Elan Journo

Washington's Make-Believe Policy on Iran

US policy on Iran is a pathetic sham., 2/26/2007, 7:33 PM

The UN's "Virtue" is Its Vice

The UN's policy of neutrality accomplishes precisely the opposite of its putative effect; it actually protects and bolsters vicious regimes., 12/18/2006, 11:38 AM

The US-Israeli Suicide Pact

For decades, America has urged Israel to placate and surrender to our common enemy. The US-endorsed "Road Map to Peace," like the "Peace Process" and sundry initiatives before it, rationalized Palestinian terrorism as the result of a legitimate grievance., 8/11/2006, 5:28 AM

Washington's Pro-Hamas Foreign Policy

The ascendance of Hamas should have been expected; it is the logical product of America's foreign policy., 5/15/2006, 7:19 PM

Betraying the Real Freedom Fighters

These two groups -- the Taiwanese and the Palestinians -- both assert that they are entitled to a sovereign state. Observe that the United States did not laud the huge March 26 rally in Taipei protesting China's aggression and upholding Taiwan's independence. But President Bush frequently affirms his support for a sovereign Palestinian state..., 5/15/2005, 7:05 PM

Death to "Diplomacy" With Iran

By enticing Iran to the negotiating table, we are told, the West can avoid a military confrontation, while Iran gains "economic incentives" that can help build its economy. But this deal -- now backed also by the Bush Administration -- can only strengthen Iran and turn it into a greater menace., 4/14/2005, 10:43 PM

Arafat's Undeserved Honor: The West's Shame

What made Yasser Arafat's final days appalling was not the farcical prevarication about whether he were dead or alive, nor the soap-opera quarrel between his wife and his political cronies; it was that so evil a man commanded so much respect. , 11/14/2004, 4:11 PM