Prof. Steven Plaut

Musings on the Subject of Nakba Day

The world has neglected a host of "apolitical" Nakba Days. This omission can be remedied., 5/26/2014, 12:35 PM

Have the Palestinian Arabs Already Recognized Israel?

Kerry claims that Yassir Arafat actually recognized Israel twice as a Jewish state., 3/15/2014, 8:11 PM

The Jewish List of the World's Shortest Books of 2013

A list of "quick-reads"., 12/30/2013, 8:24 AM

On the 'Tikkun Olam' Fetish

Jews are nowhere commanded to "repair the world." in Judaism it is the job of Jews to repair the Jews - a not inconsiderable task - not to repair the world. , 12/22/2013, 6:03 AM

Would-Be Book Burners

Since when is it the job of the government in a democracy to arrest or indict people for exercising their freedom of speech? That is what the Supreme Court seems to be demanding., 12/12/2013, 8:00 AM

David Newman's McCarthyist Assault on Im Tirtzu

Leftist Dean Newman of Ben Gurion University found his chance to get back at Im Tirtzu Zionist Students Organization, after a controversial court ruling., 10/6/2013, 3:40 PM

Adopt a Ba'athist?

The world's Left is doing just that., 9/1/2013, 8:12 AM

Defend Daniel Seaman!

Haaretz called him an abusive racist. See what you think., 8/17/2013, 10:29 PM

Jewish Lives are Worthless,Their Murder Doesn't Count

What is Israel's raison d'etre?, 7/29/2013, 10:07 PM

Peace Now Becomes Blatantly Anti-Semitic

Peace Now has advanced from vilifying settlers and the Israeli right to anti-Semitic slurs and libel against Jews in general. There is a name for that., 6/27/2013, 5:42 PM

An Open Letter to Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan

There are other apologies Israel's Prime Minister should be making., 3/29/2013, 7:40 AM

Lincoln a Leftist? He Would Have Been a "Settler"!

The Israeli Left has embraced Lincoln because it is convinced that, if Lincoln is regarded as a moral champion, clearly identification with Lincoln must lead one to support the political agenda of the Israeli Left., 3/10/2013, 11:22 PM

Questions And Answers About 'Peace'

A short guide to reality., 2/12/2013, 3:27 PM

Protect the Palestinian Arabs

How to protect uninvoled Palestinian Arabs from being killed when the IDF is engaging terrorists and, possibly, lower the level of terrorist acts., 1/29/2013, 11:00 AM

Hoist by One's Own Petard

, 12/29/2012, 11:14 PM

Anti-Democratic Israeli Left Defends Zoabi's "Freedom"

Free speech is a basic right, for leftists. The petition in the Hebrew papers makes it all clear., 12/27/2012, 12:23 PM

Maybe They Will

Wishful thinking is not the way to run a country - if we want to survive, that is., 10/6/2012, 3:36 AM

Israel Will Never be Small Enough

Welcome to mini-Israel. If you can see it., 9/23/2012, 5:53 PM

Shut Down Ben Gurion U. Politics Department

Israel's Council of Higher Education called to close the Politics Dept. at Ben Gurion University. It has not been closed, but this writer feels strongly that it should be., 9/19/2012, 9:30 AM

About Those Africans

Most Eritrean illegal infiltrators to Israel are Moslems and there is suspicion that terrorists enter the country among them. And if 50 African countries won't have them, are they also anti-black racists, as Haaretz painted Israel?, 9/10/2012, 10:14 AM

A Just Verdict in the Corrie Case

Corrie entered Gaza to be a human shield for Hamas mass murderers. On March 16, 2003 she decided to play chicken with a large Israeli earth mover. The most lasting image of Corrie was of her face contorted with rage as she burned an American flag., 8/29/2012, 3:04 PM

The Iran Lobby in Israel

A sarcastic look at the Israeli left's campaign to keep Israel from doing anything about Iran's nuclear plans., 8/19/2012, 9:43 AM

Israel's Leading Literary Stalinist Discovers "Racism"

A leading Israeli writer is head of a leftist NGO and is an avowed Stalinist, says the writer., 7/3/2012, 5:11 AM

Bibi Peresyahu

The writer suggests that the prime minister change his name to Binyamin Peresyahu., 6/18/2012, 9:20 AM

Happy Nakba Day!

Original suggestions for greeting cards for nakba sympathizers, followed by the real origin of the word "nakba". Get set for a surprise., 5/15/2012, 11:10 PM

A Mediterranean Barbary War

The fight against the Gaza bound flotilla is the third anti pirate Barbary War. The writer has suggestions for the next phase., 6/1/2010, 7:08 AM

Who are Haaretz' Shareholders?

This far left newspaper doesn't only engage in espionage. Read about the not-so-secret Ex-Nazi collaborators and shareholder partners of Haaretz., 4/22/2010, 11:02 PM

From Post Zionism to Espionage

The Israeli Far Left considers rightists to be congenitally violent. Are left wingers congenitally disposed to treason? , 4/10/2010, 11:02 PM

You Can't Give Savages Jerusalem

No, you can't, Obama. If your temper tantrum over some houses means that you intend to give the terrorists part of Jerusalem, think again. There is nothing to negotiate with savages who riot when a synagogue is reopened., 3/16/2010, 1:03 PM

My Name is Horst?

Rachel Corrie was an American member of the International Solidarity Movement killed in 2003 in Gaza by an IDF bulldozer, whose driver did not see her standing in its way to prevent demolition of an Arab home., 3/6/2010, 10:43 PM

Anti Semitism on Campus-Deja Vu

A Norwegian university recently joined others who try boycotting Israel's academics while supporting Islamofascists. On the anniversary of Kristallnacht, this is a reminder of what academics did as the Nazis rose to power. , 11/8/2009, 8:33 AM

Leonard Cohen Takes You Down

Cohen is trying to pull a Daniel Barenboim., 6/29/2009, 7:14 PM

End the Illegal Occupations!

Lead the way and show the Israelis the light., 4/10/2009, 1:16 PM

The Ninth Plague as Peace Policy

Brilliant in its simplicity., 2/23/2009, 1:00 AM

On the Attack on Prof. Sternhell

Anti-dissident McCarthyism in Israel., 10/3/2008, 1:10 AM

Stampeding Jews to Support Obama

How? Discover some Jewish kin., 9/15/2008, 1:05 AM

The Georgia Hypocrisy

Where have we heard this before?, 8/20/2008, 1:57 AM

Terrorists: The Third Paradigm

If only Israel were to get serious., 7/24/2008, 11:38 PM

The Matron Saint of Terror

Will Corrie's parents take time off to speak out?, 7/14/2008, 11:58 PM

Nakba Means There's No Palestine

The real origin of the term Nakba., 5/8/2008, 11:55 PM

How I Defeated Israel's Dual Justice System

The "Israeli David Irving Trial.", 4/15/2008, 11:37 PM

The 'Racism Report' in Israel

ACRI is not a reliable source about anything., 12/14/2007, 12:53 AM

The Ford Foundation, the NIF and Bashing Israel

Financing anti-Zionist groups., 9/16/2007, 3:39 PM

Selective Outrage

When is it a felony to yell "drop dead" at a cop?, 8/12/2007, 3:25 PM

Support the Boycott! End the Occupation!

What goes around...., 6/1/2007, 2:02 AM

The 'Then Maybe They Will' Doctrine

The power of wishful thinking., 5/24/2007, 8:07 PM

An Open Letter to the Parents of Rachel Corrie

Your daughter was in a war zone as a belligerent., 5/10/2007, 12:38 AM

Discriminating Statistics

The worst lies are 'advocacy statistics'., 4/18/2007, 2:31 AM

The Ward Churchill of the University of Haifa

The Eichmann metaphor at Haifa University., 2/27/2007, 11:55 PM

About Racism

You would be forgiven, if you have been reading the Israeli press, if you were under the impression that Lieberman and his entire party are little better than Russian-born Ku Klux Klansmen., 1/29/2007, 11:40 PM

The Olmert Doctrine

So, let us see if we have this straight. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is outraged that a Russian millionaire paid for the vacations to Eilat for residents of Sderot because such vacations were, in Olmert's "mind," escapism, fleeing from the front, and abandoning their homes in the face of terrorism. , 11/20/2006, 2:01 PM

Affirmative Action Instead of Ethics

The Arab spokesmen say that the Arab students have failed to develop ethical awareness because they do not serve in the Israeli army., 11/6/2006, 10:02 AM

A Canaanite Patriotism

The Left has been denouncing the proposal for a "loyalty oath" as yet another form of blatant Jewish racism against Arabs. After all, we all <I>know</i> that many Israeli Arabs - and also many Arab members of Israel's parliament - are disloyal enemies of their own country, seeking its destruction and cheering on genocidal terrorists. , 10/19/2006, 10:50 PM

Professors for the Appeasement of Terror

200 lecturers and professors from Israeli academia (and some PhDs not in academia), are demanding that the Israeli government stop preventing Palestinians from the Gaza Strip moving freely to the West Bank for purposes of studying and attending classes. , 9/7/2006, 11:31 PM

When Will It All End?

The Israel of today is not the same country as the Israel of a month ago. The metamorphosis in the media illustrates it better than anything else., 8/8/2006, 11:24 PM

Why the Katyushas Are Falling

People have very short memories. Most Israelis do not even recall the events that have led up to the rain of Katyushas and other missiles on Israeli civilians this past week., 7/19/2006, 10:48 AM

Leftist Indoctrination at the University of Haifa

The course outline is crawling with postmodernist Newspeak and gibberish, about conflicting "narratives" in the Middle East and about "colonialism". The course outline by Yonay makes little attempt to hide the fact that Zionism will be represented in the course as a form of colonialism and imperialism., 7/11/2006, 11:02 PM