Batya Medad

New Elections, Again

Not that I have anyone to vote for., 10/30/2008, 10:24 AM

Don't Let It Happen Again

Today, "the sins of Shiloh" is something else., 8/11/2008, 10:26 PM

Wasted Education Budget

Frankenstein's monster on steroids, but costlier., 12/10/2007, 2:03 PM

On the Eve of Miracles

We will defeat our current Greeks., 12/4/2007, 11:59 PM

Are All Trees Created Equal?

Imagine what we could do to save Israel., 11/22/2007, 11:01 PM

A Calling?

Teaching is a profession., 11/7/2007, 1:35 PM

What Occupation is on Your Mind?

In a sense, I'm also against "occupation.", 10/10/2007, 7:02 PM

Proposed Education Reform Gets a Failing Grade

Yuli Tamir's "reforms" are no better than Dovrat., 8/31/2007, 1:28 AM

Baseless Hatred: The Longest War

We can't give up., 8/17/2007, 1:18 AM

When Will They Ever Learn?

Has life become more peaceful?, 6/25/2007, 2:01 AM

They Really Want to Destroy Us

Israelis insist on believing that we're invincible, 6/6/2007, 12:02 AM

Olmert's Greatest Miscalculation

We expected Winograd to be a whitewash., 5/2/2007, 12:00 PM

Remembering the Shoah on the Mount of Olives

Each year I commemorate Yom HaShoah differently., 4/17/2007, 11:50 PM

A Wall Between Brothers

Shiloh has refused to be "walled in.", 4/6/2007, 12:14 AM

Hebron, Moshe Shamir and Other Memories

The "settlement movement" began in Hebron., 3/22/2007, 10:05 PM

Compromise is Suicide

We suffer from an inferiority complex., 2/25/2007, 10:21 PM

Arutz Sheva: Then and Now

Arutz Sheva may be our computer's homepage, but for me, the memories of the radio station will always be stronger., 12/17/2006, 1:14 PM

The Crucial Difference

The United States has existed less time, only 230 years, than Shiloh was the Jewish Biblical capital, 369 years. Considering the thousands of years of Jewish history, the US is an upstart newcomer., 11/30/2006, 4:55 PM

Sharansky Should Listen to Himself

Sharansky is a very well-respected (and well-paid) lecturer and writer about international politics and government. World leaders, politicians, diplomats and the media trust and believe him, and quote him extensively. Personally, I find a serious inconsistency in what he says., 10/23/2006, 2:13 PM

Corruption: With an "O" as in Olmert

All we can hope for is that his over-confidence will topple him, like King David wrote about evil being stabbed by its own sword., 10/16/2006, 1:48 PM

Like Those Books I Can't Finish

I didn't mind when Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert were using their "honey" to attract corrupt and overly ambitious, self-centered politicians to their party, Kadima. I felt that it provided a necessary "cleansing" of our political establishment., 9/7/2006, 11:35 PM

It Doesn't Take a Genius

There was no battle plan, because the government never planned on destroying the enemy. But you can't make peace with real terrorists, people who enjoy, who are proud of murdering civilians. , 8/16/2006, 12:40 AM

Realigning Labels

It's no secret that Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert invests a lot in public relations experts. He also knows that properly chosen labels are the key to success., 5/29/2006, 11:54 PM

Army Exemptions

The reason I think the Supreme Court wants to preserve the Tal Law exemptions. , 5/11/2006, 11:57 PM

What's a "New Immigrant"?

From my perspective - here in Israel almost 36 years - I always felt that one couldn't do well in politics if one wasn't "well-absorbed" into the country., 4/5/2006, 12:22 PM

The Ultimate Protest Vote

The undecideds decided to vote anyway; so, they voted for a party that was established to protect and support the people who really built Israel. , 3/29/2006, 11:24 AM


Bibi's campaigning hard to return to the position of prime minister. I think he has matured as a leader since his last turn, but this electoral districts business has my antennas buzzing., 3/5/2006, 3:16 PM

What Next?

Today, while riding home to Shiloh from Jerusalem, I was amazed at the fantastically gorgeous, enormous mansions being built by the Arabs. They're allowed to expand their settlements without anybody showing concern or threatening them with expulsion. , 1/24/2006, 11:24 PM

Exciting! Wonderful!

We usually discover the bad things about the candidates after they're elected, but now the politicians are revealing the truth much earlier., 12/18/2005, 7:23 PM


I explained to them that "objective" means without opinion. Some of these students are beginning their major in <I>Tikshoret</I>, Media-Journalism, and they hadn't been taught the principle. , 12/11/2005, 6:20 PM


We need a Jewish government with Jewish values. And most of all, we need <I>unity</I>. And in order to unify, sometimes you have to compromise on details., 11/29/2005, 11:35 PM

This Isn't the United States

In Israel, the judges are approved by a committee made up of other judges. It's a real closed club. And that's only the technical part of the business., 11/23/2005, 12:32 PM

Not Me

Most Israelis live on overdrafts. Their bank accounts are permanently in the red, and the banks encourage it, because that way they can charge very hefty interest. If you're wondering how the refugees are "managing", that's the story. , 11/15/2005, 10:07 PM

Can This Be Real?

How are we supposed to go on as if life is normal? Who can think of food, laundry, shopping and work? What other terrible surprises await? Who cares whether it rains or storms or the sun shines?, 11/6/2005, 6:28 PM

Humpty Dumpty

The uprooted, the evacuees, owe it to themselves and their children to find themselves the best opportunities, and as soon as possible. Depression is a socially contagious disease and it is spreading rapidly., 10/20/2005, 11:56 PM

New Year, Old Problem

How can the same human beings who cry and protest at the disappearance of some rare snail, bird or lizard - which apparently isn't hardy enough to survive according to the principle of evolution - not be willing to support human communities destroyed for political reasons? , 10/6/2005, 4:00 PM

Don't You Get It?

I have one of my "dumb questions". If the government is willing to throw out $100,000 per family for temporary housing, why can't they just give each family the money, their officially calculated compensation and some government land, and allow the people to build their own communities? Yes, it's capitalism, rather than paternalist socialism. , 9/22/2005, 4:23 PM

Lamentations at a Wedding

Just as this special couple were planning their new lives together, other good Jews were finding themselves homeless, floating without direction in a sea of fear and uncertainty., 9/13/2005, 7:44 PM

Ends and Means

The YESHA Council totally lost track of its goal. It, and many others, thought that since legally a referendum was a good method to force the government to repeal Disengagement, it should be the goal. Suddenly, the means became the end, and we ended up short and thousands of families are now homeless. , 8/30/2005, 11:58 PM


The residents of Gush Katif who reminded those soldiers and police that they'd have nightmares all their lives were doing the right thing. They were trying to get them to stop the dastardly, evil acts that will haunt them forever. , 8/18/2005, 2:08 PM

Group Dynamics

The majority of Isreaelis know, in their hearts and minds, that Disengagement endangers the entire country and each of them individually, whether they live in Ma'ale Adumim or Ramat Gan or Ramat HaGolan or Be'er Sheva., 8/12/2005, 12:56 AM

Making Aliyah

North American <I>aliyah</i> is different from that of most other countries, because it's so easily reversible. In addition, many North American Jews still feel grateful for the opportunities their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents or themselves were given by living there. , 7/19/2005, 12:41 AM

Is the USA Really Israel's Ally?

With friends like them, we don't need enemies. Sorry, but facts prove the myth a lie. The United States of America is not a friend of Israel. , 6/24/2005, 2:58 PM

Just Like Riding A Bicycle

Anyone with any cycling experience knows that the faster you go, the better. And the more focused you are on your destination, the safer., 6/14/2005, 10:00 PM

Strange, Peculiar and Dangerous Thinking

When will World Jewry understand that no foreign government nor international body is going to save endangered Jews? We have to do it ourselves and for that we have an army. , 6/8/2005, 10:26 PM

A Flag on Your House: Davka!

I?m hanging Israeli flags davka because the government and media are treating me like a rebel who is causing a civil war. They?re treating us as if we?re seceding from our nation. The truth is that we are fighting for the integrity of our nation, to keep it whole and strong. We are not rebels; we are patriots. , 5/9/2005, 2:30 PM

Why Now?

Who would have guessed that Sharansky would become an Israeli politician and government minister? Who would have predicted that he would become so internationally respected? And who would have thought that I'd be so suspicious of him?, 5/4/2005, 10:32 AM

No Time to Waste

There's no time to waste, and I'm not even thinking about the Pesach. It's like if the house is on fire and you spend time asking people if you should use the green hose or the blue one., 4/21/2005, 11:38 AM

The Buck Stops at Arik Sharon

I did something foolish, dangerous and even masochistic last night, but in the end, it was important. I watched some news on the TV and saw and heard my prime minister., 4/12/2005, 1:08 PM

Trust and Insecurity

Part of the terrorist war we're fighting is the one for our souls. Our hearts are being raped by agent provocateurs abusing our innocence. , 3/28/2005, 10:58 PM

<I>Marbim B'Simcha</I> - Increasing Joy

How ironic - just when our country is in mortal danger from it's own political "leaders", we have double the joy according to the calendar., 3/20/2005, 2:49 PM

Leave the Driving to Us

I consider hitchhiking "The <I>Siyata d'Shmaya</I> - G-d's Help - Transportation System". G-d is the <I>sadran</I>, the dispatcher. I'm repeatedly amazed at His efficiency., 3/11/2005, 10:46 AM

Dr. Frankenstein's Peace

We're being plagued by "Drs. Frankenstein" trying to play G-d. Dr. Frankenstein meant well when he created his man, but we all know about "good intentions"...., 3/6/2005, 6:40 PM

Dancing in the Aisles

Every once in a while, I'm reminded of the description I once heard of life in Tel Aviv during the War for Israel's Independence. With all the tension and violence all over the struggling, battered country, people still gathered in the European style coffee shops for socializing and "cultured" conversation., 2/8/2005, 11:56 PM

Horses, Carts, Eggs and Chickens

Last week, I heard one of those offers on the news. It reminded me of the jokes I heard as a kid about gullible people buying the Brooklyn Bridge, or the children's story about the small animal who trusted the fox to give him a ride across the river., 2/1/2005, 12:06 PM

Imprinting Memory

<I>"Ta'amu ur'u, kama tov Hashem...."</I> - "Taste/experience and see that G-d is good...." It's not enough to just listen or look; most people must have a kinesthetic, physical experience, a taste of something to truly understand it., 1/24/2005, 9:55 PM

Dovrat: Rotten Idea

The Dovrat recommendations are going to do to Israeli education what Michael Jackson's plastic surgeons did to his face. Yes, exactly. The Dovrat Commission's restructuring plans are superficial, cosmetic. No matter what some plastic surgeon does to someone's nose, his or her kids will inherit the original "big nose gene"., 1/11/2005, 10:08 PM