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David Singer

'Palestine'- Two New Arab Myths for Kerry's Consumption

Just in time for the US Secretary of State's visit, two myths have surfaced in the PA world, one of them a museum of "Palestinian history" - in which archaological relics will be noticeably absent., 4/17/2013, 9:56 PM

Israel at 65: Two Divergent Narratives

The Palestinian Arab narrative ignores the sweep of history - starting its narrative from 1948 - ignoring critical events that occurred between 1917-1947, let alone the centuries before that. , 4/13/2013, 11:17 PM

UN Special Rapporteur on "Palestine" Bans Free Speech

Those who fight for human rights also ban free speech. Seems impossible? At the UN, it seems anything is possible., 4/2/2013, 11:39 PM

PA Backtracking Begins and Democracy Dies

American Arab Organization head blames Sharansky for suggesting that PA needs to be democratic before attaining statehood..., 2/24/2013, 2:00 AM

Palestine - Tongue-Tied and Terrified

In 2012, the fight to quiet any dissenting voices in the Palestinian Authority reached new lows., 2/19/2013, 12:46 AM

Obama, Bring on the Elections - In "Palestine"

Any attempt by any Palestinian Arabs to have a say in electing a leadership that might act decisively against terror and end violence has been silenced since 25 January 2006. They have no way out - even if they want one., 2/8/2013, 2:20 AM

Morsi has Minced the Two-State Palestine Solution

Moris's words are the icing on the cake for the wake in memory of the 'two-state solution'., 1/29/2013, 7:19 PM

"Palestine": Trojan Horse Duplicity Exposed

The Trojan Horse fooled everyone, but negotiations were only a cover to grab what the PLO could get on the way to claiming their ultimate prize - the elimination of the state of Israel., 1/18/2013, 3:06 PM

"Palestine": Abbas, Attitude and Annexation

As Naftali Bennett said: "There is no need to bury the two-state solution because it is already buried." A concise description of its last throes and funeral rites., 1/10/2013, 9:20 PM

Reunificiation Trumps Confederation

The two-state solution to the Jewish-Arab conflict proposed under the Oslo Accords and the Bush Roadmap is rapidly turning out to be nothing but a chimera, due to Abbas himself., 12/21/2012, 9:59 AM

"Palestine": Democracies In Diplomatic Disarray

A writer from "down under" on his - and other democratic countries' - contradictory quagmire., 12/16/2012, 8:05 AM

Gaza Conflict Sure to Resume

A lawyer's critical analysis of the Agreement of Understanding document that accompanied the ceasefire., 11/22/2012, 8:12 AM

Palestine Reality Taking Root

There is no difference at all between the Arab residents living in the "West Bank" and the Arab residents living in Jordan. , 11/13/2012, 2:10 PM

Falk's Failed Palestinian Philosophy

He is overtly anti-Israel, but does more damage than good to those he wants to support. Time for a change., 11/4/2012, 6:44 AM

"Palestine": Merging Banks can Reap Huge Profits

The claim that Jordan is Palestine is augmented here by an idea for Judea and Samaria., 10/24/2012, 2:00 PM

Palestine: Great Expectations

'Great Expectations' was a work of fiction by Dickens; the Palestinian Arab expectations and the writers' drive to help them achieve these aspirations are based on fiction as well., 10/17/2012, 10:21 AM

"Palestine" - Cutting Abbas Down to Size

Abbas lies, the world listens and the world believes him., 10/5/2012, 12:25 AM

Romney Recognizes Reality – Rejects Arab Revanchism

Commonsense is the hallmark of Mr Romney’s reasoning – something that is lacking in those that are so blind that they cannot and do not want to see. , 9/23/2012, 1:27 AM

"Palestine" - A Match Made in Heaven

If Yasser Arafat could meet Rabin today, maybe they would realize the mistakes they both made - with respect to their stated goals - (although Arafat's desire for peace was lipservice) - because of Shimon Peres., 9/13/2012, 9:20 AM

Intra-Palestinian Arab Conflicts - The Great Divide

Instead of blaming Israel for lack of peace, maybe they should try to get along with each other. 1948 Arabs don't get along with 1967 ones. Ramadan visitors may indicate that some PA Arabs want neither PLO nor Hamas., 9/7/2012, 9:58 AM

Palestine - Burying the Past, Faking the Future

It seems to be the fashion among the United Nations coterie of organizations and officials to try and wrest the title deeds granted for the Jewish National Home in Palestine pursuant to the Mandate for Palestine and article 80 of the UN Charter. , 8/20/2012, 2:55 PM

PA-UN Special Rapporteur Fostering Jew-Hatred Again

Richard Falk has now allowed anti-Semitic posts on his blog again, after the blatantly anti- Semitic cartoon figure of a dog he posted last June caused an uproar., 8/3/2012, 4:21 PM

United Nations Perfidy on "West Bank" Exposed

Mr. Annan simply "forgot" to give the relevant documents to the International Court of Justice when it sat on Israel's legal rights in Judea and Samaria., 7/22/2012, 12:43 AM

"Palestine"? Israel Readying to Extend Sovereignty

There is a limit to how long Israel is going to wait for Abbas and this seems an opportune time to take him at his word on the dead negotiations and act independently., 7/3/2012, 6:09 AM

"Palestine", Semantic Skullduggery as UNESCO Meets

Arutz Sheva is consistent in using the term "Judea and Samaria" rather than West Bank. The war of words is a major weapon in the conflict. Learn the rules., 6/24/2012, 4:01 PM

Palestine - A State of Confusion Promoted by UNESCO

If they recognized the supposed "State of Palestine", why don't UNESCO and UNWRA dismantle the refugee camps? How can you be a refugee in your own "state"?, 5/25/2012, 6:07 PM

Palestine - Two Opportunities Better Missed

The Committee on Admission of New Members to the UN took its job seriously, but UNESCO turned its own bylaws into a farce for the sake of "Palestine." The consequences are grave., 5/12/2012, 9:49 PM

"Palestinian Statehood" Nixes Bush Plan and Roadmaps

Until the PLO accepts the binding effect of the relevant body of international law - the ongoing conflict is set to continue. , 4/27/2012, 1:21 PM

Online Petition Against UNESCO's "Palestinian State"

Read about and sign the online petition seeking public support for a proposal to take UNESCO's acceptance of non existent "Palestine" to the ICJ in Hague to check its constitutionality. Initiative of the author., 2/12/2012, 12:34 PM

Paralyzing UNESCO with a "Palestine" Poison Pill

Some will rejoice in seeing UNESCO wallowing in a problem of its own making that could have been avoided, but many will suffer. A suggestion for the nations that voted "yea" and whose poor are now suffering. , 2/5/2012, 12:08 PM

UNESCO: Global Fallout From Palestine Decision

Hundreds of millions of people in third world countries stand to suffer because of UNESCO acceptance of the bogus state. "Palestine uber alles?" , 1/19/2012, 5:38 AM

"Palestine"? --Bye Bye Oslo, Hullo Jordan and Egypt

The reasons for Oslo's demise are complex and reveal unbridgeable gaps betwen Israel and the PA., 12/31/2011, 7:04 PM

Palestine: Time to Tell the Truth

Article 24 in the 1964 version of the PLO Charter says "This Organization does not exercise any regional sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip or the Himmah Area." . , 12/19/2011, 8:58 AM

"Palestine": End the Occupation? Right the Wrongs

The first words in this article's title have managed to turn Israel's miraculous victory in the Six Day War and its triumphal return to parts of the biblical and ancestral land of its forefathers - into something to be reviled and reversed. , 12/9/2011, 1:53 AM

Will Abbas try to Take Over Jordan? Abdullah is Waiting

If the PLO refuses to negotiate with Israel - then frustration might well see the PLO again turning its sights on Jordan. On the other hand - King Abdullah is waiting on the sidelines to step into his shoes and negotiate with Israel., 11/30/2011, 7:57 AM

UNESCO Should Read Its Own Constitution

The questions here were sent to UNESCO’s Director of Liaison Office in New York by the writer two and a half weeks ago - but have been met by a wall of silence despite sending him a reminder., 11/22/2011, 7:06 AM

UNESCO and PA Huffing and Puffing

Only 51 of UNESCO’s 137, once one subtracts 56 automatic Islamic votes, members were prepared to publicly out themselves in support of the PLO application. , 11/3/2011, 2:47 PM

Will Acceptance Ever Replace Rejection?

The Arab world has to come to terms with Israel's existence. It is ridiculous to continue this way., 9/14/2011, 4:00 PM

Sept. at UN: Will the UN Endorse Ethnic Cleansing?

4th in a series on the Abbas demand for statehood in September. Those in the United Nations who would support this demand should hang their heads in shame., 9/8/2011, 3:24 PM

Face the Music, UN

The United Nations will find its authority and integrity irreparably and irretrievably damaged if the PA request is granted., 9/2/2011, 6:35 PM

PA: Duping the UN and Bypassing Peace

There is no alternative to negotiations - no matter how long they take - if the threat of future war is to be averted., 8/14/2011, 8:51 AM

UN Must Do Pre-September Reality Check

If the PA gets the Arab League to apply to the UN for recognition of a Palestinian State, a wrong decision can bring disaster on the Middle East., 7/24/2011, 8:44 AM

Forget Hamas-PA Unity

The dispute about who will be Prime Minister pales into insignificance compared to conflicts on the fundamental issues analysed by the writer. , 7/1/2011, 12:48 AM

Obama Sinks America's Integrity

Why Obama's shift in US policty does no honor to America's reputation and integrity., 5/22/2011, 2:06 AM

Goldstone's Continued Dishonesty

Goldstone gazumped on Gaza., 4/7/2011, 8:52 AM

Reaction: Smirk On Abbas' Face

Obama could condemn the killing culture in the PA, where the slit throats of innocent men, women and children equated to alleged vandalism of olive trees. ., 3/17/2011, 9:37 AM

Egypt, Israel, Gaza-Tinderbox

A very small - but highly strategic - sliver of real estate once again holds the key to possible future conflict in the Middle East. , 2/15/2011, 10:23 AM

UK and Australia Dream On

This week's UK and Australian joint communique on Israel and the PA is a message from a dreamworld. Maybe they should answer the writer's questions first, but “The answers are getting harder and harder And there ain't no way to bargain or to barter”., 1/19/2011, 12:33 PM

Hark-The Herald Devil Sings

"The Herald needs to worry about its journalists who write such nonsense as this skewed and inaccurate editorial", says the writer and explains what is wrong in the Sydney Morning Herald's analysis. , 12/23/2010, 11:31 AM

Brainwashed or Brain Dead?

The Independent Australian calls itself "a politically incorrect magazine of ideas and comment outside the mainstream". Marty Morrison's article was politically correct but totally wrong. David Singer set her straight. Both articles are musts., 11/29/2010, 10:43 AM

Serious Negotiation or Nonsense?

If you want to understand the real differences between the starting negotiation positions of Israel and the PA, this is the article to read., 10/1/2010, 12:34 AM

A Jewish State? Shaath Says No

The Palestinian Authority’s position on a Jewih state represents a serious threat to the fragile stability in the region. It makes the continuation of any further negotiations meaningless. , 9/14/2010, 7:29 AM

Negotiating With Naysayers

Naysaying is a tactic that has rewarded the Arabs. It is time for Israel to take a leaf out of their book and end the current farcical situation. , 7/27/2010, 12:28 PM

Jordan's Justifiable Jitters

King Abdullah is clearly fearful that another war might break out that could involve Jordan, and even possibly lead to an attempt to overthrow his rule. , 10/18/2006, 3:56 PM

Lebanon and the UN - Lemmings or Lions?

The ceasefire brokered by the United Nations in Lebanon offers possibly the last chance for political stability to be restored in Lebanon and for Lebanon to rid itself forever of forces over which it has no control., 8/23/2006, 11:16 PM

Ending Gaza's "Humanitarian Crisis"

There is a huge arsenal of weapons stored in Gaza, much of it allegedly purchased with funds provided by the international community for the specific purpose of improving the lives of the civilian population. , 5/28/2006, 11:39 PM