Rabbi Aron Moss

Does G-d Have a Sense of Humor?

G-d most definitely has a sense of humor. Sometimes we don't get his jokes, often they go right over our head. But we have all experienced G-d's sense of humor. He puts us in funny situations (or at least He finds them funny), and challenges us to react to them in the right way , 5/29/2005, 11:19 AM

What Do Dreams Mean?

I had dream last night in which I saw my late father. He held my hands and mouthed some words. It was so vivid that I was sure it was real. Does this mean anything? Should I be worried? Dreams...can be caused by many different factors. How we should react to a dream will be determined by the type of dream we saw... , 5/23/2005, 7:33 PM

Wow! Did I Just Meet G-d?

I am just back from my big trip to Israel...it's the first Jewish thing I've done since my bar mitzvah...I went to the Wall in Jerusalem, and I'm the last person to have a "spiritual experience". But as I approached the Wall I started to cry uncontrollably. I felt this strange magnetism...akmost as if G-d was pulling me. , 5/18/2005, 12:26 PM

Can a Soul be Miscarried?

<b>Question of the Week:</b> I suffered a miscarriage recently. While I am thankful for the children I have, I still feel a sense of loss for the child that I will never know. Is there some kabalistic explanation for why these things happen? Kabalistically, there's no such thing as what could have been. Every soul has its own flight path., 5/8/2005, 12:09 PM

The End of the Day

Why do Jewish holidays begin at nightfall? For example, the Sabbath starts Friday night, and is over Saturday night, and that is considered one day., 5/1/2005, 6:55 PM

Next Year in Jerusalem, Really!

What if you're living in Jerusalem? Do you say, "This year in Jerusalem"?, 4/25/2005, 5:34 PM

Eating Matzah and Escaping From Egypt

Why is <I>matzah</I> elevated to be the main focus of the whole Pesach experience?, 4/17/2005, 6:56 PM

To Question or Not to Question

At what point should questioning stop and belief begin? Do we ever draw the line and say, "Enough questions!"?, 4/11/2005, 6:25 PM

Can G-d Be a She?

Was your claim that G-d has a feminine side just pandering to modernists?, 4/5/2005, 2:12 PM

An Exchange With a Missionary

It is generally not advisable to engage in conversation with missionaries. Sometimes, it may be unavoidable..., 3/28/2005, 2:15 PM

Wipe Out Amalek

If the word of G-d is eternal, why aren't you armed and dangerous, seeking out Amalekites to kill?, 3/8/2005, 10:37 PM

Why Does the Bride Wear a Veil?

I want to do things right, but I'm not particularly turned on by the veil thing. It seems a bit outdated. Is there a unique Jewish explanation of this?, 2/22/2005, 3:29 PM

Haunted By Souls of the Past

I am a grandchild of Holocaust survivors but I feel haunted as if I went through it myself.... , 1/30/2005, 10:37 AM

Honouring the Rich

At every dinner or event another big shot is honoured. Why should these people get so much respect? Shouldn't they do good without seeking recognition?, 1/5/2005, 2:36 PM

World's Most Wanted

If G-d is perfect, why did He create us? A perfect being isn't missing anything, so why would He need us? And if He doesn't need us, is our life meaningless? Are we just some divine experiment?, 12/26/2004, 2:12 PM

Miracles Today

Why don't we see miracles today like the Jews saw in the story of Chanukah? , 12/15/2004, 12:19 AM

Legless Frogs

Do you still hold on to the belief that the Torah is divine? , 12/5/2004, 11:30 AM

Tearing Clothes

What is the reason for the custom of mourners ripping their clothing on the death of a loved one? Is it just an expression of pain? , 11/28/2004, 3:43 PM

Jewish Fundamentalism

I was wondering if there is such a person as a Jewish fundamentalist, the way that there are those folks in Christianity and Islam? , 11/22/2004, 7:38 PM

Praying for Arafat

Should we celebrate, or is it wrong to dance on someone's grave? What do you say? , 11/14/2004, 5:42 PM

Pushing Away Converts

I am a bit confused. I am not Jewish, but I have read about Judaism and am very excited to convert. I have many Jewish friends, but they are mostly indifferent and sometimes even hostile towards Judaism., 11/9/2004, 4:10 PM

Do You Love Me?

As I'm sure you noticed, I have stopped attending your Friday night service. It is really nothing personal, everyone there was welcoming and a great bunch of people. It's just that I feel like a liar saying the prayers when I don't know if I believe in them. How can I exclaim "love G-d with all your heart" when I don't really feel that way?, 10/31/2004, 6:25 PM

The Rabbi and the Taxi Driver

The taxi driver shook his head and said, "You Jews have got it good. In my community, when someone is dating and confused, or is going through a rough patch in his marriage, or needs guidance on how to discipline their kids, who should we turn to? Our celibate priest? He wouldn't have a clue what it means to argue with your wife, he's never been dumped and certainly doesn't have a kid that pokes o, 10/19/2004, 8:24 PM

Can I Quit Being Jewish?

My question is, can I consider myself officially non-Jewish, by my effective opting-out, or do I need some sort of form or dispensation to be officially no longer Jewish?, 10/13/2004, 4:11 PM

Little Old You

I just can't believe that the Creator of the vast universe with its billions of galaxies has patience for my petty issues. Doesn't G-d have bigger concerns than little old me?, 9/27/2004, 6:34 PM

Red Strings

There is absolutely no doubt that red strings have brought astounding success - to the people selling them for $29 a pop. The question is what they do for everyone else., 9/22/2004, 4:29 PM

Sweet Stings

On Rosh Hashanah we eat apples and honey for a sweet new year. My question is, why specifically apples and honey? There are many sweet foods. Is there anything significant about them?, 9/13/2004, 2:47 PM

Are You a Star?

What does the Star of David symbolise? Why is it considered the Jewish symbol? , 9/6/2004, 4:02 PM

Is Judaism a Cult?

I have nothing against religion, but could it be that religious Judaism is a cult? , 9/2/2004, 4:01 PM

Inner Peace

Why is it that observant Jews seem to have such a tranquil life? What is the secret to inner peace that these people have found? Is there some special ingredient in the kosher food they eat?, 8/16/2004, 9:57 PM

Is Judaism Sexist?

This week I attended a prayer service with a difference. It was a Torah reading conducted entirely by women. Most were wearing <I>tallises</I> and <I>kippas</I>. I am from a more traditional background and found it unusual, but I think it's a good thing. Isn't is positive that women are participating more in their Judaism? , 8/9/2004, 3:22 PM

Is He the One for Me?

I am in a serious relationship with a great guy. We have been together for a while now and I have very strong feelings for him. He is ready to get married, and is getting a bit impatient with me. But I'm just not sure., 8/2/2004, 3:38 PM

Amongst The Mourners Of Zion And Jerusalem

What exactly is the consolation in those words? How does comparing the loss of a loved one to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans two thousand years ago make me feel any better?, 7/15/2004, 5:05 PM

Why a <I>Bris</I>?

A friend asked the other day why we have a <I>Bris</I> (circumcision). I rambled on about health, tradition, old people, eight days, pain and a whole lot of other nonsense before leaving this one to you., 7/5/2004, 4:28 PM

Souls in Boxes

Isn't it absurd to think that a soul has attributes like Jewish or non Jewish, or black or white, etc.? , 6/27/2004, 10:34 PM

The Rebbe

I noticed you have a huge picture of your Rebbe, Rabbi Schneersohn, on the wall. I don't mean to be rude, but is this type of reverence for a human being appropriate? , 6/21/2004, 2:37 PM

Chosen? Not Me!

I have long been uncomfortable with the concept of the "Chosen People". To suggest that as Jews we are somehow closer to G-d than all other nations smacks of arrogance, elitism, and racial prejudice. How is that any different from anti-Semitism?, 6/13/2004, 6:07 PM

Why is Judaism Obsessed With Details?

It seems to me that this misses the bigger picture by focusing on minutiae. Is this nitpicking what Jews call spirituality? , 6/6/2004, 7:10 PM

Can You Oppose Intermarriage Without Being Racist?

Rabbi, I am not asking for a sermon -- I get enough of them from my parents. I am asking for an explanation., 6/2/2004, 5:04 PM