Harry W. Weber

Saving Diaspora Jewry - Part I

The better the economic, political and social standing of Jews outside Israel, the worse their state as Jews. In just two hundred years of so called "emancipation", Jews have succeeded in destroying their three-thousand-year-old heritage as God's chosen people, the ones meant to be a nation of priests and a holy nation, a light onto the nations., 1/5/2006, 10:58 PM

Turning Gaza Into Al-Qaedastan

Apparently, despite President Bush's initial surprise at Ariel Sharon's "Disengagement Plan", he has come to accept it and now even incorporates it into his "Roadmap". But how can he do this?, 6/16/2005, 11:23 PM

Bush's Big Blunder

History has shown that no matter how small Israel will be, due to its being a proponent of American ideals, it will not be permitted to live in peace by its neighbors. That is an awful truth that both Jews and Christians have to accept, and the sooner the better -- for Israel, the US and the world., 5/4/2005, 4:45 PM

Understanding Israel's Left

They believe, in all sincerity, that once Israel abandons the "occupied territories", peace will spread throughout the land, and the Jewish lamb will lie with the Arab wolf in everlasting bliss. The End of Days -- no less -- will be upon us., 12/26/2004, 7:08 PM

A New Bush Doctrine

One can see the liberals who lost the US election cringe in horror. However, the president, vice-president and millions of God-fearing Americans surely know what I'm talking about., 11/25/2004, 9:41 PM

Malaise And Moral Bankruptcy In Israel

For a leader like Sharon, who is unwilling to let the Israel Defense Forces finish the job of wiping out Arab terrorism, after their tremendous efforts and successes in the aftermath of the Park Hotel Massacre last Passover, with his dillydallying and fear of taking out Arafat and Yassin, after his decision to give the terrorists a state, G-d forbid, after his decision to relinquish huge parts of , 3/15/2004, 4:56 PM

Sharon Betrays Bush

Until now, in contrast to French and German lack of resolve in the war on Islamic terror, the U.S. could always count on one ally ? Israel. For that tiny state, confronted on three sides by hostile enemies (formal treaties with Egypt and Jordan notwithstanding), has been in the forefront of the West's war against Arab terror since its birth in 1948., 2/13/2004, 2:37 AM

Mideast Peace With the Stroke of a Pen

Not one word would have been required. The president would have made the king an offer he couldn?t refuse ? accept the reality that Jordan is Palestine or face the full wrath of the U.S. government. , 12/23/2003, 7:22 PM

Israel?s Big Lie

Ever since the rebirth of Israel in 1948, its citizens, as well as the world at large, have been fed a steady diet of the "Big Lie". Israel's media and virtually all of its politicians have been repeating the "peace is possible" mantra to a more and more brainwashed public in Israel and abroad., 11/16/2003, 4:46 PM

Why George Bush Will Not Be Re-Elected

About a year and a half ago, while President George W. Bush was basking in a popularity rating of over ninety percent, I wrote that if he were to take a particular diplomatic initiative he would not be re-elected. He did, and what seemed mad then, is no longer. Today, Mr. Bush is seen by all as definitely defeatable. Allow me to explain., 10/23/2003, 5:51 PM