Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski

The Breaking of a President

In the aftermath of Gulf War I, President George Bush Sr. had a 90% approval rating, higher even than George Washington himself. He then plummeted from the highest pinnacle to the abyss, losing to Bill Clinton., 10/25/2004, 6:30 PM

The Untold Truth About The Passion

The Jew, by his or her very existence, reminds six billion people that this world is not a jungle, and that we are all going to have to answer for ourselves and for our actions, after our proverbial sojourn here on earth., 3/18/2004, 6:23 PM

King Solomon's Brilliant Verdict for the Ages

Reportedly, in the summer of 2000, at Camp David, Yasser Arafat recited to former President Clinton this classical Biblical story, arguing that the very fact that Israel was willing to divide, to compromise and to negotiate on every point, including Jerusalem, while the Arabs were absolutely unyielding and uncompromising, proved that the Israelis were not the true 'mothers'. , 1/21/2004, 2:02 PM

Israel's Lost Sense of Mission

A person needs a sense of mission like the air he breathes. A clear sense of mission and purpose keeps the soul healthy; without it, we decompose like a body without a backbone that collapses into a meaningless heap of bones. Nations are like people, with a healthy sense of mission they thrive; without it, they flounder and fade away., 2/25/2003, 11:55 PM