Ariel Natan Pasko

Tell the world: "He took it from them and gave it to us"

Netanyahu, tell the world the truth., 10/15/2017, 1:56 PM

Illegal immigrants in Israel and America

Israel's Supreme Court justices preferred the human rights of the infiltrators who came to find work here over the citizens of the State of Israel, helping the Left destroy the country in which it lives. Just like in the USA., 9/8/2017, 1:12 PM

North Korea: There is an Israel Connection

North Korea has never recognized the State of Israel. And that's for starters. An eye opener., 8/16/2017, 10:48 PM

Do you feel the churban yet?

Do we feel the churban, the destruction of the Temple and the exile, do we really?, 8/1/2017, 1:59 PM

A July 4th message for Israel: No taxation without annexation!

Happy Independence Day, America! Now Israel should learn from Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry and the 1766 Boston Tea Partiers., 7/3/2017, 10:51 PM

Our obsession with the past

Reminding haters of what was done to us in the past only whets their appetite., 5/5/2017, 12:22 PM

Don't cheat this time, Marwan Barghouti

This is not the first hunger strike organized by Barghouti, the "moderate," but let's hope he doesn't cut corners this time around., 4/21/2017, 1:00 PM

Recovering from Peace Process Delusional Disorder

The delusional drive to create a Palestinian state, must be defined as a disorder. As such, it can be treated., 1/26/2017, 9:13 PM

Descended From Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Most Americans are descended from earlier arrivals to its shores, from more than one country, and many don't know who their relatives were beyond a few generations back. Thus, the explanation for the growing popularity of genetic testing and ancestral searching, one of the latest fads in America, 6/23/2006, 6:11 AM

And There Was No Referendum in Israel

Turning reality on its head, on presenting his new government to the Israeli Knesset, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated that the settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) endangered the State of Israel. , 5/4/2006, 10:20 PM

Has Israeli Arab MK Ahmed Tibi Become a Racist?

It "bothers" Israeli Arab leaders that after years of war and terrorism, 63% of Israeli Jews agree with the statement, "Arabs are a security and demographic threat to the state.", 4/5/2006, 12:37 PM

It's Time to Think Big and Take Power in Israel

The Right has been reactive, a reactionary movement trying to hold onto what was, while Shimon Peres, Yitzchak Rabin, Yossi Sarid, Yossi Beilin, and, more recently, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert, have undermined the national camp with their "positive" agenda., 3/21/2006, 11:02 PM

A Brutal Police Riot in Israel

Nothing has been seen like this in the free world since the police riots during the Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968., 2/6/2006, 10:49 PM

"Retiring" to Israel Like Abraham

Avraham and Sara were not youngsters when they made <I>aliyah</I>. According to the Torah text, they were 75 and 65 years old respectively. So, here is my new idea, based on G-d's model. Programs need to be developed to bring older people to Israel, just as there is today a wealth of programs for younger people., 11/11/2005, 12:53 AM

Thank You, Ariel Sharon

I'd also like to thank all those in the Israeli electronic and print media who jumped on the "disengagement bandwagon" to promote an ethnic cleansing campaign in Israel., 8/24/2005, 10:30 PM

Israel: The Jewish Affirmative Action State

Recently, there's been a lot of talk about whether Israel should be a Jewish religious state, a Jewish and democratic state, a Jewish Zionist state, or a plain-old, everyday state for everyone who wants to be a citizen., 6/27/2005, 10:12 PM

Israel to Bush: Read My Lips

The redemption of the Jewish People and their return to the Holy Land is an unstoppable divine process...the "Palestinians" won't stop it, the Europeans won't stop it, and America won't stop it. If America continues to promote the "rights" of the "Palestinians"... know that you are going against the G-D of History and Jewish destiny. Beware! , 6/6/2005, 11:18 PM

Pope Dead; Give Israel and the Jews Their Property

I'm calling on the Catholic Church to open up the Vatican vaults and return all the stolen Jewish property that they have confiscated over the centuries - to honor the memory of the "good" relations Pope John Paul II fostered., 4/3/2005, 1:42 PM

Peace Madness Syndrome in Israel Again

Once infected, messianic hallucinations of "peace" begin to confound the victim's moral compass, leading to confusion, lack of moral clarity and a suicidal death wish for the "peace of the grave"., 2/18/2005, 12:19 AM

East and West Palestine, and Israel?

Behind the backdrop of the Sharm El-Sheikh meeting, it's rumored that there's a proposal to bring Egyptian influence back into Gaza, and Jordanian influence back into Judea and Samaria., 2/9/2005, 5:39 PM

Happy New Year to the Land of Israel!

Judaism, as described in the Torah and further explained through millennia of rabbinical discussion, is highly land-centered. There are numerous agricultural laws relating to the Land of Israel., 1/24/2005, 10:30 PM

Today, Ariel Sharon is Irrelevant

Until Yasser Arafat's recent demise, Israel's feckless leader, Ariel Sharon, was wont to call him "irrelevant". Sharon did it at every opportunity. Yet, Arafat was anything but irrelevant., 1/20/2005, 10:47 PM

Israel Has Already Held a Referendum

The idea of representative government is firmly rooted in Israel. In fact, so much so, that the "people's representatives" don't want the people to decide for themselves a question of historic magnitude. , 1/12/2005, 10:38 PM

Creating a Palestinian Apartheid State

Forget Apartheid, they're planning a racially-ethnically pure Arab state free of Jews., 12/28/2004, 2:16 PM

The Jewish Struggle Against Arabs in Israel - Part II

The Oslo War, its terrorism, death and destruction, have hardened Jewish attitudes toward both the "Palestinians" and "Israeli Arabs". , 12/5/2004, 4:30 PM

The Jewish Struggle Against Arabs in Israel - Part I

While the Israeli and world media focused on the Sharon government's defeat in the recent Knesset budget vote (69 to 43), another vote took place that same day, with significant long-term consequences, about the right of Jews to build communities for themselves in their historic homeland. , 12/2/2004, 11:24 PM

Tell Israel the Truth, Michael B. Oren - Part II

Then he spewed the standard Israeli leftist line: "Obviously, the only long-term solution to terror is a diplomatic political solution...." , 11/24/2004, 11:38 PM

Tell Israel the Truth, Michael B. Oren - Part I

Every once in a while, I read an op-ed piece and say to myself, "Wait a second, that's not true.", 11/23/2004, 11:00 PM

We Want Our Homeland, Israel

No sooner is that evil, sick, terrorist, homosexual, pedophile, serial mass murderer is finally out of the picture, than George Bush, Tony Blair and most of the world jump on the opportunity to continue his legacy. , 11/17/2004, 11:49 PM

Arafat Was Dead a Long Time Ago

He's dead; he's not dead; he's dead; he's not dead; he's dead.... , 11/10/2004, 8:15 PM

Israeli Settlers: You Will Be Prosecuted!

Start broadcasting the message loud and clear at every opportunity, that in the future, after the Sharon government collapses and is replaced by a pro-Jewish government in Israel, all war criminals - both those who participated in the "disengagement process" and the "original ones" who brought the Jewish People the Oslo War (you know, Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin and their ilk) - <I>will be prosecut, 9/23/2004, 11:27 PM

Arik or Achav: Sharon's Gone Dictatorial

But, at least Napoleon built an empire for the glory of France; Ariel Sharon seems to be working hard for the Palestinians. It's not so dissimilar to Shimon Peres' earlier global <I>shnoring</I> - fund raising - for Palestine. , 9/2/2004, 11:55 PM

Palestinian Leaders Trick Their People Again

What do Marwan Barghouti, Yasser Arafat, Ahmad Qureia, and leaders past and present of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others, have in common? Besides encouraging their followers to kill Jews in Israel, they regularly pull the wool over their followers' eyes, lying, cheating and profiting from the suffering of the Palestinians. They habitually sacrifice average Palestinians in their struggle against Isra, 8/23/2004, 9:19 PM

Liberating the Israeli Economy From Occupation

Well, I for one am against the "occupation" - socialist, economic control, that is. , 8/16/2004, 8:11 PM

There They Go Again, Those Arab Racists

There they go again. The story is so old already. Arab militia or Arab army or Arab terrorist attacks non-Arab. Or was that Muslim fanatic attacks non-Muslim? This time, it's happening in Sudan., 7/15/2004, 11:54 PM

An Israeli Witch-Hunt By the Likud

For years, there's been a slogan in Israel, "Only the Likud can..." I've always wondered, "Can what?" Now I've learned what. , 7/11/2004, 7:29 PM

Kassam Rockets and the Wall in Israel

The date June 28th, 2004, will go down in history for two different, but interrelated, reasons. While the world focused on how America turned over "sovereignty" to the Iraqis - and it was reported in Israel, too - the really big story that most of the media missed (except in Israel) was that Kassam rockets fired from Gaza finally killed two people in Israel. The Oslo War that Yasser Arafat started, 7/5/2004, 7:30 PM

Israeli Gov't: Kosher on the Outside Only

The pig has even entered the popular culture of Jews as the symbol of hypocrisy, because it looks kosher on the outside - you can see it has split hoofs - yet it is <I>treif</I>, i.e., not kosher, on the inside - it doesn't chew its cud. In Yiddish (one of the thirty-some Judeo-vernacular languages that Jews created in their 1,900-year-exile from their homeland), a <I>"chazzer fissel"</I> (lit. "p, 6/24/2004, 11:36 PM

On Israel, Neo-Conservatism and Its Discontents - II

I believe the Jewish Neo-Cons have another element, not yet fully addressed by any other commentator. , 6/16/2004, 10:05 PM

On Israel, Neo-Conservatism and Its Discontents - I

With America seemingly bogged down in Iraq, there are those looking for scapegoats to blame. Neo-conservatives, Likudniks and Israel have become frequent targets, besides the standard fare of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice. Attacks from the Left and the Democrats can be seen as purely partisan, but attacks from the Right need further clarification. , 6/15/2004, 9:51 PM

Israel Should Put Arafat on Trial Like Barghouti

"It is likely that Israel will consider bringing Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat to trial, too." That's right, you read it right, and the Israeli Justice Minister Yosef Lapid said it recently., 6/13/2004, 9:27 PM

Islam, Judaism, Christianity: Some Observations - Part II

For those of you who know history well, you might ask, "Wasn't Islamic civilization very developed in the 800s-1500s?", 6/7/2004, 10:51 PM

Islam, Judaism, Christianity: Some Observations - Part I

Though Islam portrays itself as the "religion of peace" and the successor of Judaism and Christianity, it rejects much of Western civilization, and through it's violent attacks, sees itself on the march toward victory., 6/6/2004, 7:32 PM

The Time of Truth for the Temple Mount

Three modern "prophecies" were spoken in the last generation, yet few have listened. The first was in a song by Naomi Shemer just weeks before the 1967 Six Day War. The second was spoken in his yeshiva - rabbinical seminary - three weeks before the war by Rabbi Tzvi Yehudah Kook. The third was said in the middle of the war, just after the heat of battle ended in victory, by Mordechai "Motta" Gur. , 5/18/2004, 6:45 PM

Islamic Barbarians at the Gates of Jerusalem-Part II

In predicting that international terrorism will expand and intensify, Alexander referred to numerous disputes throughout the world, such as those in Chechnya, Kashmir, Afghanistan, the Middle East and South America. He forgot to mention the Philippines and South Asia., 5/16/2004, 5:20 PM

Islamic Barbarians at the Gates of Jerusalem - Part I

The Arabic Satellite TV station Al-Jazeera shows footage of two Islamic Jihad leaders sitting at a table, speaking about the recent Israeli operation in Gaza against the terrorist infrastructure there, with the head of an Israeli soldier sitting in front of them on the table. , 5/13/2004, 10:42 PM

Israeli Art - In the Eye of the Beholder

If you've wondered lately what's wrong with Israel, just look at the recent winner of the prestigious 2004 Israel Prize for sculpture. , 5/10/2004, 7:08 PM

Thank You Ariel Sharon, Et Al.

Thank you, Ariel Sharon, for your Gaza Disengagement Plan. Due to your willingness to call for "transferring" the Gazan Jewish community - i.e., expelling Jews from a part of their historic homeland - an estimated 70-100,000 people (120-150,000 including those stuck in traffic or turned away by the police) came to Gush Katif in Gaza on Israeli Independence Day, to show their support for the Gazan , 4/29/2004, 11:26 PM

Kahanist in Reverse

Rabin was a "Kahanist in Reverse" and so too is Ariel Sharon today. , 4/22/2004, 7:37 PM

Guerrilla Theater of the Absurd in Hebron

For the last few days, I've been attending the theater. Not the high and mighty halls of culture, but the street theater of life. I've been attending the "guerilla theater" - i.e., political theater - taking place in Hebron-Kiryat Arba. The Israeli government wants to "evacuate" an "outpost" and the "settlers" don't want to let them., 4/4/2004, 11:59 AM

Israel Don't Listen to the Chirping Hypocrites

I think a description of Gazan streets after news of the assassination hit reveals the true nature of the struggle between Israel and the "Palestinians". Cars drove through the streets blaring calls for revenge over loudspeakers. Some played recordings of Sheikh Yassin saying, "We chose this road, and will end with martyrdom or victory.", 3/25/2004, 6:59 PM

Happy Yassin Day

Hamas "spiritual leader" - i.e., he blessed every terror attack against Jews and gave "religious" justification for Hamas' genocidal murder campaign - Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, has been sent to his eternal reward. I hope he brought air conditioning. , 3/22/2004, 10:10 PM

Jewish Terror on the March

A new "Jewish Terror Underground" has been caught recently in Israel. Not a bunch of "settlers" or "religious fanatics," but secular Jews living in "Red" Haifa - traditionally left-wing dominated - and a Russian immigrant in Ashdod. What will the Israeli Left and anti-religious forces say now?, 3/12/2004, 12:17 AM

Reforming Israel's Culture of Corruption

A couple of years ago, I came across a description of the British civil service's bureaucratic culture. The operative phrase was, "need to know." That is, give out as little information as possible to the public or other levels of the bureaucracy, or even limit information to politicians. Share information only on a "need to know" basis. Suddenly, I realized, many of the "Israeli evils" were in fa, 3/9/2004, 11:23 AM

Baruch Goldstein and Hebron Ten Years Later

What really happened ten years ago, in Hebron, at the Cave of Machpela - the Tomb of the Patriarchs - or, as the Arabs call it, the Ibrahimi Mosque? The short answer everyone "knows," is that Dr. Baruch Goldstein carried out a massacre on the Jewish holiday of Purim, February 25, 1994. But <a target=_blank href=>a new study by Rabbi Dr. Chaim Sim, 3/2/2004, 6:00 PM

The Holy City of Jerusalem

Mother Rachel is still crying for her children - the Jewish People (Jeremiah 31:14). Not because they've been dragged off to Babylon in servitude - that ended long ago. They've since returned to their borders (Jeremiah 31:16), rebuilt their cities and towns, and re-established their national life. Mother Rachel - buried not far from Jerusalem, just outside Bethlehem - cries because of the horrendo, 2/23/2004, 9:32 PM

Israel Already Held a Referendum

Israel is a strange place, a democracy in form, but weak in content. Of course, a statement like that is made comparing Israel to the US, Europe and a handful of other countries. In comparison to much of the world, Israel shines as a paradigm of democratic self-rule. The idea of representative government is firmly rooted in Israel. In fact, so much so, that the "people's representatives" don't wan, 2/17/2004, 7:03 PM