David Bedein

Should UNRWA schools be padlocked?

The UNRWA School System: A convenient surrogate for terrorist organizations, 1/24/2018, 11:04 PM

UNRWA will not go away just because it loses US funds

UNRWA textbooks have deteriorated from incitement of children into a systematic school curriculum of indoctrination for 515,000 UNRWA students to engage in total war., 1/10/2018, 4:49 PM

The night the UNRWA stole Xmas

There is a new version of the story of the beginning of Christianity, author UNRWA., 12/24/2017, 6:45 PM

US must include "sovereignty" in Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act.

The final wording of the US Embassy Jerusalem and Recognition Act removed references to Jerusalem as part of Israel and gave no assurance that Jerusalem would remain the exclusive capital of Israel., 12/10/2017, 9:06 AM

Israel's Defense Minister and the fate of Amona, Ofra and Elazar

Amona, Ofra, Netiv Ha'avot and more to come., 11/30/2017, 4:44 PM

Save Tzipi from the jaws of Jewish organizations abroad

The writer describes the feeling of emotional distance a US Oleh faces when something happens in Israel while he is back in the US on a visit., 11/24/2017, 1:29 PM

The terrorist had reason to smile as he rammed people

The incentives for terror include having your house rebuilt after its demoliton. Nice real estate deal., 11/21/2017, 2:52 PM

Hillel's Conservative Rabbi Julie Roth is a second time offender

Op-ed: The head of Hillel at Princeton is more worried about how Muslims feel than about Jewish students' rights to hear Israel's side of the story., 11/8/2017, 6:04 AM

What goes on under the surface of UNRWA schools is not the problem

Following the discovery of weapons tunnels under UNRWA schools, a closer look at the schools is mandatory., 11/2/2017, 11:07 AM

Rabbis for Human Rights: It is easier to ignite than dowse the flames

“Rabbis for Human Rights” have realized they have to dowse the flames which criminalize Jews for where they live, but the damage has to be repaired., 11/1/2017, 10:00 AM

Don't believe what your UNRWA Spokesperson tells you  

Check it out for yourself right here., 10/11/2017, 11:09 AM

When a US gov't official calls you a liar, you go on the offensive

The school year is upon us, and guess what Palestinian Authority children are being taught in UNRWA classrooms ..., 8/24/2017, 8:20 PM

Civil War monuments: When the South reversed rhe results of the war

They had lost the war on the battlefield, yet they won the war through politics and diplomacy., 8/21/2017, 11:28 AM

Scrutinizing UNRWA terror involvement

New scrutiny by US Congress and Israel's Knesset may lead to a stand on the organization that thinks that rules are for other people., 8/10/2017, 8:03 AM

Misleading terms used in Middle East coverage

It's time to reconsider using the inaccurate terms that harm Israel's cause, initiated by the Palestine Press Service to infuse their narrative into media terminology., 8/3/2017, 9:38 AM

Let justice be served. Sue the murderer for his assets. 

Part of the motivation for killing Jews is an assured income from the PA. We can do something about it., 7/30/2017, 8:36 AM

Best to move US Embassy to Jerusalem after US law is changed

Silver lining in the delay to move the US embassy to Jerusalem: New momentum to update the relocation law to recognize Jerusalem as part of Israel., 6/2/2017, 11:35 AM

The reality of Saudi Arabia

A look at the facts shows that Saudi Arabia has to effect some basic changes to be considered a peace partner - or peace facilitator - for Israel., 5/31/2017, 11:37 PM

Humanitarian aid to the PA is embezzled for personal gain

Look no further than the Abbas family fortune, acquired during his tenure as president of the Palestinian Authority nearly 12 years ago., 5/20/2017, 11:05 PM

How President Trump could create a Middle East Legacy 

Towards Trump's coming visit to Israel, a real plan., 5/11/2017, 5:13 PM

Towards the pending Abbas visit to Washington D.C.

This is the time for the US to enforce its own policy guidelines. It is not too late., 4/17/2017, 11:09 PM


They talk, advertise, appear in the media - and none of the changes they announce so convincingly can ever come to pass., 4/16/2017, 6:28 AM

Yesha Council, stop isolating the 'settler minority'

Change your strategy before it is too late. Peace Now also sees us as an isolated minority and that is what the public sees., 2/13/2017, 12:16 PM

Encouraging arson

Children indoctrinated to kill and hate, any way they can., 11/30/2016, 10:25 PM

Terror in the US is a real danger during the Mosul campaign

America must take steps to upgrade preparedness for terror attacks., 10/23/2016, 8:09 AM

This year's threats to Israel

From the High Holyday liturgy: "Our Father, our King, foil the plans of our enemies.", 10/13/2016, 10:54 AM

Those killed by "light weapons" issued by Peres and Rabin to the PLO

As a sad Israeli song says: "And we will remember all of them...our hearts will not let us forget." , 9/30/2016, 11:01 AM

The rabbi who knew the real reason for Arik Sharon's "Disengagement"

Reflections on the passing of Rabbi Shaar-Yashuv HaKohen zt"l: The Rabbi who heard the real reason Arik Sharon retreated from Gaza and expelled the Jewish communities from Katif and Northern Shomron. , 9/6/2016, 8:36 PM

Illegal construction laws apply to Arabs too

Palestinian Arab lies do not turn into truth just because they are repeated. In response to US threats if Israel takes action against an illegal Arab new village, it is time to examine the facts on the ground - literally. , 8/18/2016, 10:46 PM

Elie Wiesel: Should the people of Israel remain "Jews of Silence" ?

The legacy of Elie Wiesel., 7/5/2016, 10:52 AM

The answer: Wipe out the communications of the PA and UNRWA

Israel post 1967 confiscated all schoolbooks of incitement, but Israel post 1994 Oslo Accords allowed schoolbooks of war in the PA/UNRWA curriculum, while the Jewish state handed over Israeli owned radio and TV frequencies for use of the PA., 7/3/2016, 5:49 PM

Israel should silence those who incite terrorist murders

Twenty years ago, the writer would not have written this article, because what it endorses was then self-evident. Remembering the Park Hotel. And what happened to Sheikh Yassin., 4/22/2016, 11:11 AM

Even without a political solution, the US could forge a Mideast legacy

The United States could dramatically change the state of one of the most pressing issues of the Israel-Arab conflict., 4/17/2016, 10:13 AM

Open letter to UN Amb. Samantha Power as she visits Jerusalem

This is an  opportunity to reform UNRWA policies - using the information in this letter., 2/14/2016, 10:09 PM

For media correspondents: A proposed tour of the Palestinian Authority

If you missed the tour of Israel and the PA (see Rown Dean's article), you can join this one. You will write the most compelling piece you have ever written when it is over, and it will, for a change, be the truth., 2/7/2016, 8:40 PM

See PA textbook incitement for yourself - funded by the US taxpayer

US taxpayers are paying for the incitement that kills innocents., 1/26/2016, 7:18 AM

A word to the wise is not censorship

Israel’s school system decides to discourage Arab-Jewish romance., 1/5/2016, 8:09 AM

What do Syrian children learn in school?

If their textbooks are any indication, the countries accepting Syrian refugee families are in for a shock., 12/8/2015, 3:30 PM

The post Munich 'Golda Doctrine' and Mahmoud Abbas

Israel did not sit idly by when, after the horrific Munich massacre, Germany released the imprisoned terrorists in order to save the passengers on a hijacked Lufthansa flight. It has not, however, finished the job., 12/3/2015, 8:36 AM

Legacy of the Mufti and Hitler: The facts

Putting the facts on the table about the Mufti and Hitler., 10/23/2015, 3:20 PM

"For Internal Use Only"?

Hamas fighters in the Palestinian Security Forces? Not for public consumption., 10/12/2015, 9:00 AM

Yogi Bear, Yogi Berra, and the Misreading of Media Mishaps

Is it bias or ignorance?, 9/29/2015, 3:10 PM

Ignore the Warnings of Alberto Nisman at Your Peril

Iran's place in world terror has been thoroughly investigated. The person who did it did not live to tell the tale., 8/20/2015, 8:55 AM

Solving UNRWA School Budget Crisis – through UNRWA School Reform

Here's an idea: UNRWA could stop teaching students to grow up and destroy israel. , 8/10/2015, 9:06 AM

Michael Oren, Profile in Courage

Oren's revelations were not cheap shots to promote his new book. They were evidence of his integrity., 6/22/2015, 12:18 PM

Who is Really Behind BDS? We Can Cut Off BDS at the Spigot

How can we fight the flow of finances to BDS?, 6/5/2015, 8:44 AM

From 1998-2006, Jerusalem's Papal Nuncio was Pro-Israel

The late Papal Nuncio was sensitive to anti-Semitism and tried to combat it in the PA curriculum. The Vatican listened at the time, but seems to have forgotten that it can be a real force for peace., 5/19/2015, 1:00 PM

Israel's Baskin Case

An expose of the non-factual facts presented by a well-known leftist columnist who writes in English., 4/27/2015, 11:02 AM

How You can Influence Policy Guidelines for the New Coalition

A good look at the challenges facing the new government., 4/14/2015, 3:15 PM

Killer Allocations

Funds that Israel transfers to the Palestinian Authority., 4/2/2015, 7:43 AM

A Neglected Issue of the Israeli Electoral Campaign

Netanyahu rescinded on a Palestinian Arab State, but he must explain that using Langfan's maps showing ​the proximity of missiles ​from a Palestinian State to Israel's population centers., 3/18/2015, 8:19 AM

Illusions and Delusions of Michael Oren in the WSJ

A new Israeli politician with a “new approach”? Not quite. It may, however, be a way to make friends in Washington., 3/8/2015, 8:18 AM

Post Peres Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PPTSS)

Coping with Peres׳ promise of Peace., 2/22/2015, 7:13 AM

Northern Attack and Media-Induced Mass Israeli Insomnia

The media were wrong about where the attack took place. And we should be worried about that fact., 1/29/2015, 11:32 AM

Vindication: PA Armed Hamas with Israeli Weapons

After 20 years of enduring vilification for reporting Hamas-PA armed collusion, documentation emerges., 1/23/2015, 7:05 AM

UNRWA Textbook Excerpts: Education for War

Legislators who fund UNRWA are now confronted with the reality of UNRWA Education for War - with Israel., 12/18/2014, 5:52 AM

The Hijacking of Rachel's Tomb

UNRWA schools now teach that Rachel's tomb is a shrine to a Moslem. , 11/4/2014, 3:32 PM