Moshe Kempinski

Lech Lecha: Lighting the Darkness

, 10/25/2012, 8:47 AM

Life, Death - and the Flood

Why does G-d announce man's lifespan?, 10/19/2012, 9:24 AM

The Language of Rain

Why is the rain's message only accessible in Israel? , 10/11/2012, 9:47 AM

Haazinu and Sukkot: Fruits of Prophecy

The fruits that you eat in the sukkah, if they come from Israel, have special significance., 9/27/2012, 4:01 PM

Preparing to Stand Before G-d

As we prepare to stand before G-d on Rosh Hashannah, we read how the Israelites stood before G-d - all of them on that day., 9/13/2012, 11:44 PM

Going Forward with Joy

The curses that are mentioned in our portion are not punishments or irrevocable predictions, but they are the state of being resulting from our decisions., 9/6/2012, 12:35 PM

A Reading that Begins and Ends With War

When you go out to war, Ki Tetse., 8/30/2012, 11:05 AM

The Fruits of Israel

In Israel, the very fruits carry a Divine message. They declare the return of the experience of Kvod haShem (G-d's Glory), symbolized by the fruits and blossoms of the land. , 8/9/2012, 10:09 AM

"You Have Begun"

How could Moses say these words to G-d after all the miracles he witnessed?, 8/2/2012, 9:10 AM

Shabbat Hazon: One Thing I Request

The "Sabbath of Vision" precedes the fast of the NInth of Av., 7/26/2012, 12:56 PM

Mattot Masei - Aliyah Journeys

Our pwm destinations in lfie as individuals and as a people are never happenstance. They are always directed to a purpose and destiny. In every move in our lives we are “sent”, as the Chldren of Israel were. , 7/20/2012, 2:56 AM

The Spies, Korach and the Magen David

What is it that made the spies wish to remain in the desert?, 6/22/2012, 5:54 AM

The Need to Yearn

This week's reading shows that the distress and yearning of mortals can prompt and/or reveal heavenly direction., 6/7/2012, 11:14 AM

The Nazir's Vow

, 5/30/2012, 1:49 PM

Behar (Israel) Coming Home

There is a deep connection between the revelation at Mount Sinai and the land of Israel. The entering into the latter seems to be a fulfillment of the experience of the former. , 5/10/2012, 11:29 AM

To the Red Sea

When were the Israelites truly liberated?, 4/6/2012, 3:58 PM

The Process of Liberation

Most of us do not realize that in fact we are all still slaves. Every individual continues to be enslaved in their own spiritual and physical Egypt. Each of us are imprisoned in our little boxes of ideology and doctrinaire thinking. , 3/29/2012, 10:40 PM

Behind the Mask

Parshat Tetsave deals with the priestly clothing, vessels for holiness, but clothing - and words - can disguise intentions. Beged, clothing, has the same root as bagad, deceived., 3/1/2012, 7:29 AM

A House Built of Yearning

How can we give G-d anything and why does it say "take for me" an offering?, 2/23/2012, 10:56 AM

Yitro: Israel and the Nations

The placement of the story of Yitro ( Jethro) coming to join the people of Israel right after the story of the battle with Amalek is a prototype. , 2/9/2012, 7:02 AM

To Truly Sing

There are ten songs in Israel's history. The tenth song, says the Midrash, will be the shir chadash, the “new song” of the ultimate redemption., 2/1/2012, 9:02 PM

The Lessons of the Moon

"Man" is the language of G-d. “Man has been given the role of expressing G-dliness in the world. , 1/26/2012, 1:17 PM

Listening for Redemption

How did we end up with leaders whose ideology is formed by the polls?, 1/19/2012, 12:12 PM

Shmot: The Courage to Lead

True leadership must learn to look around at the world and its events with discerning eyes, metaphorically taking its shoes from its feet as Moses did., 1/12/2012, 1:10 PM

Healing a Fractured Family

A fractured family can only be healed when each member of the family understands that he or she is critical for the welfare of the family., 1/6/2012, 4:04 PM

Ehud Barak and the Hanukkah Lights

Barak should look over his shoulder when in his office. There he will see the symbol whose message is: 'Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit" from the haftorah of Shabbat Hanukkah., 12/20/2011, 10:58 AM

Ehud Barak and the Hanukkah Lights

It is dangerous when leadership comes with an “impulsivity issue” combined with arrogance and conceit. , 12/20/2011, 8:59 AM

Hineni - I am Ready!

Hineni/ Here I am is not a simple response in the Tanach, nor in our lives. , 12/14/2011, 3:33 PM

The Ever-Present Ladder

In a sense we are all Yaacov. As a result of the mistakes and downturns in our lives, we may feel unworthy. As a result of that sense we can sometimes turn even further away from our G-d and our purpose., 12/1/2011, 9:20 AM

The Hevron Key

Avraham bought this plot of land because he intuitively understood its critical nature. Hevron changes every individual who walks in its midst. There are no masks in Hevron. One cannot pretend in Hevron., 11/17/2011, 7:08 PM

Reb Shlomo and Infinite Possibilities

Reb Shlomo's 17th yahrzeit on Sunday brings back memories for one of Arutz Sheva's veteran Judaism writers., 11/14/2011, 9:02 AM

Miracles and Loving Kindness

Miracles come into being in pre-existing vessels., 11/8/2011, 8:09 AM

The "Worm of Jacob"

The Jews will endeavor to do even the impossible because their beloved G-d asked them to do so. , 11/3/2011, 11:49 AM

Noach, Avraham and Prayer

Whatis the intrinsic difference between Noah and Abraham? Noah is described as “walking with G-d” but Abraham is said to have “walked before G-d”., 10/27/2011, 10:31 AM

Kohellet - Days of Joy

Introspection on the High Holydays reveals the fissures and the cracks; joy on Sukkot enables the healing and the growth., 10/11/2011, 8:04 AM

Nitsavim Vayelech: The Song

In spite of everything, the song was never forgotten. , 9/22/2011, 11:15 AM

Ki Tavo: Joy Amidst the Rebuke

HaShem does not bring difficulties as judgment for judgments sake. They are there to remind and redirect., 9/16/2011, 5:38 PM

The Real Danger of 'September'

Disunity can of itself be very dangerous to this country., 9/9/2011, 1:28 AM

Justice and trees

Judges who are selected must be in a position in which they have no need of the good wishes or gifts of the people they are meant to judge. They must also become emptied of their own personal political view and ideological perspective. Oh, well..., 9/1/2011, 11:00 PM

Re'eh: Use Sight as a Blessing

Open your eyes and look around you and hear the song of creation., 8/26/2011, 3:13 AM

The Universal Yearning

Why would G-d ensure that his messengers repeat this prophecy word for word?, 8/11/2011, 4:24 PM


A true journey into destiny must be focused on two points. Where we came from and where our destiny lies., 7/28/2011, 6:16 PM

Mattot: The Lure of the Sheep Pens

The lure of physical gratification and achievement has dulled our yearning for Hashem’s Temple and His redemption. , 7/22/2011, 2:04 AM

With All Your Heart

One must serve Hashem with one’s G-dly soul ( nefesh Elokit) as well as with our more selfish animalistic soul ( nefesh behemi). , 7/13/2011, 1:17 PM

Behar: When You Come to the Land

When we come to the land, we find ourselves..., 5/12/2011, 4:42 PM

A Berditchever at the Kotel

The so-called "secular majority"., 9/30/2009, 11:15 PM

The Sound of Teshuvah

A needed awareness., 9/24/2009, 1:35 AM

I and My Beloved in Elul

Love means constantly moving towards the beloved., 8/24/2009, 12:43 PM

The New Imposters: J Street

It is usually easy to spot them., 7/17/2009, 1:04 AM

Emor: Sanctifying G-d's Name

Isaiah's "young people" are among us., 5/7/2009, 12:08 AM

The Reed Sea and Yom HaAtzmaut

HaShem's message is clear: Go forward!, 4/26/2009, 10:42 AM

The Cry of Redemption

After crying out, we must act., 4/7/2009, 10:22 PM

The Twilight Hours

This is a very dangerous time., 3/29/2009, 12:22 PM

Eight Souls, Eight Scrolls

In a sea of pain and joy, hope and loss., 2/26/2009, 1:50 AM

A Humbled Leadership

The elections may turn out more positive yet., 2/16/2009, 7:42 PM

Choice and Responsibility

The little picture is in fact "the Big Picture"., 2/9/2009, 1:34 PM

Leadership of a Higher Calling

In a flash, a new spirit began to blossom., 1/23/2009, 1:25 AM