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Levi Chazen

Jericho First

This week, once again the ancient city of Jericho made headlines in Israel and around the world. "Jericho first" will be given over to Arab control as a sign that once again peace is in the air., 3/16/2005, 3:35 PM

<I>Pekudei</I>: Self-Sacrifice

To find out why Bezalel was chosen as the head engineer for building the <I>Mishkan</I>, we must find out who was his grandfather, Hur., 3/11/2005, 10:14 AM

<I>Vayak'hel</I>: Faith in the Darkness

While the men had given up hope, the women continued the fight, with faith that the redemption would come, no matter how dark or how far off it seemed. It was the copper mirrors that represented this great faith in <I>HaShem</I>, and their spirit not to give in., 3/3/2005, 11:21 AM

<I>Ki Tisa</I>: The Question

Once again, the story of the Golden Calf rolls around to haunt us. Once again, the sin that remains with us for all generations - as our rabbis teach us that there is no punishment meted out to the Jewish people that does not contain some punishment for the sin of the Golden Calf - meets us face-to-face., 2/24/2005, 8:19 PM