Moshe Kempinski

The Family Gathers Strength

Throughout our history, the nation of Amalek and its spiritual children have never let up in their spiritual warfare against the people of Israel. Those that are still under the impression that this struggle is about land and national self determination are missing the whole story. This truly is a war of cultures and spiritual beliefs., 7/18/2006, 1:20 AM

A Funeral Amongst Family

I did not know the Asheri family, but I could not help but be at the funeral of the murdered 18-year-old boy, Eliyahu. The people of Israel prayed for the well-being of the kidnapped Israelis Gilad Shalit and Eliyahu Asheri, and the news of Eliyahu's murder cut like a knife. , 7/4/2006, 11:12 PM

Cowardly Options

The outposts provide one of two functions: the first is to set up a line of defense around existing settlement blocs, and the second is to secure the hilltops abutting the intersections and roads where innocent Israelis have been murdered., 6/23/2006, 7:27 AM

Seeing the Heart of the Matter

It is so easy to lose perspective. It is so easy to ponder the obstacles strewn before you and lose perspective of the destination that lies in the distance. , 6/7/2006, 11:38 PM

Without the Past There is No Future

The memory of those days of fear preceding this six-day miracle, and the exhilaration that followed it, has been forgotten by a large segment of Israel's present-day population. But in those six days, all but the most stubborn were impressed that G-d wrought a miracle. , 5/25/2006, 11:15 PM

The Dung of the Donkey

The Talmud tractate <i>Sanhedrin</I> (98b) describes a conversation between several great sages, thousands of years ago. Rabba, Ulla and Rabbi Yochanan said: "Let Mashiach come, but I do not want to have to live in that time." Rabbi Yosef said, "Let him come.... Let me be worthy to sit under the shadow of the dung of his donkey!", 5/15/2006, 6:56 PM

The Tattered Flag

Last week, I went with members of my family to visit some of the expelled Jews from Gush Katif who had begun to carve out a future in Amatsia. We were invited to return during the Independence Day holiday for a large happening that is being planned in their new location. I asked if planning such an event was difficult for them. , 5/1/2006, 12:09 PM

Staying on the Road

What is painfully true is that the faithful segment of this land has not succeeded in sharing their love for the vision and destiny of this land and its people with the rest of the country. The people of Israel did not reject the land of Israel, but, sadly, they have not even stopped to ponder its importance and relevance., 4/10/2006, 11:52 PM

Meeting Our People Face to Face

As we sat in the car, we discussed our discomfort at forcing ourselves into the lives of unsuspecting residents. We wondered how people would respond. Would we be met with anger or apathy?, 3/22/2006, 11:50 PM

The Scent of Orange Blossoms in the Air

We are about ten parliamentary seats away from returning sanity to this embattled and embittered land. Now is the time to get re-involved., 3/12/2006, 11:38 AM

Struggling Out of the Deep Well

After another little while the farmer looked into the well and he was shocked to see the donkey standing defiantly on his four legs. As the garbage would land on its back it would shake it off and then use its hoofs to pack down the earth below it. Slowly but surely the distance to the top of the well was becoming smaller. , 3/1/2006, 11:42 AM

The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

After the last several months it has become clear that Religious Zionism cannot see itself any more as the Bridge but must focus on its ultimate goal of being the Destination., 2/16/2006, 10:08 PM

Eternal Impressions

Suddenly, they heard the loudspeakers throughout the city cry out: <I>Shachar Adom</I>, Red Dawn. At that point, Ayala rushed over to her 10-year-old brother, Moshe, and hugged him, protecting him with her body. , 1/19/2006, 11:56 PM

The Legacy of a Man

It is our prayer that Ariel Sharon survives his medical emergency and lives to see his true legacy reestablished, and the disappointments and the downturns rectified. , 1/10/2006, 11:53 PM

Chanukah and the General

The military victory, the <I>Maharal</I> explains, was a great miracle. Yet, the source of such a great miracle can usually be confused with military power and tactics. The Divine origins of such a victory can be lost amidst the din of the pompous self-adulation of the victors., 12/26/2005, 12:45 AM

The Story of the Fruits

Every stone in Jerusalem has been embedded with the narrative of a people on a long voyage. Yet, there is no more dramatic story than that which is told by the fruit of this land., 12/18/2005, 6:34 PM

A Selfless Act of Courage

Pain and suffering seeps through the land again. Yet, even in the midst of this horror, the courage of the sons of Israel again blossomed into greatness., 12/8/2005, 10:12 PM

<I>Chayei Sarah</I>: The Prayers of Our Youth

In this week's Torah portion of <I>Chayei Sarah</I>, we meet Yitzchak at a very tender moment. He has just undergone two very traumatic and life-changing experiences. , 11/25/2005, 9:50 AM

Choices in the Midst of Decay

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook, of blessed memory, describes how secular Zionism has become the vehicle and the framework necessary for enabling the final redemption. He warns, though, that unless this vehicle becomes infused with spirit and faith, it will begin to crumble and decay. , 11/20/2005, 11:17 PM

<I>Lech Lecha</I>: Faithfulness

The impossible test with Isaac at Mount Moriah had not yet occurred. He had not yet been told to send off his son Yishmael, born to Hagar, into the wilderness. Avraham had not even been commanded to enact the ritual of circumcision at the age of ninety-nine. Yet, we are told that Avraham <I>he'emeen</I> (believed) in <I>HaShem</I>., 11/10/2005, 1:59 PM

Going From the End to the Beginning

Had we not been filled with the passions and joys of the previous month of Tishrei, we would not have been able to navigate the cold and lonely month of Heshvan. The previous month of Tishrei has nourished and impassioned us with the power to light and illuminate the dark months of the coming winter., 11/3/2005, 7:46 PM

Standing in Prayer

This year, our souls have been battered and have been singed. How must that affect our prayers in this important period of time?, 10/11/2005, 5:29 PM

A Broken Vase

A beautiful vase has been broken and the shards threaten to be dispersed throughout the country. This fragile vase used to be filed with the faithful and proud farmers of Gush Katif, together with the determined and prayerful lovers of Israel from every corner of this land., 10/2/2005, 10:51 PM

Darkness and Light

The lights of Gush Katif have been dimmed. The lights of all the faithful of Israel who stood, marched, cried out and struggled has also been stifled. The darkness that seems to emanate from the media and the office of the prime minister seems to be prevailing at this time., 9/21/2005, 6:11 PM

Orange on the Horizon

The commander went back into the synagogue and found several of his men sprawled on the floor in front of the empty <I>Aron Kodesh</I> (the Ark), weeping., 9/12/2005, 10:05 PM

Struggling for Balance

The people of Israel have been wounded both physically and spiritually. They want to cry out in pain, but the cry comes out in a bewildered whisper. , 9/6/2005, 6:33 PM

Gathering Tears in a Bottle

As he prepares his dental tools, the dentist gives his patient some forms to fill out and walks into the next room. When he returns, he finds the man weeping softly. The patient had gotten to the question on the form asking for his address and could go no further., 8/24/2005, 4:14 PM

The Struggle of the Spirit

The people of Israel are undergoing difficult and important days. Though the struggle seems to be progressing along the avenues of what we call the real and tangible world, the real struggle seems to be playing out in another dimension., 8/14/2005, 3:13 PM

They Cannot Still the Cry

This Tuesday, with G-d's help, many people will make their way down to Sderot in order to express their anger, scream out their protest and cry out their pain. Tens of thousands of simple Jewish citizens will be gathering in like-minded purpose. , 8/1/2005, 8:26 PM

Faith and Fear in Kfar Maimon - Part II

Many young people were calling out to the soldiers, "My brother, my sister, was this what you were trained to do?" At one point, I called out to a group of young soldiers, "At least shed a tear as you do what you are commanded to do." One female soldier said to me, "I haven?t stopped crying since this morning.", 7/25/2005, 5:40 PM

Faith and Fear in Kfar Maimon - Part I

What began as the March to Gush Katif became an event that will be remembered in Jewish memory as a watershed event. , 7/24/2005, 4:42 PM

<I>VaYishman Sharon VaYivaat</I>

The people of Israel have had to contend with a perplexing problem since they became the people of Israel upon their Exodus from Egypt. Walking into physical freedom and into an intimate relationship with the Divine Redeemer at the same time, has been a delicate and precarious endeavor., 7/18/2005, 9:46 PM

Marching Into the Unknown

Marches into the unknown are an integral part of our spiritual history. Abraham walked into a land and to a destination that would be shown to him only after his arrival. Ruth joined the Jewish people with a declaration to Naomi, "Whither thou goest, I shall go; Your G-d shall be my G-d.", 7/15/2005, 8:55 AM

Your Brother's Blood Cries Out

Everything was muted. Nothing was allowed to heat up the growing anti-Disengagement passion. Two Jewish families brutally wounded by painful loss. Two more families added to the long list of sadness, while Yevgeni Raider's family was still sitting <I>shiv'a</I> over his shooting murder several days earlier, near Baqa Al-Sharkiya., 7/6/2005, 11:57 PM

The Heart Beats Strongly

Israel seems to be going through some type of national mid-life crisis. She is not sure who she is or who she wants to be. Every movement seems to be laborious and painful, and every new event is viewed with great apprehension., 6/19/2005, 5:39 PM


When I hear the sounds of weddings wafting across the valley from Moshav Orah , I wonder if that was what Jeremiah heard when he proclaimed ?there will yet be heard in the cities of Yehuda and in the streets of Yerushalayim the sound of joy and the sound of happiness, the sound of the groom and the sound of the bride?( Jeremiah 33:10-11). , 6/2/2005, 11:06 PM

The Jeep and the Baby Carriage

... short sighted men in our government fail to see both the physical security issues and the spiritual imperative of these settlements...these expulsion plans will necessarily fall when confronted by the faith of farmers who continue to plant and mothers and fathers who continue to bring children into a life of promise and destiny. , 5/23/2005, 9:16 PM

Hallel and Praise on Yom Ha'atzma'ut

Each year, those who are faithful to the G-d of Israel and to the land He bequeathed to the people of Israel recite the <I>Hallel</I> (thanksgiving) prayers on this special day. For these people, it is a day filled with joy and colored with hope and optimism., 5/11/2005, 3:20 PM

A Whisper of Glory in Maidanek

Every year, a group of Polish Christians would come and try to whitewash the ceiling. Yet, their efforts proved to be fruitless, as the blue-singed testimony would always return. The blue color was all that remained of those horrific moments and it would not be covered. , 5/5/2005, 1:23 PM

Doing the Impossible

The day after will be very much like the day before. The Jewish residents of these communities will continue to sow, to plant and to reap. Yet, they will be doing so with much greater joy. , 4/25/2005, 8:23 PM

Fear and Faith

Each Jewish family gathered together in Egypt around their family table to celebrate hope and freedom. They sang praises and rejoiced together. Yet, at that Passover meal they were celebrating a redemption that had not yet occurred. They were rejoicing over something that had not yet happened., 4/13/2005, 5:47 PM

Standing Strong and Crying Out

Without faith, the Eternal road seems unending. Without a sense of divine destiny, the obstacles seem insurmountable. When one has no faith in G-d, one assumes that it is imperative to depend on power and on might. , 4/3/2005, 3:29 PM

Pledges That Cannot Be Broken

The trauma of being obedient to the changing whims of our prime minister will prove to be deeply painful and eternally traumatic. After all is said and done, these policemen and policewomen are our brothers and sisters. , 3/28/2005, 11:09 PM

Reaching Out to Our Brothers and Sisters

It is very difficult to muster up courage and vision in the hearts of people who only see obstacles; to make people believe in their destiny when they do not believe in themselves., 3/9/2005, 11:53 PM

Moving Beyond Sadness

In days when elected leaders of the Jewish nation gather together to vote to expel Jews from their homes and justice is twisted to fit political agendas, one is overwhelmed with extreme sadness., 2/20/2005, 12:08 PM

Adir Zik

People who did not want to let their clear-sighted vision get blunted by the euphoria of the secular media and the wishful fantasies of our politicians planned their days around Adir's broadcasts., 2/14/2005, 11:45 PM