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Hillel Fendel

In Defense of the Rabbis' Ruling

This analysis expresses the opinion of veteran INN staffer, HIllel Fendel, on the 300 rabbis' controversial ruling on selling homes to Arabs in Israel., 12/10/2010, 9:37 AM

NY Times Israel Bashing

INN's veteran newswriter separates fact from fiction in NY Times article that is blatantly anti Judea and Samaria communities., 7/8/2010, 11:47 AM

The Solution for Sderot

There is one approach that has not been tried., 2/13/2008, 11:28 PM

Allah's Warriors: How Islam Distorted the Torah

Did Torah values lead to the monster of Islamism?, 8/30/2007, 8:57 PM

Olmert Has No Gov't Without Shas and Agudat Yisrael!

The claim that Olmert has already practically completed forming his convergence-uprooting-expulsion government, and that the <i>hareidi</I>-religious parties are merely an "extra," is a lie. , 4/11/2006, 3:01 PM

If You Will It...

In short, there is really a lot in this world to be sad and negative about. But we don't want to be that way., 8/29/2005, 3:40 PM