Rabbi David Bar-Hayim

The Purim That Almost Wasn't

"Rabbis Reject New Holiday called 'Purim'!", 3/2/2007, 2:52 AM

Crisis in Blue

The Status Quo as a Mitzvah, 2/11/2007, 11:05 PM

Hanukkah - Getting the Point

Although it goes without saying that we must perform all the <I>misswoth</I> to the utmost of our ability, we must never allow precise <I>Halakhic</I> observance, the 'trees,' to cloud our perception of the 'forest,' the Torah's underlying message and purpose., 12/15/2006, 2:59 AM

The Mitzvah of Lulav on Shabbat

We see that the <I>Mishna</I> unequivocally states that we should perform the <I>mitzvah</I> of waving the lulav on the first day of Sukkot even if the first day of the holiday falls on Shabbat. So, naturally, the question must be asked: Why do most Jews not hold by this practice today?, 10/4/2006, 5:32 PM

Hallel ? When to say it and Why

... the national-religious recite Hallel because of their disposition towards the State of Israel, and the ultra-Orthodox do not recite Hallel for the very same reason. Both are relating to the issue emotionally rather than rationally; Hallel is recited to commemorate an historical event and should not be influenced by one?s ideological position., 6/2/2005, 8:00 PM

Some Parties Still Have Ghetto Mentality

The Haredi parties? policy on foreign and defence issues is not to have a policy...they see themselves as guests in the land of the secular Jew ? the ones who replaced the goyim of yesteryear...they would rather let such issues be decided by secularJews, as it would be unseemly for the guest to tell the master of the house what to do. , 5/18/2005, 11:43 AM