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Prof. Steven Plaut

Israelis are Confused About Peter Arnett

Israel's leading journalists are totally confused. They simply do not understand this business about the canning of CNN's Peter Arnett. After all, all that Arnett did was appear on TV and condemn his own country and openly, publicly support the enemy in time of war. That is <i>all</i>!, 4/11/2003, 2:40 AM

The Politically Correct <i>Megilla</i>

[At] the instigation of Yossi Sarid, Amram Mitzna and Shulamit Aloni, I have undertaken a politically correct rewrite. Shimon Peres expects you all to use the Politically Correct Scroll of Esther this Purim. "Renewal Rabbi" Arthur Waskow says he likes it even better than the Black Liberation Passover <i>Haggadah</i> he published. , 3/18/2003, 1:16 AM