Rabbi Lazer Gurkow

Believe in your child

Believe in a child and he will prove you right. Don’t believe in a child and he will prove you right., 12/16/2016, 2:21 AM

Chayei Sarah: In the Moment

When you are in flow, you don’t get stuck on the hard parts, the difficult challenges of life., 11/27/2016, 11:40 PM

Vayera: Finding G-d

When a man at an advanced age performs circumcision, utilises an organ notoriously associated with personal pleasure, to fulfill a divine commandment, he has put himself aside and made G-d his epicenter., 11/18/2016, 2:39 PM

The Rainbow

If we want our rain to turn into a rainbow, we need to adjust our attitude. , 11/6/2016, 11:58 PM

What's in a name?

Science is catching up with mysticism., 10/29/2016, 8:09 PM

Why two customs ensure Jewish survival

Hoshanot and Simchat Torah are not of biblical origin., 10/23/2016, 3:18 PM

Sukkot: The strength to emerge

After Yom Kippur, we emerge from our synagogue and home and go out to the Sukkah., 10/18/2016, 12:29 AM

A Rosh Hashanah message: Sunny side up

Everything that comes from G-d is for the good, sometimes the good is discernible and sometimes it is not., 10/1/2016, 10:20 PM

Ki Tavo: Reach Out

The Torah teaches us to reach out. In every way shape or form, the Torah wants us to reach out., 9/23/2016, 9:27 AM

The strongest marriage

The three stages that build a strong marriage., 9/19/2016, 7:06 AM

Shoftim: The j(oys) of parenting

Why do we take it on? Why we do we volunteer for a task that we know will try our patience, stretch our abilities, and never give us a break?, 9/8/2016, 10:27 PM

Ekev: Habitude of Gratitude

Seeing the blessings in every day., 8/24/2016, 10:04 PM

Vaetchanan: A woman’s comfort

I decided to be like my wife., 8/17/2016, 10:15 AM

Masei: Back to the basics

And back to reading the same parsha in Israel and the Diaspora., 8/4/2016, 9:38 AM

The Yiddishe Mama and childrearing

The role of the Yiddishe Mama begins much earlier than the task of the Yiddishe father.  And what do they contribute?, 7/19/2016, 2:20 PM

Behaalotcha (Diaspora): Just because

Who says love must be reciprocated? , 6/23/2016, 7:50 AM

For Shavuot: A four step program

In preparation for Shavuot, we present Judaism’s four step program., 6/9/2016, 5:10 PM

Behar (Diaspora): Alone in the world

The parasha is talking about timeless patterns, talking to today., 5/27/2016, 11:00 AM

Emor: Your Best Days Are Still Ahead

Neither failure or success should stop you from going on., 5/15/2016, 7:57 AM

Parshat Acharei Mot: For the people

This parsha contains a pivotal moment that set the tone for Jewish leadership for all times. , 5/6/2016, 1:22 PM

Counting the Omer and your self-worth

This is a process of growth from infancy to adulthood. It is a time to parley self-worth into self-esteem by discovering the things we do well. , 4/28/2016, 8:39 AM

Pesach thoughts: A personal spark

The mystics taught that when G-d created the world He embedded sparks of Divinity in it. When a Jew uses a physical object for holy purpose, the spark is released from captivity within that object., 4/17/2016, 8:44 AM

Oh no! My home!

When G-d allows something bad to happen, it is only on account of enormous good that will come from it. , 4/14/2016, 7:44 PM

Tazria: Fix Me Don’t Break Me

How to change things., 4/7/2016, 11:00 AM

Shmini: Bribe Yourself

Our spirituality may be latent, but it is there., 4/1/2016, 6:02 PM

Purim: The Divine curveball

One day, out of the blue, G-d threw the Jews a curveball by the name of Haman, but nobody's curveball is as good as His., 3/24/2016, 4:34 PM

Vayakhel: Right down the middle

When we are right down the middle, we can favor or relate to either side., 3/2/2016, 11:31 PM

Judaism ingrained in the pattern of life

Jewish festivals are connected both to history and to the yearly calendar, 2/6/2016, 6:59 PM

Yitro: An unpleasant truth

Is there a way to perceive that which is higher than our own minds?, 1/28/2016, 12:10 AM

Vaera: The bane of arrogance

Of kings and subjects., 1/7/2016, 10:30 AM

Shmot: In flow

Let's use the Exodus' lessons to galvanize another Redemption., 12/31/2015, 6:05 AM

Vayechi: What are your life goals?

Means and ends., 12/24/2015, 7:15 AM

Jacob and Joseph: A special moment

Treasure the moment one meets with a loved one after a long separation., 12/17/2015, 8:20 AM

Hanukkah and the unbreakable Jewish core

It was not the Maccabees spiritual value or scholarly abilities that galvanized the nation. It was their perfect faith, 12/12/2015, 11:31 PM

True to our faith

Living with ntegrity., 12/6/2015, 4:44 AM

Vayetze: The Jewish spectrum

The differences between Jacob’s sons could be measured in inches. And ours?, 11/19/2015, 10:06 AM

Toldot: To really trust

The ability to trust in a higher power is the source of all life. Without that, there is only me, here and now, 11/11/2015, 9:17 PM

Abraham's methods and this week's Chabad Kinus Hashluchim

The Rebbe did not bring Torah to America, but the brought America to Torah. He brought Torah out of the academies and into the streets. , 11/5/2015, 8:42 AM

Vayera: Daily sacrifice

Shedding light on the sacrifice of Isaac., 10/29/2015, 5:08 AM

Bereshit: Is Your Wife Against You or Behind You?

"It is not good for man to live alone, I shall make an assistant against him," said G-d. What does that mean?, 10/8/2015, 4:58 PM

Another Look at the Sukkah: Reason and Faith

The festival of Sukkot teaches us that reason and faith should not be used separately., 10/2/2015, 10:33 AM

Sukkot: Winning The Appeal

The Midrash teaches that the first day of the festival of Sukkot is first for the count of sins. , 9/27/2015, 7:02 AM

The Long Shofar Blast

Why repeat the long blast? What does it tell us?, 9/13/2015, 7:27 AM

Nitzavim: Get Out Of Jail

You have to want to get out to succeed in doing so., 9/10/2015, 1:10 PM

Ki Tetze: Character Lessons

Three prohibitions in this week's Torah reading in their modern, all too common, forms., 8/28/2015, 9:44 AM

Lessons from the Ashley Madison Hack

Our Sages warned: Remember what is above you: an eye watches, an ear listens and all your deeds are recorded. , 8/22/2015, 10:37 PM

Shoftim: Honest Courts

Who is the prime mover of the justice system, the defendant or the judge?, 8/20/2015, 10:10 AM

Ekev: Study First

There are two sections in the Shema that we chant every day. Both reference study and practice., 8/6/2015, 7:01 AM

Stabbing in the Name of G-d?

Homosexual intercourse is a sin in Jewish law, and even a capital sin, but so is murder!, 8/2/2015, 10:55 AM

Dvarim: How Good Is Good?

If something is entirely good, then more of it is even better. Good plus good, doesn’t equal bad. It equals very good. , 7/23/2015, 5:47 PM

The Centrality of Custom

Abandoning custom is often the first step to abandoning Judaism. The customs safeguard our Jewish identity precisely where we are vulnerable., 7/17/2015, 9:46 AM

The Mitzvah of Separating Challah: Rewarding Excellence

A spiritual analysis of the mitzvah of "taking" Challah., 6/11/2015, 10:23 AM

Post Shavuot: The Printing Press

Torah study today is compared to Microsoft and Google today., 5/26/2015, 8:59 AM

Bechukotai: Labor over Torah

When you are accustomed to a standard, no matter how high it is, it becomes your norm., 5/14/2015, 12:32 PM

Passover: I am Religious

What does it take to be able to say, I am religious?, 4/3/2015, 12:00 AM

Parshat Tzav: To do or To Get done

We spend much more time on the means than on the goal., 3/26/2015, 3:40 PM