Egypt is Remilitarizing Sinai: Calling a Spade a Spade

It’s 1936 all over again, and Egypt is Germany, and the Sinai Desert is the Rhineland which is being remilitarised. There are none so blind as those who will not see. , 8/26/2011, 7:16 AM

Eikev: Do Not Fear Them; G-d Works His Miracles For Us

The Torah admonishes us: “Should you say in your heart, These nations are greater than me! How will I be able to drive them out?! – Do not fear them! Remember – just remember – what HaShem your G-d did to Pharaoh and to all Egypt...", 8/19/2011, 3:14 PM

Shabbat Hazon and Parshat Dvarim

It is in our hands to transform the ninth of Av this year – just a couple of days away! – from a day of mourning to the day of Redemption that it was always intended to be. , 8/5/2011, 9:27 AM

The Color Wheel of Politics

A unique way of characterizing political ideologies., 8/2/2011, 8:25 AM

Mattot: Fighting Together for the Land of Israel

On the very verge of the Land of Israel, Moab and Midian made a last, damaging attempt to thwart our return home., 7/22/2011, 12:00 AM

Whose Naksa is This Anyway?

Had the Arabs won the Six Day War, the 'Palestinians' would never have thought of demanding independence. They should be grateful to us, instead of calling it a naksa., 6/7/2011, 1:11 AM

Join a Pollard Pesach Initiative

It is almost Pesach for Pollard as well. Here is what you can do., 4/7/2011, 8:47 AM

Shabbat Parah and Parshat Shmini

What is the Torah’s message in specifying that the kidneys, liver, and diaphragm were wholly burnt? Why not other parts of the sacrificed animal?, 3/24/2011, 4:50 PM

Purim: Connecting Redemptions

As long as Amalek yet lives among us, no Jew will ever be safe. As long as those who glorify Amalek remain, it is inevitable that more Jewish blood will be spilt, more Jewish throats will be slashed., 3/18/2011, 10:00 AM

The Tabernacle: Forgiveness

G-d’s forgiveness is eternally available. It is ours for the asking, 2/21/2011, 11:19 AM

Vayeshev: History's Echoes

Everything that our ancestors ever did – both for bad and for good – stamped its imprint indelibly on our history for the rest of time. All their actions reverberate eternally in the echo-chamber of history., 11/25/2010, 3:42 PM

Shavuot: Pesach's Culmination

Besides the lunar calendaric reason, there are other reasons that the exact day of the month of Shavuot is not mentioned in the Torah., 5/17/2010, 12:05 PM

Closing the Circle: Jerusalem

28 years after the White Paper and Kristallnacht, Jerusalem was liberated. , 5/5/2010, 6:27 AM

Test Your Palestine IQ Part I

If, like many people, you have clear views on the Arab-Israel conflict, and/or you are convinced that you know how to bring peace to the Middle East--or you just want to see how much you know, you are invited to try the following quiz. , 1/10/2010, 12:07 AM

Test Your Palestine IQ Part II

Here are questions 11-20. Answers for all 20 questions and scoring instructions appear at the end. , 1/9/2010, 11:42 PM

Shemot: Prototype of Oppressors

The invariable rule of history., 1/7/2010, 11:25 AM

Engines for Change

Hebrew's powerful cognates and repentance., 9/23/2009, 2:31 AM

Vayelech: Completely Torah

How the Torah ends - and begins., 9/11/2009, 1:52 AM

Ki Tavo: First of All Things

Rejoicing in God's sovereignty., 9/3/2009, 2:00 AM

Pinchas: Crime and Repentance

A curious interjection in the national narrative., 7/9/2009, 2:36 PM

Matzah: Ingesting Holiness

Far more powerful than merely eating crackers., 4/12/2009, 11:13 AM

HaChodesh: Being God's Partner

'This month is yours to determine....', 3/20/2009, 12:02 AM

Your Majesty, You're Not Welcome

I must confess that I am not entirely surprised., 3/8/2009, 11:03 PM

The Fast of the Tenth

When Jewish independence was extinguished., 1/6/2009, 12:04 AM

Miketz: Visions of Redemption

What do you see?, 12/26/2008, 2:15 AM

Vayeshev: In Exile, Redemption

The Torah inserts an aside., 12/19/2008, 12:49 AM

Ekev: A Declaration of Faith

Delving into what God is telling us in the Shema., 8/21/2008, 11:36 PM

Bulldozers and Buses

Morbid thoughts aboard a bus., 8/11/2008, 11:30 PM

Pinchas: After Demoralisation

This has been a difficult week., 7/16/2008, 6:50 PM

Chukat: On the Verge of the Land

This new generation was worthy., 7/3/2008, 1:11 AM

Am Yisrael Chai!

"Dead nations never rise again"?, 5/7/2008, 10:41 PM

The Climax of the Seder Night: Chad Gadya

Far more than a simple children’s nursery rhyme., 4/17/2008, 2:24 AM

<I>Zachor</I>: Remember Forever

The appropriate Jewish response., 3/12/2008, 8:10 PM

<I>Vayechi</I>: A Funeral in Hebron

The Divine sanctification in Jewish independence., 12/20/2007, 8:17 PM

<i>Vayigash</I>-Beginning of Exile, Seeds of Redemption

A symbiotic relationship with the exile., 12/14/2007, 12:47 AM

<I>Vayetze</I>: Patriarchs and Prayers

Each of the three Patriarchs instituted a prayer., 11/16/2007, 1:25 AM

<i>Chayyei Sarah</I>: The Ultimate Test

He was still an outsider in the Promised Land., 11/2/2007, 12:45 AM

<I>Noach</I>: A Tzaddik in His Generations

The man who would save humanity from annihilation., 10/10/2007, 11:42 PM

<I>Ki Tavo</I>: 'A Great Mitzvah Always to be Joyful'

At the entrance to Israel, we have to be reminded., 8/31/2007, 8:52 AM

<i>Re'eh</I>: See the Land, See the Blessings

Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal., 8/9/2007, 8:14 PM

<I>Matot-Masei</I>: Recognizing Enemies and Leaders

Why were Moab and Balak, the Moabite king, spared?, 7/12/2007, 6:02 PM

<I>Chukat</I>: Leadership at the Beginning of the End

Every generation needs appropriate leaders., 6/22/2007, 1:26 AM

The Six Day War: Recognizing the Miracle

Torah insight can enable us to begin to understand, 5/16/2007, 3:43 PM

When Israel Stands Up for Itself

We are at the fifth hour of the sixth day., 4/23/2007, 11:04 AM

<I>Shemini</I>: The Heart of the Torah

3 places in Torah can be said to be its "heart.", 4/12/2007, 11:29 PM

<I>Vayikra</i>: Sacrifices and Redemption

The entire narrative of Leviticus spans one month., 3/22/2007, 11:36 PM