Shlomit Ovadia

Shmini: Why keep kosher?

A Kabbalistic and Maimonidean approach to Parashat Shmini. , 3/28/2019, 7:20 AM

Absurdism, Judaism, and Human Agency: Kafka on the Parsha

The Torah tries to accomplish, through its institution of laws and teachings—to bring us even a fraction closer to making sense out of a world that seems humanistically subjective, elusive in meaning, and endlessly confounding., 2/22/2019, 3:52 PM

Collective responsibility: A Tu Bishvat lesson

Earth and nature play an essential role in Judaism. Tu Bishvat, the New Year of the Trees in Judaism, is a time to think about how we treat the land and its resources., 1/20/2019, 2:30 PM

Getting closer to Judaism through farming the land

Exploring the connection between Judaism and organic practices, and how to can enhance the quality of our relationship with G-d by enjoying the novelty and simplicity of nature., 12/16/2018, 11:37 AM