Rachel Saperstein, Neve Dkalim/Nitzan

A Lawyer Calls: "Be Realistic"

My cousin's daughter, a Tel Aviv lawyer, called last night. "Be realistic," she said. "You know that you are going to be expelled from Gush Katif. So get yourself a lawyer and start negotiating for money now.", 11/9/2004, 9:09 PM

Thoughts Before the Vote on Expulsion

Once, we were quiet farmers, teachers, rabbis, housewives, Zionists. Today, every day, the Israeli media have turned us into pariahs. Why? Because we dare to resist our expulsion., 10/25/2004, 7:11 PM

Tifferet - Her Death Made a Difference

Tifferet Tratner, age 24, was the first resident of Gush Katif to be killed directly by a mortar shell., 9/27/2004, 10:18 PM