Larry Hall

Israelis Deserve Peres, For Now

The return of Shimon Peres to the top of the political ladder in Israel is a shocking development. Well, not really. , 12/28/2004, 7:35 PM


It is hard to believe that nations could hurtle towards suicide while seeking justice, peace and exoneration., 8/31/2004, 11:17 PM

"We Build Like Ants"

One of my Israeli cousins, Dudu, told me once that the saying "the Arabs are the sons of the desert" was incorrect. It need be amended to "the Arabs are fathers of the desert." If you doubt him, just look at the Jordan Valley rift and see how Israelis helped make (part of) Jordan bloom. Then look at Gaza., 8/3/2004, 8:38 PM

Checkpoints of the Jewish Soul

Today I heard, and not for the first time, of possible abuses of Arabs at checkpoints on their way into Israel. Of course, the source of this information would call these 'systematic abuses' and, of course, the 'occupation' (the return of Israeli forces to areas of the Palestinian Authority after Mr. Arafat launched the Al-Aqsa <I>Intifada</I> War) would be 'corrupting' and said to have permanentl, 7/5/2004, 7:32 PM

Disengaged Worldviews

We are at disengagement again. This is a very sophisticated word, too sophisticated for me. , 6/7/2004, 10:09 PM

Struck Dumb

I find my self increasingly struck dumb by 'the situation'. All my life I've heard that I am verbal ? too verbal, good with words, and so on ? but I find that I am nearly out of words., 2/26/2004, 9:59 PM

Dateline: Washington DC, 2006

March, 2006: <i>Washington, DC</i> - President John Kerry's National Security Advisor Amy Carter has today given the Administration's imprimatur to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's latest plan for the temporary evacuation of Israel. , 2/5/2004, 5:47 PM

The Muslim War Against the West

It looks like war. It smells, tastes and even sounds like war. By ?war? I don?t mean a ?war on terror?, but a world war pitting civilizations against one another. It is a war of blocs, values against values, visions fighting visions, and beneath all the lofty pretense, very practical interests lurk. , 1/18/2004, 7:01 PM