Batya Medad

Traveling by Bus in Israel

We don't have a car. There are many reasons, and there's no point in going into them, but let that suffice as an introduction., 12/9/2004, 11:20 PM

An Insult

All this pro-<I>aliyah</I> business began looking like a Purim joke when my husband read to me on <I>Shabbat</I> from the <I>Jerusalem Post</I> interview with Steve Savitsky, the new OU President...., 11/28/2004, 7:24 PM

Teflon Terrorism

In the modern fairy tale, the Arabs are the defenseless David and we, the Jews, are Goliath. But I don't see how a pregnant mother driving her children can be compared to Goliath and the armed terrorist who shot them all dead is anything like David. , 11/22/2004, 10:13 PM

A Good Question

A little girl, who was with the group along with her family, asked a good question. The adults with her all looked down embarrassed, and none of us could give an acceptable answer., 11/16/2004, 9:23 PM

My Ripped Flag

I guess I have to find my ripped flag, since the Knesset has again voted to give our land to our enemies, and uproot and destroy Jewish communities., 11/5/2004, 1:01 AM

No to the Referendum

The majority isn't always right. Whoever it was who said that a people get the government they deserve was probably right, especially if he was referring to the "democratic process"., 10/24/2004, 6:51 PM

Against the Referendum

Yes, I am against having a referendum to agree or disagree with Ariel Sharon's plan to destroy Jewish communities in Gush Katif and northern Shomron and to further withdraw from those areas., 10/17/2004, 7:46 PM

The Second Time

I didn't know what to expect from the second march to Jerusalem in memory of our neighbor Avihu Keinan. The first march is in that elite category of "Greatest Life Experiences". The steps we took echo in my soul., 10/8/2004, 1:22 PM

A Few Tishrei Thoughts

We had no idea what was going on. After finding cracks to peek through, we saw heavy stones, looking from our distance like tennis balls, being tossed mechanically, like from the machines they had in my high school to occupy those of us deemed too inferior for proper tennis instruction. Arabs from our <I>Har Habayit</I>, Temple Mount, were attacking Jews praying at the <I>Kotel</I> underneath. Why, 10/1/2004, 1:38 PM

None of My Business

Even though I'm an American citizen, born in Brooklyn to parents also born in Brooklyn, I've never voted in American elections, and I have no plans to ever do so., 9/22/2004, 11:31 PM

To Feel the Earth Under Our Feet

In order to truly possess our land, we must walk it, feel it beneath our feet. Last year's march was indescribably exhilarating, even for those who were only able to walk a small portion of the route, even for those who were busy setting up the water and nosh tables on the way, and for those who stood on the roadside and sidewalks cheering and encouraging., 9/7/2004, 11:56 PM

<I>Acharai</I> - Follow Me

A great dilemma, subject for debate amongst Jews, is if every Jew should move to Israel. More specific, should the Diaspora Jewish leaders, rabbis and laymen move to Israel? On the whole, most Jews in Israel feel that there's a place for every Jew here in Israel, while many in the Diaspora consider Jewish life there to be completely legitimate, complete in itself and something that must be maintai, 8/25/2004, 10:56 PM

The Good Old Days and <I>Chodesh Tov</I>

I have nothing against individualism, if it's a personality trait, not an ideology. When people are educated to think of themselves first, the results are anarchy. When I was a gym teacher, I used to remind my students that when playing catch, the better player is the one who throws the ball in a way that the catcher can succeed in catching it. Ideally, the aim is to be sensitive to the abilities , 8/20/2004, 12:08 AM

Post-Tisha B'Av

Preceding the nation's transition from priests to kings, Shiloh was destroyed, burned and the Ark was captured. The devastation was legendary. Just over twenty years ago, a layer of ash, the remains of that ancient fire, was found at Tel Shiloh by a team of academic archeologists. It confirmed the destruction as described in the Bible., 8/10/2004, 9:56 PM

The Chain

Ninety kilometers; sixty miles. That's all the distance to Gush Katif from Jerusalem. Now, is that far? Distance is one of the excuses given why we must abandon and destroy the Jewish communities of Gush Katif. In many parts of the world, such a distance is considered a reasonable commute to work., 8/4/2004, 9:39 PM

Me, An Extremist?

Once I make a life-altering decision, I go forward and don't look back. Once I understood that being Jewish and believing in G-d demanded following religious laws, <I>mitzvot</I> and <I>halachot</I>, I began doing my best to live in accordance. A natural, logical outgrowth was the realization that I must live in Israel, in the Land of Israel., 7/29/2004, 10:23 PM

They're Not the Same

I remember, it must have had been about twelve years ago, an American "official" was visiting our humble Shiloh home, when my husband broached the subject. "I understand that there are consulate events to which you invite various Israelis and Arabs, but no Jews from Judea, Samaria or Gaza.", 7/11/2004, 7:02 PM

Perish the Thought

I admit that I'm rather hyper-sensitive to the subtlest nuances of words. When a newsreader states that: "A settler was killed in a drive-by shooting." My linguistic antennae buzz and shriek in alarm. The sentence may be grammatically correct, but its every word and term are filled will political messages., 7/6/2004, 7:40 PM

Not a Joke

I can only admire all of those who have the courage to publicly embrace the religion their ancestors hid. And to think that despite their fears, they had passed on just enough knowledge that they were "different" for their descendents to be able to discover their secret five centuries later. This is so different from the voluntary assimilation in recent centuries. , 6/24/2004, 11:45 PM

Isn't Anyone Listening?

Unfortunately, too many Israelis aren't listening to the Arabs, who haven't been shy about telling the truth. They will not stop until Israel is wiped off the map. Judea, Samaria and Gaza for them is stage one. When the Arabs talk about their "refugees" returning "home", they're talking about returning to the land of the <I>kibbutzim</I>, not the <I>yishuvim</I>., 6/7/2004, 11:39 PM

What's Shavuot?

I had no idea that there was a Jewish holiday called Shavuot when I was growing up in New York. I always knew about Chanukah and Pesach, the "High Holidays", a vague memory of <I>hamantaschen</I> on what must have had been Purim, but Shavuot? Never heard of it. Even after becoming religious in high school, it was hard to grasp., 5/24/2004, 10:40 PM

Follow the Leader

I wonder what game our politicians are playing. I don't see any leaders out there, just politicians playing games, dangerous games. , 5/17/2004, 5:51 PM

And The Winner Is...

One of the reasons some of the politicians who are in favor of withdrawing from Judea, Samaria and Gaza give for their position is that "the people" are tired of war and no longer willing to accept the burden of defending such "far off" places like Gush Katif, or dangerous places like the Shomron. They are projecting their feelings onto the whole country., 5/3/2004, 7:58 PM

Strength to the Weary

This morning, instead of my usual quick mumble, I found myself saying each word of the morning prayers out loud. When I heard myself say the words of this blessing, suddenly I was silent. For these words, I had been searching. , 4/26/2004, 6:09 PM

A Confession

No matter how you count the age of the world, there's one thing for sure. Only one nation, one people, has ever made Shiloh its home, and that's us, the Jews., 4/19/2004, 6:14 PM