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Lech Lecha: Why will YOU make aliya?

Noah versus Abraham. And as Angela Epstein wrote in the Daily Mail: If history has taught us Jews anything, it’s knowing when it’s time to pack. , 10/26/2017, 6:49 AM

Noach is a flawed tzaddik

Noach and the Land of Israel., 10/22/2017, 11:09 PM

G-d of love, love of G-d

32 letters in the Torah have dots above them - and their numerical value appears in two verses. A revelation., 9/17/2017, 6:37 PM

Anti-Semitism, terror? Blame the illegal Jewish settlers

Your house is ready, perhaps it’s time to think about going back home., 9/11/2017, 10:18 AM

Ki Tetsei: Fighting Amalek

Fighting Amalek and perfecting the world., 8/31/2017, 9:59 AM

Shoftim: The land for peace travesty

The laws of warfare talk about enemies, and how to treat them., 8/25/2017, 3:56 PM

Holy heresy

Everything is for the service of G-d. What about heresy?, 7/31/2017, 10:53 PM

Fast days

The Torah-reading for fast-days has a hidden message to help us through hard times., 7/11/2017, 4:18 AM

Jerusalem Day: Recognizing the miracle

What was the single greatest miracle of the entire Six Day War?, 5/23/2017, 11:38 PM

Warsaw Ghetto uprising or Auschwitz liberation, which day to choose?

There are two days to memorialize the Holocaust, representing two fundamentally different world-views., 4/24/2017, 7:08 AM

Shabbat Ha-Gadol: Redemption then, redemption now

Shabbat Ha-Gadol: Redemption then, redemption now, 4/7/2017, 12:15 AM

When man restores G-d to His world

What exactly is a sacrifice?, 4/2/2017, 8:14 AM

When man restores G-d to His world

What exactly is an offering?, 4/2/2017, 7:18 AM

Parashat Terumah: A time of joy

Moshe’s entire 40-day sojourn atop Mount Sinai had one theme only – building the Mikdash., 3/3/2017, 8:20 AM

From Jethro to Jonah to President Donald Trump

Sometimes a Jewish prophet, a Jewish national leader, needs to accept some advice, some admonition, from a non-Jewish outsider to learn how to lead the Jewish nation and how to serve G-d., 2/20/2017, 6:58 AM

Hanukkah: For the Miracles

The power of the weak over the mighty., 12/29/2016, 6:37 PM

Vayishlach: Becoming Israel

Jacob, the man of truth, was forced to deceive and connive., 12/15/2016, 7:58 AM

Stand firm - and damn the consequences

Joining up when you see who is winning may be too late., 11/3/2016, 9:04 PM

The wars of the Jews

How and when to go to war in this week's parsha., 9/9/2016, 4:08 PM

From twilight to Redemption

The potential of the 9th of Av remains. , 8/15/2016, 11:04 AM

Matot (Israel): Do you know what you are fighting for?

The israelite fighters had much in common with their IDF descendants., 7/29/2016, 9:54 AM

Pinchas (Israel): Following the daughters

The daughters of Zelophehad had such a great love for the Land of Israel, they merited that the laws of inheriting land-holdings in the Land of Israel would be written in the Torah at their inspiration., 7/21/2016, 9:15 AM

Apologizing to MK Zoabi

Zoabi hates the state of Israel - and serves in its parliament. The Israel-Turkey agreement elicited a venomous speech from the Arab MK., 6/30/2016, 1:20 AM

Shlach (Israel): The beginning of the end

Part of the suffering that we as a nation have to undergo in order to inherit and acquire the Land of Israel is to understand and to learn the meaning of freedom and its corollary, responsibility., 6/26/2016, 8:30 AM

Nasso (Israel)/Shavuot: Celebrating Israel, celebrating G-d

Connecting Jews with G-d, their nation and their land., 6/10/2016, 3:55 PM

Bamidbar (Israel): Leaders

Even the greatest leader is human, and therefore fallible,, 6/2/2016, 9:10 PM

Parshat Hachodesh: The blood of Redemption

This Shabbat we read Parshat Tazria but the Haftorah is the first national mitzva given the Jewish people, that of Hachodesh. They have a spiritual connection., 4/8/2016, 11:56 AM

Purim and sacrifices: Why walled cities celebrate the 15th of Adar

A historical context for the two days of Purim and the reading of Parashat Tzav., 3/24/2016, 7:03 AM

Pekudei: Let the celebrations begin!

What greater joy can there be than building the House of G-d?, 3/10/2016, 11:35 PM

Letter to PM Netanyahu on the continued detention of Meir Ettinger

Ettinger has not been accused of illegal acts. Is there such a thing as an illegal opinion in a democracy?, 2/3/2016, 6:22 AM

In time of war

Look at the Egyptians to see that no matter how seemingly loyal, when it comes to war, a person will side with his original nation and not with Israel., 1/25/2016, 7:16 AM

A tale of two staffs  

Why two different words for the reptiles that the two staffs were transformed into?, 1/8/2016, 12:00 PM

When the love-story turns bitter: the Israelites and Egypt

It is the nature of a bush that when someone puts his hand in, he is not injured, because all the thorns point downwards; but when he comes to take his hand out, the thorns catch him and he is unable to take it out. (Midrash), 12/25/2015, 9:47 AM

For Shabbat Hanukkah: Miketz and the Maccabees

United we stand, divided we fall. , 12/11/2015, 3:36 PM

Hanukkah: Lighting the path to redemption

How will we light the Hanukkah lights when Mashiach comes? Read this and be prepared., 12/6/2015, 4:48 PM

Parashat Vayeshev: Returning to Shechem

Whoever controls Shechem controls a strategic mountain pass., 12/4/2015, 7:35 AM

Become who you are!

Ishmael tried to be Isaac – even as his descendants today try to usurp Isaac’s inheritance. But there can only be one Isaac, the real one., 11/5/2015, 8:18 AM

Follow in the footsteps of Abraham

He could have done G-d's work in Haran, but he heeded the call. So should we., 10/24/2015, 8:56 PM

G-d, Einstein, and How to Make Your Shoe-polish Last Forever

True existence – true reality – is measured, and can be measured, solely in terms of Torah., 10/8/2015, 9:33 PM

The Sukkah: Nofelet or nofalet?

Even a change in a vowel can have a deep meaning in Judaism., 9/30/2015, 7:14 AM

Vayeilech: When leaders of Israel die...

In memory of a fighter for Eretz Yisrael., 9/17/2015, 7:35 PM

Parashat Nitzavim: Choose life!

Time to come home., 9/10/2015, 12:24 PM

Ki Tetze: Protecting the Home

Parashat Ki Tetze is exceptionally rich in mitzvot: it contains 27 positive mitzvot and 47 negative, for a total of 74. They are connected., 8/27/2015, 7:28 AM

Re'eh: The Joy of Inheriting the Land of Israel

The pronouncements of blessings and curses are our very foundation in the Land of Israel., 8/13/2015, 7:23 AM

After Tisha B'Av Comes Shabbat Nachamu

The Sabbath of consolation follows the fast of destruction., 7/30/2015, 7:36 AM

Balak and Fast of the 17th of Tammuz:

Parashat Balak invariably falls around the 17th of Tammuz; indeed, and this year, Shabbat Parashat Balak falls precisely on the 17th of Tammuz. What is the connection?, 7/3/2015, 10:55 AM

Gaza Rockets, Eubulides, and the Sorites Paradox

How many grains constitute “a heap”? And how many rockets are "a few" beyond which there are "many"?, 6/24/2015, 4:37 AM

Korach: Despair in the Desert

The Israelites in the desert wanted to enter Israel. How will any Jew who decides, in this generation, to remain in exile answer the question: Were you sincere and honest all those dozens of times every day that you prayed to return to Zion?, 6/18/2015, 8:25 AM

Sinai to Paran to Israel to Babylon to Germany

There is a deep connection between Paraha and Haftarah., 6/5/2015, 3:29 PM

The Ultimate Blessing of Peace

An ever increasing blessing., 5/29/2015, 2:49 PM

Yom Haatzmaut: Animals, rivers, exiles, and redemptions

The fourth exile, the longest and bitterest of them all, is the last exile., 4/22/2015, 11:16 PM


Tazria-Metzora are combined except for leap years. This coming Shabbat they are read in the Diaspora, but Israel read them this past Shabbat. To what do the afflictions recounted allude?, 4/19/2015, 8:35 AM

Parashat Shmini: “No Jew will be left behind"

No tears will be left to be cried” (Avraham Fried)., 4/8/2015, 9:38 PM

The Seder Night: An Invitation

Abraham and Lot invited guests into their home as we do at the Seder., 4/3/2015, 12:00 AM

Shabbat Hagadol and Parshat Tzav

In the word mokdah: the first letter, the mem, is traditionally written smaller than all the other letters. Why?, 3/26/2015, 3:31 PM

A new Book, a New Month, a New Year, a New Era

Parashat Vayikra and Shabbat Hachodesh: Why was the first national mitzvah that G-d ever gave the commandment to institute a calendar?, 3/19/2015, 9:04 PM