Alan Bergstein

Black bigotry against Jews

A Florida school hate scene casts light on a phenomenon that must be addressed., 7/12/2019, 4:45 PM

America, a step back in time

Remember Ellis Island where our parents were checked out a million different ways before they were even permitted to set foot on the sanctified land of America? And how they studied to receive coveted US citizenship?, 6/21/2019, 4:30 PM

Jewish political intelligence is an oxymoron

Democrat Jews hold 8 seats in the Senate and 32 in the House. They have enough to form their own Jewish Congressional Caucus as the blacks and Hispanics do to fight for their respective causes. But they have not done so. Why not?, 6/2/2019, 1:30 PM

Let's make our avowed Iranian enemies think twice

We must not permit the threats of war by our brutal enemies to cause us to slink away in defeat, 5/21/2019, 8:54 AM

Educating Jews and Christians to the new reality

The Muslim adage, "First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people," is a calling card of the present and sadly, the future. , 4/28/2019, 6:30 AM

The Progressive Left's intolerance towards Christianity

There are a slew of Progressive Left attacks and intolerance towards Christianity and specifically Catholicism. Christianity's silence could be costly., 2/3/2019, 6:52 AM

Open Jew and Israel-haters are now in the US Congress

They are African-American, Democrat, women and Muslim. No one dares speak out., 1/20/2019, 11:30 PM

Wake up to the infiltration of Radical Islamsts in elected positions

Jews and Christians have much to be concerned about regarding the growing radical political influence in the Democrat Party of those of the Muslim faith. , 12/18/2018, 10:37 PM

A catastrophic man-made earthquake threatens us all

Bush was for his eight more years in the White House referred to and treated by the Left as  America's first sitting "Non-President." And it has deteriorated ever since then., 9/26/2018, 2:11 PM

Liberal Jews, the Party despises you

What has contaminated so many young American minds? And Jewish liberal ones? Op-ed written for Arutz Sheva by an editor of a US Jewish newspaper., 9/2/2018, 8:56 AM